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Chitralahari Review

U Drama, Rom-Com 2 hrs 11 mins Apr 12, 2019





Chitralahari Review & Rating

Chitralahari: A Movie In The Right Path for Sai Tej

The premise

We had learned in our early high school days that a negative multiplied by negative results in a positive. Also when a negative is multiplied by a positive, the end result will be negative. Now, it seems that Sai Tej, formerly Sai Dharam Tej, has just trusted this formula and went with a failure story or to be proper, the success story of an unlucky guy. 

He teamed up with Kishore Tirumala of Nenu Sailaja fame who is known for blending emotions and entertainment the right way and Mythri Movie Makers the latest care of address for hit films. Let's see if this potent team delivered the beleaguered actor the much-required success with Chitralahari review. 

The story

Vijay has success only in his name (Vijay means one who achieves success or a successful person). He has everything that a youngster of these days wants. Talent, perseverance, and skill. But still, he succeeds in failure and is in a sort of depressed state. The only solace he has in his life is Lahari. He loves her and it appears in the beginning that she understands him. 

But enter Swechcha! She is a corporate hotshot and her encounter with him leads to drastic changes in his life including a painful breakup with Lahari. He becomes more recluse and starts to drink even more. Ironically, it is this Swechcha who brings a direction to his life and pushes him on the path to success. How's that? Whether or not Vjay finds Vijayam in his life and gets united with his girl form the rest of the story. 

The performances

Sai Tej for the first time in his career played a role which has no mass hero baggage. It is more like Ram's in Nenu Sailaja than his own Intteligent or Tej - I Love You. He underplayed the emotions and tried to present himself as a modern-day youngster. He is uber cool in his appearance and did justice to his part. But his is not that much of an active character which may alienate it to a section of the fans. 

Kalyani Priyadarshan who played Sai Tej's lover is apt in her role. But she is outshined by Nivetha Pethuraj who acted like she means business in the role of a corporate executive. She also got some of the most interesting scenes in the film. Posani Krishna Murali played a surprisingly good role as a supporting father and he leases a breath of fresh air to the jaded narration in the second half. Sunil and Vennela Kishore did their parts well and generated ample humor. 

Writing and direction

Kishore Tirumala who depends more on emotions than laugh out loud humor tried to reverse the scheme in this film and partly succeeded. While the overall story has a great potential to be a youth favorite, he failed to bring enough punch into the narration. But the dialogues he has written are good. The direction is also slick which added to the decently engaging feel of the film. 

The crew

The music of the movie is pretty average except for a couple of songs. The much talked about Glassmates turned out decent on the screen and Prema Vennela received a great response. Otherwise, Devi Sri Prasad's songs have a we-have-heard-them-already feel. The background score is good though. The cinematography is excellent with the city shots coming out very well. The lighting and color palettes are also good. 

The editing of the film is okayish. Certain portions of the film could have been trimmed a little bit to lend urgency to the narration. The production design is first rate. The sets, and locations all have a vibrant feel despite the little bit of gloom in the narration. The production values by Mythri Movie Makers are pretty good. 


Chitralahari may not be the thumping comeback film that Sai Tej desired but it still is loads better than all of his recent outings. Well acted and supported by some good moments including good dialogues, this is a film in the right direction for him. You can watch it once and won't get disappointed. 


  • Identifiable storyline
  • Nice humor
  • Few scenes that have a great feel
  • Lead actors did well


  • Narrative drags here and there
  • The songs could have been better

Pycker Rating:  2.75 out of 5

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Chitralahari User Reviews

  • Chandan

    12 Apr 19 @ 1:14 PM

    #Chitralahari has a story that connects to youthful movie ......!!!!

  • Ayush Shaik

    1 May 19 @ 11:28 PM

  • Vikki

    27 Apr 19 @ 1:49 PM

Chitralahari Live Updates & Public Talk

Sai Dharam Tej who has faced 6 consecutive flops has taken a small break and teamed up with Kishore Tirumala of Nenu Sailaja fame. Ever since the title was announced, there was always a positive buzz around the film. Adding to that, the trailer has received a unanimous positive response all over taking the expectations further. Chitralahari has hit the screens today and the first half received a good response from the movie lovers. The dialogues are said to be the biggest highlight so far.

The first half of Chitralahari is said to be pretty fun with simple yet effective dialogues and good comedy throughout. Sunil's role, in particular, is said to be very good and he seems to have 100% justice to it with his vintage comedy timing. Kalyani who made her debut with Hello in 2017 is seen on the screen after a long time and she is being praised for her effective performance apart from Sai Dharm Tej and Nivetha Pethuraj. Sai Dharam Tej will have a big hit in his hand if the second half also receives a similar response.

The metro scene is said to be very good and well written. After a superb first half, the second half too is said to be equally good. The climax is receiving a mixed response though. Overall, the response for the second half is also terrific with Kishore Tirumala receiving special appreciation for writing beautiful dialogues and designing good characterizations. After the initial morning shows are done, Chitralahari has settled down with hit talk all over. Check out the latest Tweets below.

Stay tuned for Chitralahari movie review.

Chitralahari Preview

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