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Darshakudu Review

U Drama, Romance 2 hrs 14 mins Aug 4, 2017





Darshakudu Review & Rating


After delivering a superhit with 'Kumari 21F', the expectations for a movie from Sukumar Writings has been set quite high. But, sadly and unfortunately, 'Darshakudu' falls flat on its face. Director Jakka Hari Prasad has come up with a lame story and amateurish screenplay which let's the basic soul of the movie completely down. It looks like there were no proper efforts put into the scripting of this movie. 

Rating 1.5 from  telugu360

Darshakudu movie offers nothing to common audience. Poor script, amateurish hero and lack of any ...

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The story revolves around an aspiring director who wants to make a natural movie with natural emotions. Though the line might sound interesting, choosing the film 'Darshakudu' was a bad choice for Sukumar Writings. To add fuel to fire, picking Ashok Bandireddi, Sukumar's nephew was an equally bad choice. The only thing the team did right was casting Eesha Rebba who has impressed with her role as Namratha. 

Rating 2.5 from  chitramala

Darshakudu is a movie which shows the mind state of a director and relationships around him.Scree...

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Only a few scenes between the lead pair, Sudershan Reddy's comedy timings and a scene involving 'Pellichoopulu' fame Priyadarshi look engaging. The movie had lot of scope for entertainment which the director completely ignored and makes the story completely predicatable. With a mediocre music album and below par camera work, the movie sinks by the time you complete watching it.

Rating 2.75 from  123telugu

Darshakudu is a predictable love story which has nothing novel to offer. Though the first half of...

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Final Verdict: The director could have spent more time in scripting the movie and could have added lot more things to make the movie interesting. With nothing much to offer, the movie will pass by as just an okay watch for the weekend, if only you have nothing else to do. 

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    4 Aug 17 @ 12:39 PM

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Darshakudu Live Updates & Public Talk

After delivering a superhit like 'Kumari 21F', Sukumar writings is coming up with a love story 'Darshakudu.' Being an associate in Sukumar's team, Hari Prasad is making his direction debut with this one. Let's check out the twitter public response to 'Darshakudu'


The public response to 'Darshakudu' has been negative from the first show. Here are some more twitter responses to this movie.


Check out what the public have got to say about the movie 'Darshakudu' here.

Darshakudu Preview

'Darshakudu' comes as the second production venture of creative director Sukumar. After telling us a interesting love story with his first production, 'Kumari 21F', Sukumar through 'Sukumar Writings' is coming forward to tell us a yet another passionate love story of movie director. He is introducing another close associate Jakka Hari Prasad with 'Darshakudu' as the director. 

Darshakudu Preview - What to expect from the movie?

Sukumar brand product: Looking at the banner 'Sukumar Writings' itself gives us a feeling that we are set to watch an interesting love story for sure. With an impressive trailer which has created a decent buzz, the movie is being awaited for a treat. 

Soulful Music: Sai Kartheek has been coming up some really interesting stuff of late. He even received compliments from Ram Charan during the audio launch. The music he scored for this movie has appealed to the audience big time. Sukumar's inputs to make the songs more interesting with his touch of screenplay will be an added advantage to the movie. 

Interesting story and screenplay: Not many of us know that Jakka Hari Prasad is credited with story for '1: Nenokkadine' directed by Sukumar. He has been an integral part of the Sukumar's writing team and this is enough to make us rely on his abilities as a director. With an interesting 'love story' of a director which many of us have not witnessed on the screens and an even more interesting treatment, the story will definitely appeal to the audience. 

The movie is hitting the screens on August 4 amidst good expectations. Ashok, Sukumar's nephew is making his acting debut with this flick and Eesha Rebba who is already a known face to the Telugu audience with movies like 'Ami Thumi' and 'Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvata' will play the girl whom Ashok will fall for. Sukumar is producing this movie along with BNCSP Vijaya Kumar, Ravi Chandra Satti and Thomas Reddy Aduri. The complete Darshakudu review will be up here along with the ratings from different critics.

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