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Crisscross Review

U/A Drama, Socio Fantasy 1 hrs 56 mins Aug 10, 2018





Crisscross Review & Rating

Crisscross directed by Birsa Dasgupta has five leading ladies and the film is about one day of their lives when they rediscover themselves, dealing with the crisis and coming out of them. Though based on Smaranjit Chakraborty's story, the film doesn't follow the story religiously and did necessary changes to transform the story in a different platform.

Crisscross started with lots of freshness and promises. We see Ira (Mimi), a workaholic journalist has got a deadline from his boyfriend to choose one between her career and her relationship. She has to finish an important assignment. She meets Miss. Sen (Jaya Ahsan) for the same purpose. She is the 'bitch' who showcased the maximum amount of layers in this film. She is an arrogant corporate woman trying hard to save her company. A sudden revelation about her ex-husband drives her mad. She meets Suzi (Priyanka Sarkar) a painter and single mother, who needs money to do the payment in her son's school.

Rating 3.75 from  cinestaan

Crisscross is interesting for the way it manages to bring the characters to cross each other&rsqu...

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The story introduces Rupa (Sohini), a housewife trapped in a loveless marriage. A revelation turned her life upside down and she decided to find the happiness that she deserves. O the other hand, there is Meher (Nusrat), a junior artist in Bengali cinema. She aspires to be an actress but gets no opportunity. Financial crisis crops in after her father's death and she starts searching for a job just to pay the rent of her home. There are also the characters played by Gaurav and Riddhima, who added important twists in their brief presence.

The movie is a documentation of women's struggle in this urban world. Interestingly, it didn't stereotype men as we see men, as it shows both good and evil men with conviction. In acting, Mimi and Nusrat got a little more screen time but it is Jaya Ahsan's Miss Sen who stood out the most. She got to display a range of emotions and shades and she did it with precision. From being a ruthless corporate woman to a woman with a soft heart within, she depicts every layer to the T. Sohini's helpless Rupa also wins the heart. She plays the woman who wants to live to the fullest but cannot take the step unless she finds out a shocking truth about herself looked credible and earned sympathy effortlessly. 

Rating 2.75 from  anandabazar

A smart beginning raised the expectation. But, except Jaya Ahsan and Sohini, others disaapointed&...

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Mimi's Ira looks unbelievable and it's not her fault. The script makes her a journalist who takes photos, takes interviews, write the same and does all the work of the office alone. Which is superficial in so many levels. Otherwise, Mimi looks a perfect fit for a tomboyish Ira. Nusrat as Meher looked pretty but her acting couldn't touch the hearts. Even when she is getting desperate in search of money, her make up doesn't lose a little gloss! Priyanka is underutilized in this film and remains as a beautiful prop only. The music of the film is praiseworthy and perfectly suits the premise of Crisscross. 

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Crisscross Preview

What is the film all about?

Crisscross directed by Birsa Dasgupta starring Jaya Ahsan, Mimi Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar, Priyanka Sarkar, and Nusrat Jahan in the lead is a film about five women coming from different backgrounds crossing each other's path. Based on the novel of Smaranjit Chakraborty, the movie is about, Miss Sen, Ira, Rupa, Suzi, and Meher who have a different crisis, lifestyles, and dreams. One fine day, when everything is going wrong, they meet coincidentally. 

What to expect from the film? 

A refreshing plot 

A female-centric movie is not new in Bengali cinema, but a movie involving five women and weaving their stories in one plot is definitely an innovative idea. The plot seemed interesting in the trailer and the story of five leading ladies at an urban setup also look promising.

Precise performance  

The film involves some of the finest actors in the industry. Naturally, the acting line-up will be strong enough to bring the audience to the theatre. Along with the leading five ladies, the film stars talented actors like Arjun Chakraborty. Gaurav Chakraborty, Riddhima Ghosh, and many others.


The music of the film has grabbed everyone's attention for being very unusual, quirky, and rocking. From the video songs, it is clear that the songs will be more interesting to see in the film.

Fresh approach

The movie trailer, video songs, and even the promotional videos of the film have promised lots of freshness in their approach. The film should have the same treatment.

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