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Chi La Sow Review

U/A 2 hrs 14 mins Aug 3, 2018





Chi La Sow Review & Rating


Chi La Sow Review: A Feel Good Romantic Entertainer

The premise

Feel good romantic entertainers are dime a dozen in Telugu but only a handful of them make a mark. Actor turned director Rahul Ravindran comes up with a love story that represents the youth of this generation. Even by the time the teasers and trailers released, Chi la Sow raised curiosity among the audience despite its star being the one with a start and stop career. New face Ruhani Sharma joins the cast as the female. 

The story

Chi La Sow talks about marriage and how the modern day youth reacts to it. The story of the movie revolves around Arjun and his dream of earning enough money to go on a European trip. But his parents want him to tie the knot as they don't want him to remain a bachelor and getting matches when he gets old is a tough job. But an Anjaneya devotee and Salman Khan fan, Arjun doesn't want to get married. Until...

Enter Anjali! A responsible young lady who helps her family financially by working. She has responsibilities and she doesn't want to forego them for her life. Arjun's parents make an alliance with Anjali and Arjun has to meet her as an obligation. When they meet two worlds clash. And his reaction to Anjali's story changes Arjun's life. What happens after that and will Arjun and Anjali marry form the rest of the story. 

Sound performances

Sushanth after many attempts got a meaty role. As the movie is romantic and he played his age without venturing into the mass angle, the character of Arjun suited him. He did a decent job in the role. But it is Ruhani Sharma as Anjali who steals the show with her acting. Without the added sheen of makeup and unnecessary glamour, she did a commendable job as an independent woman who doesn't over doing with her views. She is the biggest highlight of the movie. 

Coming to the others, Rohini is excellent as Anjali's mother. She added value to the movie with her experience. She is natural in her role. Anu Haasan is also good in the role of Arjun's mother. She got a few good comic dialogues. Vennela Kishore is simply superb as a muduru person who is a foil to the hero. Rest of the others did a fine job. 

The direction and the crew

Rahul Ravindran makes a strong debut as a director with Chi La Sow. He really read the hearts and minds of the current day youth it seems. The writing and direction are brilliant. There is not a boring moment in the entire length of the movie. It is a vindication of Nagarjuna's trust in promoting the movie. 

The music is good and the background score is nice. The cinematography is neat. The visuals are clean. The editing is good with clean transitions. The production values are good and the movie doesn't appear it is a small-scale film. All in all Chi la Sow is a competent film production-wise. 


On a whole, Chi La Sow is a very good romantic entertainer with some good performances, a nice conflict point, and excellent narration. Rahul Ravindran's debut directorial leases a fresh breath of life to its star Sushanth and the heroine made good of the chance she got and steals the show. A feel good romantic entertainer that you can watch this weekend. 

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Chi La Sow User Reviews

  • Sriharsha

    22 Oct 18 @ 12:15 PM

    Nice movie and it was a new little of love story. 

  • Balaji

    16 Mar 19 @ 9:32 PM

    Nice Movie
  • Yuvaraj

    9 Aug 18 @ 7:58 AM

Chi La Sow Live Updates & Public Talk

Hero from the Akkineni stable Sushanth had unsuccessful in his career so far. But that doesn't make Chi La Sow any less interesting as Rahul Ravindran is making his debut with this film as a director. The young actor has tried his hand in a romantic entertainer and King Nagarjuna himself has taken the duty of promoting the movie. It created a bit of buzz among the audience and with the early and morning shows underway the talk is coming out slowly. 

The early reports say the movie is a much-needed comeback film for Sushanth. Chi La Sow is said to be a good debut for the director Rahul Ravindran and the performances of Vennela Kishore, Rohini, and other actors are good. Heroine Ruhani Sharma gives a decent performance.

Watch this space for more Chi La Sow public talk and live analysis.

Chi La Sow Preview

What is Chi La Sow about?

Chi La Sow is a romantic comedy that revolves around the subject of getting married. But that is not the thing to talk about. It's the debut of actor Rahul Ravindran after proving himself to be a talented actor. It is the turn of another actor to try his hand in directing a film. Actor Sushanth makes his comeback after a long gap of... well, welcome back.

Chi La Sow is the directorial debut of the talented actor Rahul Ravindran. from the trailer, it is evidenced that the movie is going to be a hilarious entertainer. Mother of Sushanth's character wants him to marry on time but doesn't heed to her words. He is a Salman Khan fan and a Hanuman Bhakth. He even goes on to say that how good it would be if Salman doesn't marry in a similar manner to Lord Hanuman.

What to expect from Chi La Sow?

Hilarious comedy

Rahul Ravindran though acted in mostly serious roles, he has come up with an interesting concept of a romantic comedy with a big stress on comedy. That Vennela Kishore has an important role which acts as the counterfoil to the hero's character promises Chi La Sow to be an excellent entertainer to consider for this weekend. 

Interesting characterisation for the lead pair

For his comeback, Sushanth has selected a romantic comedy which had fetched him a success back in 2009 with Current. His characterisation in Chi La Sow in a curious mix of comedy and romance. That him being a Salman and Hanuman fan, what a rhyming! and the way he avoids marriage and seems to hate marriage seems promising. 

The heroine role played model turned actress, Ruhani Sharma is a curious mix of modern and tradition. The way she says boys want Katrina Kaif as their life partner but they are not like Ranbir Kapoor gives a glimpse of her role. Also, the hero's dialogue in the trailer reveals that only her eyes talk the truth creates a curiosity for this girl. 

Rahul Ravindran's direction

Rahul Ravindran is an actor, right! But now he comes up with a comedy romance movie, Chi La Sow, which talks about the attitude of the current generation and their thoughts on the institute called marriage. Vennela Kishore's character's trailer ending dialogue that when his parents asked him to marry four years ago, he asked them why so early. And now when he asks his parents for matches, they answer why now hinting the time has gone. 

Watch this space for Chi La Sow review, rating, and analysis. be right back!