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De De Pyaar De Review

U/A Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 15 mins May 17, 2019





De De Pyaar De Review & Rating


De De Pyaar De Review: We Can Give Our Nod With Our Wallets

The Premise

There’s an interview, in the lead up to the film’s release, in which from left to right seated are Rakul Preet Singh, Tabu, and Ajay Devgn. Ajay was relaxedly resigning, Tabu is all control, and Rakul Preet is a bundle of energy. This gives you an idea of how the movie, De De Pyaar De is going to be. 

The Akiv Ali directorial promised a lot of fun and entertainment with set-piece comedy generated from the base story: that of the love between a 50-year-old man and a 26-year-old young lady.  With a top and experienced cast and written by the team who delivered films like Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Sonu Ake Titu Ki Sweety. Let’s see if the film delivers in the promise of wholesome entertainment or not with De De Pyaar De review. 

De De Pyaar De story

Ashish Mehra is based in London (staple location for Bollywood movies since Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). He is a divorcee with children. He is away from his family and enjoys life to the fullest. There he meets with the live wire of a girl named Ayesha. She’s an engineering student who might have a little bit of brain damage (or who does engineering these days and that too at an age if 26) and works as a bartender in her spare time. 

Their first interaction is the mother of all set pieces in this film. He goes near him posing as a stripper. A word on Rakul Preet Singh. The young actress who made herself a force to reckon with in South Indian Cinema is more natural here in this movie than any of her South Indian films. Now, after a few more interactions, Ashish Mehra strikes it off with her well. She too enjoys his company. 

Ayesha like all her modern-day counterparts has a few fixed opinions on everything, essentially on lifestyle and sex. After spending the entire first half with one comedy gag after another and in equal parts romance between the lead pair, the story shifts to India where he takes Ayesha to introduce her to his family. In between, we’ll see Ashish’s friend objects to his idea of taking his relationship with Ayesha to the next level. How can a 50-year-old man marry a girl of his daughter’s age? 

Now the trouble and pondering questions reach unbearable levels for Ashish as his family takes the issue unkindly. Ashish’s daughter is outright against Ayesha’s presence in their home. His parents chose him in every possible moment. His son secretly develops a crush on Ayesha. And then there is his divorced wife who doesn’t take the idea... How and in what way their relationship ends or develops even more strong form the rest of the story. 

Ajay Devgn is Charming and Vulnerable

Ajay Devgn the quintessential macho man of  Bollywood has shown a different angle in this film. He is terrific in all comedy scenes and doesn’t try to put up an unnecessary show. He was a butt of jokes. Right from his friend/counsel to his son everyone cracks jokes on his age and appearance. He’s called a Buddah, uncle and even more creative names. The famous car scene from the trailer is at once hilarious and painful to watch as Ajay is played with left and right. 

He’s charming and played his age well. To support his case, he brings up the references of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and even our own Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. He made everything fun to watch and is an asset for the film. Rakul Preet is ultra glamorous and it is obvious why Ashish Mehra is smitten by her. Her screen presence is lively and brought vibrancy to the scenes she’s in.  

Tabu gave her absolute beat in a mostly comedic role. Mostly because, of all the characters in the film only here has a semblance of seriousness. There is a scene she bursts out with anger. This added a bit more depth to her role. As for comedy, it is the fault of our filmmakers not to use her humour persona all these years. It is visibly evident that she’s enjoyed playing the role of Manju. 

As for the others, despite his image as a Sanskari actor and even thinking of giving him a benefit of doubt, the presence of Alok Nath comes out as a stone in a sumptuous meal. He’s good in his role obviously. But still... The girl who played Ajay and Tabu’s daughter is downright irritating. It may be because of the design of the character she played or not she’s an odd person in the movie. Watching her gives us a vibe of watching television soaps than a fun ride of a romantic film. Jimmy Shergill is terrific but is under-utilised. 

Akiv's direction is discreet

The direction of the film is discreet. Akiv Ali couldn’t make his presence felt despite the overall making of the film is excellent. But it turned out to be positive for the film as we get a feel that it is the actors who ran the show organically than by the design of a filmmaker. In some scenes, we feel like Ashish, Ayesha, and Manju are not movie characters but people before our eyes. The narration of the film is fluid. The screenplay picks up pace as we move from the first half to the second half. 

The writing

The writing of the film is good but there are certainly a few sexist undertones. The subject of the film has the potential to become a potboiler but they diluted it a bit towards the end. The dialogues are pretty good and are improvised by the actors. Overall we get a feel that if the writing is a bit deeper, the film would have become another Badhaai Ho. 

