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Chinna Babu Review

U Action, Family 2 hrs 25 mins Jul 13, 2018





Chinna Babu Review & Rating


Chinna Babu review: Decent Family Entertainer

Chinna Babu which is released amidst high expectations is a family drama with farmers issues as a subplot. This Karthi starrer is directed by Pandiraj and has Sayyesha Saigal as the lead lady. The movie is produced by Karthi's brother and Tamil star hero Suriya. Chinna Babu promises to be a rural drama with family emotions. Let's see if this movie delivers on the promise with Chinna Babu review.

The story of the movie revolves around the eponymous Chinna Babu. He is the only son of a village head. The village head Rudraraju played by the beloved Kattappa, Sathyaraj, is married to two women for the obvious reason. He has five daughters, and hence he wanted to have a son even after he entered the wrong side of 50. 

Finally, his dreams come true and Krishnamraju was born. As he is the youngest of all the children and is the heir to the village head, he is pampered and is called Chinna Babu justifying the title of the movie. Chinna Babu is a farmer and he is proud of it. His sisters want him to marry one of their two daughters. 

Chinna Babu has a rivalry with a village youngster played by Shatru of Rangasthalam fame. Now, Chinna Babu has two problems. One with his rival and another with his marriage. He falls head over heels in love with Neela played by Sayyesha Saigal. But his sisters don't accept his love. So, he has to fight his rival for survival and unite his family to marry Neela. How he solves all this forms the crux of Chinna Babu. 

Karthi, as usual, rocked in the role of a heroic and pampered child of a joint family. He excelled in emotional scenes, natural in comedy, and good in romantic scenes. The action scenes are composed in a natural way. His screen presence is fantastic. Chinna Babu is a one-man show of Karthi. 

Sayyesha Saigal is cute in the role of a village belle. Sathya Raj is good as a man with two wives. Despite going overboard a few times in comedy, he is nice as a head of a village and a joint family. The village is analogous to the joint family. Comedian Soori is hilarious with his natural acts. Rest of the cast is good and appropriate for the roles. Shatru is competent as the rival for Chinna Babu.

Pandiraj direction is good. He delivered a first rate family entertainer. Both the narration and screenplay are good. The sole problem with Chinna Babu is Tamil nativity. Generally, Suriya and Karthi movies are balanced in the nativity and that is the secret behind them being owned by Telugu audience. Also, over melodrama in the second half may repel those going for an out and out entertainer. 

Music by D. Imman is pretty average when it comes to songs. Background score is nice. The cinematography by Velraj is brilliant. Rural visuals and the greenery are captured superbly. The frames are colourful. The editing is decent without too many jerks. The production values by 2D Entertainments are grand. Visuals are rich. 

On a whole, Chinna Babu is a decent family entertainer which caters to all sorts of the audience with family drama, comedy, romance, and ample hero elevation. Despite coming up with a regular story, Pandiraj excelled in his narration with enough entertainment. You won't be disappointed by watching Chinna Babu this weekend. 

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Chinna Babu Live Updates & Public Talk

Tamil hero Karthi who has equal craze among the Telugu audience has come up with his next, a family drama, Chinna Babu. The movie is the creation of Pandiraj who is known for clean family entertainers. The story of this film revolves around the son of a village head who is the youngest child of the family. The movie hits the screens today and the early and morning shows are underway. The talk for the movie is that Karthi carries it on his shoulders. 

The way Chinna Babu addresses farmers issues is receiving praise. Family emotions and action sequences add value to the film. The only complaint about the movie is its Tamil flaour. Except that Chinna Babu seems to be a winner this weekend


Chinna Babu Preview

What is Chinna Babu about? 

Tamil star brothers Suriya and Karthi have a lot of craze among the Telugu audience. Most of their films get dubbed in Telugu and have successful runs. Now, Karthi is coming up with Chinna Babu, the official Telugu dubbed version of Pandiraj directorial Kadaikutty Singam. Sathyaraj who became popular with Baahubali as Kattappa plays a crucial role in this movie. The movie is produced by hero Suriya. 

What to expect from Chinna Babu?

Karthi mass avatar

Karthi started his career with a rural drama and in a rugged role. Now, for Chinna Babu, he returned to such a role, but this time a sophisticated one. Moreover, Chinna Babu is a pucca family entertainer with an ample dose of comedy. His comedy prowess is already proved with Siruthai. 

Director Pandiraj

Director Pandiraj is known for clean entertainers with a strong story point. He had developed a different style of filmmaking compared to his contemporaries. Pandiraj has till now delivered eight consecutive movies with a clean U rating. He handles family drama very well and his narration is fluid with interesting and hero elevating scenes. 


Kattappa Sathyaraj is one of the most loved actors in Baahubali. This Tamil villain turned hero turned character actor is good at both subtle and over the top acting. In Chinna Babu, he plays a full length role as hero's father. From the trailer, it is evidenced that his role is that of a man with two wives. His presence in Chinna Babu promises to be a fun ride. 

Velraj Cinematography

Director turned cinematographer Velraj handles the cinematography of Chinna Babu. He is known for clean visuals and atmospheric cinematography when needed. In the trailer, we can see that the village atmosphere is captured quite beautifully. Chinna Babu promises to be a visual feast. 

Standout Rekla racing scene

Rekla means bullock cart racing. We have already heard about the trouble the makers had already gone through because of the scene. The makers had approached the Animal Welfare Board of India for permission to no avail. But as the scene is important for the films, the makers got the permit through the Pudhukkottai district collector to picturise the scene. It involves 211 cows and oxen, 48 cocks and 32 birds. The scene is said to be one of the biggest highlights of the movie.

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