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Kolamavu Kokila (CoCo) Review

U/A Adventure, Comedy, Drama Aug 17, 2018





Kolamavu Kokila (CoCo) Review & Rating


Kolamavu Kokila Review: Nayanthara's Star Vehicle Is About Women Empowerment Without Being Preachy

The Lady Superstar

At the heart of Kolamavu Kokila, there is a playfulness that we don't come to expect in such genre films and at the heart of the proceedings is a regular story but with a twist.  A simple lower middle-class family which depends on the income generated by the father and elder daughter comes to a shocking revelation. And how they fight the situation collectively make this movie highly watchable. 

Add to this, Kolamavu Kokila is not just one another thriller. It is also a star vehicle for Nayanthara. She has the moments which elevate her image as the lady superstar. But nothing went overboard and the story took the center stage. And everyone played their roles to perfection. 

The actress

That Nayanthara excelled in the role is an understatement. She makes a statement with this film that female-centric films need not be genre films. They can be high-quality commercial entertainers. The subtle nuances she had shown as the main lead when in despair, when she had to show courage, when she had to go through the transformation from an ordinary working woman who asks her higher authority for a pay rise to the heroine she is when he asks for some other rise. 

She is a powerhouse of an actor. No doubts about it. She can carry a film on her shoulders. No doubts about it. But that she can deliver a commercial entertainer like the other male heroes and that's with such a character she has played like in Kokila adds another feather to her already densely populated cap. 

Subtlety comes to the fore

Nelson Dilipkumar had done a fine job as a director. The narration of the film is superb. It breezes through the first half. The introduction of the world in which the characters are operating in an exemplary manner. The colour schemes he used, the dreamy backlit visuals he had shown on the screen all points to the arrival of a talented director who doesn't throw himself into propagandistic films. 

The film has an undercurrent theme of woman empowerment. It is not thrown on the screen blandly. It can be understood how subtly he went with what he wanted to tell with a scene where Kokila's mother, played by the excellent Saranya Ponnavan, is discovered to have been suffering from rare cancer. When her mother lost all hope for life and falls in despair, Kokila asks her mother if she feels the same if Kokila is her son rather than her daughter. Pure brilliance. Nayanthara doesn't utter the dialogue. She just asks. The way the reactions obtained by the director is a sheer masterclass. 

Kokila becomes the mother to her mother

Kokila has a college-going sister. If she is facing discrimination based on the gender, what would happen to her sister if there's no one to lend her a shoulder? Kokila then takes the role of a mother not just to her sister but also for her mother. A transformation from a home-supporting daughter to the leader of the family. Nayanthara gave a performance that can be talked about for a long time. 

She doesn't go to drug peddling directly. She first tries all the possible ways. She faces problems on the path which transforms her further. A rich man she approaches asks her to be his concubine in exchange for the 15 lakhs she needed. She handles him in the proper manner like she did with her higher authority at the job. 

We feel the pain of Kokila. We understand her motives. We travel with her. When she dwells into the world of drugs, we are not surprised. She had no other option. She gets entangled in a vicious web and how she comes out of it? But one thing we have to remember is that the movie is a commercial entertainer and she is Nayanthara. And the film is baking on her stardom. 

The errors

The second half turns into black comedy mode. The atmosphere is bleak, but the heroine swims through it relatively unscathed. One problem with the film is, logics are left in the air during the second half. The narration goes in circles until the pre-climax. But still, ably supported by the cinematographer and Anirudh's music, the director delivers a smash hit. 

The rest

Coming to the other actors, Saranya Ponnavan forms the backbone of the film with Nayanthara. Yogi Babu steals the show as a satire on the stalking heroes of Tamil Cinema. The male characters are relegated to supporting roles and rightfully so. It is a world lead by women. And they lead it emphatically. Just go and watch it. You won't be disappointed even with high hopes. 

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Kolamavu Kokila (CoCo) Live Updates & Public Talk

Highly anticipated lady superstar Nayanthara starrer Kolamavu Kokila (CoCo) finally hits the screens today. This Nelson Dilipkumar directorial is touted to be a thriller that revolves around the plights of a common young woman who gets entangled into drug peddling. With Nayanthara's commanding screen presence and Anirudh Ravichander's music, CoCo promised a lot.

As per the early reports from the early and morning shows, Kolamavu Kokila is a high-quality entertainment. Nayanthara's guts are to be appreciated for acting such a film. The movie has all the commercial elements and Nayan pulled it off equally well compared to her previous heroine-oriented films which are generally genre films catering to a niche audience. 

Kolamavu Kokila is excellently directed and well made commercial film with a blend of thriller elements to this heroine-centric film which doesn't preach feminism. Despite the logical issues in the second half, Nelson Dilipkumar, the director, managed to pull off a very good film. The first half of the film is excellent especially the interval block where Nayanthara rocked. She breathed life into a non-glamourous character. 

Apart from Nayanthara's power-packed performance, Yogi Babu is also said to be stealing the show with his comedic acts. All in all, Kolamavu Kokila is turning out to be a winner as per this early talk.

Watch this space for more Kolamavu Kokila (CoCo) public talk and live updates. 

Kolamavu Kokila (CoCo) Preview

What is Kolamaavu Kokila about?

Kolamaavu Kokila, one of the most anticipated movies of Kollywood this year is slated to knock the screens. Directed by debutant Nelson Dhilipkumar Kolamaavu Kokila aka Co Co has lady Superstar Nayantara playing the lead role. This woman-centric film is taken to theatres worldwide by Lyca Productions.

What to expect from Kolamaavu Kokila?

Lady Superstar Nayantara

The main and most important attraction of Kolamaavu Kokila is the presence of Nayantara in it. Nayantara plays the title character Kokila in the movie. The actress who is known for her glam and charm is always on the top of the list of actors with the most number of hits. With Nayantara in the lead role, Kolamaavu Kokila is said to be the first woman-centric movie to have early morning shows in theatres, which has always been a privileged feature for star heroes. Nayantara in the movie sports a simple look essaying an introvert young girl.

Kolamaavu Kokila

As the title suggests, the movie revolves around the tutor character Kokila. From the trailers and video bytes, it is understood that the story revolves around Kokila who happens to become a peddler and how she manages to tackle and overcome the strange situation is the crux of the story.

Director Nelson Dhilipkumar

Via the trailers and song visuals, director Nelson shows that he had put his effort in bringing a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone. His interviews are proof that this director will soon make it to the top young directors of Kollywood.

The sensational Anirudh Ravichander

Anirudh Ravichander has scored the songs and Background music for Kolamaavu Kokila. The songs released early this year have become viral hits. It is worth to be noted that the song Kalyana Vayasu penned by actor-producer Sivakarthikeyan was a trendsetter. This song took the internet by storm for its portrayal of humorous situations delivered by Yogi Babu. Kalyana Vayasu featuring Yogi Babu romancing Nayantara has turned out to be a tight slap to the existing stereotype of romance songs in Kollywood. Anirudh is all set to give the movie buffs, a spine-chilling experience with his background scores.

Other Aspects of CoCo

Yogi Babu, Saranya Ponvannan, Jacqueline, Rajendran and Arathangi Nisha are part of the star cast line of Kolamaavu Kokila. On the technical front, the movie which is tipped to be a thriller lined with humorous situations has Sivakumar Vijayan cranking the camera for its amazing visuals and  Nirmal coordinating the edits and effects. Allirajah Subaskaran has bankrolled the project.