The crew

The songs are mediocre. But the background score is great. The sounds scores for each of the comedic scene are genuinely good. The cinematography is expectedly vibrant. It has a youthful and trendy feel. The visuals are colourful and bright. The editing is not that sharp. This, in a film by Akiv Ali who is a competent editor, is surprising. The production design is good. The locations are classy. The production values are worthy of a star film. 


De De Pyaar De is an enjoyable fun feat of a film with a few crude moments here and there. Though it could have made a better mark with a bit of writing depth, it still turned out to be an excellent choice for the weekend in summer. You can watch it with or without expectations and still come out with a happy smile on your face. The film firmly establishes age is just a number. Oh, by the way, what’s the age of Shahid Afridi?


  • Ajay Devgn
  • Tabu
  • Rakul Preet
  • Jokeathon 
  • Basic setting of the story


  • The complete potential of the subject is left unexplored

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Tailpiece: The film is extremely enjoyable. 

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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De De Pyaar De Live Updates & Public Talk

After a relatively underwhelming start to the summer season, Bollywood pinned all hopes on the upcoming romantic comedy De De Pyaar De starring Ajay Devgn, Tabu, and Rakul Preet Singh. The Akiv Ali directorial has created a lot of buzz among the movie buffs with its hilarious trailer which promises a lot of fun albeit with some comments from the viewers like there are a few instances where sexist undertones in the film. And Tabu herself has denied this. Leaving aside the opinion fest, De De Pyaar De has some of its early shows completed and the general consensus confirms our assumptions that it is a fun entertainer. 

The first half of the film is said to be quite entertaining. Rakul Preet and Tabu have rocked in their own ways while Ajay Devgn has played his age with a lot of grace and lifted the film a notch higher on his broad shoulders. The film is witty, sharp in terms of execution and provides ample entertainment to make you ROFL for 2 hours. Luv Runjan's approach towards these type of genre is incontrovertible, Ajay Devgn and leading ladies will make you fall in love.

Keep watching for more De De Pyaar De public talk and live updates. 

De De Pyaar De Preview

What is De De Pyaar De About?

When was the last time Ajay Devgn and Tabu acted together in lead roles, and that's in a romantic comedy? Okay! Add Rakul Preet Singh and a quirky storyline which is in the comfort zone of Ayushmann Khurrana, you have De De Pyaar de. Noted film editor Akiv Ali turns director with this film. 

Apart from biopics, it is romantic comedies that have been clicking with the Bollywood audience these days and hence the genre is explored with different ideas by various filmmakers. De De Pyaar De is about a 50-year-old Ashish Mehra (no relation to cricketer Nehra of the same name) falls in love with a girl who is of his daughter's age. All was well. But will it end well? 

All hell breaks loose and he has to face many comical troubles and how it all turns out for the lives of Ashish and his love, Ayesha Khurana (clearly a reference to Ayushmann?) is the basic story of this film. De De Pyaar De is produced by the makers of Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. We can expect some serious fun ride (excuse the oxymoron) this weekend. 

De De Pyaar De Promises

An Ayushmann Khurrana- style fun entertainer

The concept of the film is a fresh take on the Pati Patni Aur Woh style of melodramas. That the movie is made as a romantic comedy adds a bit of jive for the proceedings. And then there is this divorce element. Ashish Mehra divorced his wife 18 years ago as per the main thread of the film. Obviously, Ashish is made fun of and everyone questions his choice. 

The comedy setpieces that arise from the situation make up for most of the narration it seems. His children question him. His parents take offense at his choice, and his ex-wife makes things more difficult by getting closer to him than is necessary at least from the girl's point of view. All this makes for a decently fun watch if executed well. 

The trio of Ajay, Tabu, and Rakul Preet

For a romantic comedy to work, the chemistry between the lead pair must click. Ajay and Tabu make for a great pair on-screen and their comedy timing has also clicked from what we have seen in the trailer. As for their Jodi, sparks already flew many times and it would be the same this time also. Rakul Preet Singh hasn't also fallen behind when it comes to the senior actors. 

Ajay and Rakul make a charming pair as evidenced by the promos and her comic timing is also good. The witty exchanges between the actors have already created an expectation for what more to come. As for her role, Tabu has said that her character has a sense of maturity blended perfectly with strength. It also resonates well with her personality the actress added. 

Akiv Ali and his team

Akiv Ali has made his mark as an editor with films like Kites and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. He is backed by the producing team which has given us a film like Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety in this genre. Apart from this, the music is taken care of by multiple music directors. The musical score is composed by Hitesh Sonik. The cinematography by Sudhir K. Chaudhary is live from what little we have seen in the trailer. 

Keep watching for De De Pyaar De review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!