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Dabangg 3 Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 42 mins Dec 20, 2019





Dabangg 3 Review & Rating

Dabangg 3 Review: Quenches the Thirst of the Mass Audience

The premise

Salman Khan is back with a bang! Sorry, with Dabangg 3. The well-loved rogue cop and his swag are back for the third time and as the star himself revealed, it's more like a South Indian masala film than anything Bollywood has seen recently. And of course, the first two films of the series are the same but here we have a South Indian director who made a career making such films. 

Salman has seen a resurgence of his career with Prabhu Deva's Wanted and he teamed up with him once again when he badly needs a proper blockbuster. Not that his stardom is in any danger of waning but his last proper blockbuster was in 2016 and his two past films before a generally successful Bharath were termed disappointments. And with the mass audience of Bollywood experiencing a famine, Bhai with his Robin Hood avatar strikes back. 

Prequel and sequel

Let's get away with the mandatorily routine story. But know beforehand that Dabangg 3 is a part prequel and part sequel to the first two films. A crime is happening. Then our hero intervenes and in a well-choreographed elaborate stunt sequence, he saves the day. We don't need to have details of what the crime is as it's just an excuse for introducing Bhai's Chulbul Pandey in a grand and heroic way. Right? But the ring leader behind this crime racket (sex-trafficking) is Bali Singh and he has a past with our hero. 

Chulbul Pandey who is now settled playing with criminals and romancing his beloved wife Rajjo is troubled by the past experience with Bali. Chulbul wasn't Chulbul in the past. He was Dhaakad and he was in love with an innocent village belle. Sounds familiar? Yes. The young Chulbul's (I mean... Dhaakad) love interest is Khushi - the Khushi of his life. Played by debutant Saiee Manjrekar (Hi, Kangana and Karan Johar), the character is like a fresh breeze in an otherwise muscular movie. Their romance is tender and we get to know how Dhaakad became the dreaded Chulbul Pandey. 

As this flashback is played as part of Chulbul's thinking about his past with Bali Singh the villain, we obviously get to know the connection between Chulbul and Bali too. How he takes revenge on Bali and disposes of him form the routine but entertaining climax. 


The movie is for Salman fans and it stays true to it. Additionally, the predictable but highly entertaining narration (not when unnecessary songs come out of nowhere though) caters to the need of the mass audience who are deprived of their kind entertainment these days. It has all the beats we expect of such a film. The direction is adequate. 

Bhai's show

It is Salman's show left, right, and center. He walks with swag. He mouths a few punch dialogues (most of them are good). He dances. he fights. And he even shows his body by removing his shirt. Despite his age (53), his chemistry with the young Saiee is sparkling. So is the case with Sonakshi Sinha who has not much of screen-time. Saiee is beautiful from every angle but needs more training in enacting emotional scenes. 

Kannada superstar Sudeep who is known to Bollywood audience through Pailwaan and Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy has a grand screen presence. He is menacing and his face-offs with Salman Khan are the biggest highlights of this film. As this is more of Salman's star vehicle, others don't have much to do. 

The crew

The music is a mixed bag. The much-talked-about Munna Badnaam Hua is good while the recalibrated theme music is great. But the rest of the songs are speed-breakers to the otherwise racy narration. The background score is pounding on the ears. The cinematography is fine and the editing suited the needs of the film. The production is grand pertaining to a superstar like Bhai. 


If you're waiting for a pucca mass masala entertainer, Dabangg 3 is a one time watch. if you're a bhai fan, go and watch it without second thoughts. If you're more into new-Bollywood generation of films better don't watch it and spoil the fun for those who love this kind of films with negative reviews. So, final take - Screen or phone? Screen except when songs appear on the screen. 


  • Neatly packaged masala entertainer
  • Salman Khan in top form as Chulbul Pandey
  • Sudeep is superb as the villain


  • We have seen such films before
  • Unnecessary songs spoil the fun to some extent

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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