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Dagudumootha Dandakor

Drama, Family May 9, 2015
Dagudumootha Dandakor

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A remake of the Tamil hit 'Saivam', this social family drama features Rajendra Prasad in the lead role along with child actress Sara Arjun in a pivotal role. The story revolves around old man (Rajendra Prasad) who is the head of a large joint family which consists of his three sons and their respective families. One fine day the whole family gathers at a temple where some ill fated events occur. The family thinks it is because of not performing a ritual sacrifice which involves the slaughter of a rooster. So to make things fine they decide to sacrifice the rooster in their house. The rooster suddenly disappears from the house as every family member goes on a hunting spree for it. Will the rooster be found? Will it be sacrificed to bring normalcy in the house forms the remaining part of the story?

Dagudumootha Dandakor Cast & Crew

  • Rajendra Prasad


  • First Frame Entertainments

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