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U/A 2 hrs 14 mins Aug 3, 2018
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Chi La Sow Story

Director: Rahul Ravindran

Cast: Sushanth as Arjun, Ruhani Sharma as Anjali, Anu Haasan as Arjun's mother, and Rohini as Anjali's mother.

Chi La Sow tells the story of Arjun and Anjali who meet because of an arranged blind date. Arjun is a typical current day youth who has clear goals in mind - the biggest among them is not getting married for the next few years - and wants to go on a trip to Europe after earning enough money. 

But his parents, especially his mother, pester him to get married quick. She does everything within her means to make him give nod. When all her plans fail, she comes with the idea of an arranged blind date for him. Enter Anjali! Arjun's mother makes sure that there's no one at home when Anjali meets Arjun so that they could spend some quality time together. 

Arjun is quick to tell Anjali his plans and that he is not interested in getting married at this stage of life. He finds that Anjali is relieved on one hand and stressed on the other. During his interaction with her, he understands that Anjali has been tending to her mother ever since her father died and she needs to get married despite not having any plans. 

Over a period of time during the interaction, Arjun falls for Anjali observing her behavior. But things take a surprise twist and what's in store for these perfect strangers with contrasting personalities on that night form the rest of the story. 

Chi La Sow received generally positive reviews from the critics and went on to become a commercial success. Rahul Ravindran's direction and writing, Sushanth's performance received considerable acclaim. Ruhani Sharma is termed as a breakout performer. Chi La Sow remains one of the 11 Underrated Gems of Indian Cinema in 2018

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