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Drama Sep 27, 2017





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    6 Oct 17 @ 11:39 PM

    Cholochhitro circus is a movie within a movie. Moinak Bhowmik is mostly an urban director and his movies are not really made for the mass. In this one, he attempted to focus on the inside belly of tollywood industry.  Ritwik Chakroborty and Neel Mukherjee are Director-Cameraman duo in the movie. Ritwik win national recognition by directing a docu fim on pineapple and is currentloy associated with a TV show, but he wants to direct a full length feature film. His thought process involves directing an original scripy, but due to the agent(Arindam Sil) producer(Biswanath Basu)'s request, starts his first full length film in full commercial stle. Rudranil Ghosh and Payel Sarkar pla the role of hero and heroine in the movie.The incidents behind the camera and the comic and romantic subplots are shown from the angle of everyone involved in  the movie making process. What happens finally? Does Ritwik succeed in completing the movie?

    Ritwick Chakroborty as the director has done his best as the role is somewhat different than his serious roles, Koneenica Banerjee's role as the  serial addict wife of the director was fun to watch. Neel Mukherjee as photographer, Paoli Dam as his fiancee, Tanusree as the stylist, Payel and Rudraneel as the lead pair were extremely spontsneous. Gargee Roy Chowdhury's portrayl of the veteran yet young actress was flawless. Biswanath's charecter could have been better if the scrit permitted. Sudipta Chakroborty as the role hungry actress and Arindam Sil as her lover agent added a naughty flavor to the script. Samidh as the Music Director Anupam Chakladar did surprizingly great in his short screenspace.

     Moinak concentrated on the detailed chemistry that flows within the making process itself, which deserves a clap. But the way he narrates his story sometimes seemed lengthy and unnecessarily judgmental towards the sensibility of Bengali film audience. Sourav Palodhi, the scriptwriter has used his "Mirakkel" (the comedy show) experience to inject satire in almost each dialog, which was a bit overdose. Anupam's Music was fresh , specially the opening song in the voice of Somlota and the title track at the end of the movie were a bliss to the ear. The item number was written intentionally in a nonsensical form and the choreography was not  so good in the same. It could have been better with a tight editing; but judging the final product, the Movie deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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What the film is about?

The film is a satiarical comedy throwing light on the lives behind the camera. It's about what happens in the film industry. 

What to expect?

Mainak Bhowmik's magic

'Bibaho Diaries' director is known for his fresh approach which is full of fun and comedy. Hopefully, the satiarical comedy will give the audiece reasons to laugh genuinely. 

Stellar Casting

The film has a number of amazing actors. From Ritwick to Rudranil, we are expeting amazing performance from everyone.

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