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U/A Drama, Socio Fantasy 1 hrs 56 mins Aug 10, 2018
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Crisscross Story

Director: Birsa Dasgupta

Cast: Mimi Chakraborty as Ira, Jaya Ahsan as Miss. Sen, Nusrat Jahan as Meher, Sohini Sarkar as Rupa, Priyanka Sarkar as Suzy, Arjun Chakrabarty as Archie, Gaurav Chakraborty as Ahan, Riddhima Ghosh as Urna

Crisscross directed by Birsa Dasgupta narrates the story of five women coming from different backgrounds with different challenges in their lives and how they face them with the help of each other. The film is a story of one day of their lives when five women crossed each other's path and rediscover themselves. Though the movie is inspired by Smaranjit Chakraborty's story, the film doesn't follow the story religiously.

In the film, Ira (Mimi), a photo-journalist is working on an assignment for which she needs to interview, Miss Sen, an arrogant and hot-headed businesswoman. Ira's boyfriend has given him a deadline to choose one between her career and her relationship within the evening. On the other hand, a sudden revelation about Sen's ex-husband has shaken her world. 

Next, we see Suzi (Priyanka Sarkar) a single mother. A painter by profession, Suzi is trying hard to collect money that she needs to make the payment in her son's school. She too has to serve a deadline, otherwise, her child will be removed from the school. Meher (Nusrat Jahan), an aspiring actress is also searching for financial help to support her family and working hard to fulfill her dreams without losing her dignity.

The story introduces another woman, Rupa (Sohini Sarkar), a housewife trapped in a loveless marriage. A revelation about her fatal disease turned her life upside down. Now that she can see the end of her life, she is determined to find the happiness that she deserves.

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