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Why Cheat India Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 8 mins Jan 18, 2019





Why Cheat India Review & Rating


Why Cheat India Review: Good Film Not So Good Writing

The Premise

Cheat India changed to Why Cheat India on the suggestion of the Indian Censor Board. But the film is the same and packed the same punch. But is it enough to help continue Bollywood’s success streak in the second successive week? With highly anticipated releases next week including the biggest of them all Manikarnika. But this film is all the more interesting not just because of the presence of Emraan Hashmi who has come out of his comfort looks and played an entirely different role. 

Why Cheat India?

Why Cheat India tells the story of a Rakesh Singh aka Rocky, a big kingpin of examination mafia. He keeps the brightest of the young minds with him and use them to write the popular and standard entrance examinations in the stead of considerably rich but lazy students whose parents want their children to enter the prestigious higher education institutes. He built his empire on only one principle. Money is better than anything else. And he takes only cash. Obviously. 

Many youngsters come to him with the hopes of either earning money or to buy their way to their seats. The avaricious nature of Rocky is addicting. Emraan Hashmi as the lead man in this film is a smart choice. Long after Jannat, he received a role which helped him help the film and bring in his best after a long time on the screen. His charismatic screen presence add to the mystery of the role. Only after he meets Nupur, he comes to the terms with his acts but that's for later in the movie.

Characterization and writing

The film is a scorching satire on our education system which is corrupt beyond imagination. Money and power can do anything and it is their symbiotic relationship that prevails. Rocky and his cockily intelligent systems moves up the order with a smooth sailing. But he is not flawless. He gets caught. But he comes out. As things don't go the same way all time, he meets his match in the form of the middle class student Satyendra Dubey (a reference to Ram Gopal Varma's fabled friend?). Sattu as the guy is called brings Rocky down. 

The highs and the lows in the life of Rocky is what makes Why Cheat India an interesting watch. The film is incoherent in many ways by shifting the scene from the examination halls to the seedy to posh hotel rooms to the home of our anti-protagonist (anti-hero is a wrong interpretation here) so quick, it is sometimes hard to register anything for long. This is a sort of film everyone identify with. A similar film, Bazaar is all about the big bad world of stock markets which is an unknown field for many. 

But examination mafia and the corruption in the education system is ubiquitous that in one way or the other we know what is what and what is not. A film that is dealing with such a subject of this big potential should make the execution count. Unfortunately, the director failed to create empathy for any one of the characters and the film feels flat for this reason.

Still the first half is fairly engaging with witty dialogues and some form of pervert entertainment. It also shows the business of Rocky. The second half shifts the scene to romance. Rocky and Nupur's bonding is given more weight than is necessary and though we get to know the importance of these scenes in the third act of the film (the resolution), a section of the audience might have lost track of the proceedings and get into a slumber. 


Shreya Dhanwanthary is confident in the role and her screen presence adds to the effect of the character. The guy who played the role of Satyendra Dubey is all the more fascinating. He delivered a terrific performance and steals the show. Rest of the actors are not that known and have played their parts to varying degrees of perfection. 

The crew

Music in films like this demands top class mass/item numbers but despite having 6 music directors, none of the songs fails to make it count. But Neel Adhikari's background score helped elevating the narration. It is his score that keeps the audience attentive to the proceedings on the screen despite the flaws in the narration. The cinematography is visceral. The frames are colorful and rich at some places while at other places they appear raw. The editing is the biggest culprit of the film. The incoherency in the narration could easily be averted with proper editing but Dipika Kalra failed miserably. The production values are a-class. 


Why Cheat India is the case of a missed chance and good film badly executed. But on a bigger picture, this film is not at all bad. We get the feeling that it could have been better. There is an inherent lack of depth in certain portions. The first half sets the scene up for firery scenes in the second half but it is where the director failed. Rather than sticking to the single point agenda, he dwelled somewhere else. 

The hi-tech terminology and the similar setups in the second half may not appeal to the general audience. But for those who are fed up with our education system, Why Cheat India is like their own rant. Alas! The rant is as incoherent as our own rants which are not well articulated always. Give this film a chance for its charismatic lead actor, ubiquitous and essential story to tell, and the overall arc (the hero is not shown as a Robin Hood). A one time watch without doubt. 


  • ​​Emraan Hashmi charismatic performance 
  • Basic concept
  • Few thrilling moments
  • Guy who played Satyendra


  • Incoherent writing
  • Editing

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa 

P. S.: This reviewer liked the movie as is.

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  • Srkahf

    21 Jan 19 @ 1:00 PM

  • G

    18 Jan 19 @ 9:33 AM

    Good film. Emran Hashmi is excellent. Overall interesting movie 

Why Cheat India Live Updates & Public Talk

Emraan Hashmi's latest movie Why Cheat India has hit the screens today amidst a few controversies and a title change from Cheat India to Why Cheat India. Among the many other Bollywood releases of this week, Why Cheat India is the only film that is carrying some buzz.  Thanks to the intriguing trailer and the film's contemporary concept, Why Cheat India has generated a positive pre-release buzz. The film has received a decent response for its first half.

Emraan Hashmi is said to have done a fantastic job in this film and his performance in Why Cheat India is being termed as his career best by few of the audience. In a poorly written film which would've been a sluggish entertainer, Emraan Hashmi shines brightly. The film seems to have given him scope for a performance unlike his recent films and he is said to have grabbed the golden opportunity with both hands.

Overall, the film is said to be a bumpy ride with few bad and many good scenes which are held together by the superb performance of Emraan Hashmi. The core plot of Why Cheat India is said to be very thought-provoking and relevant to the Indian Education system and it would've been a great film only if it had better writing. Nevertheless, Why Cheat India has settled with good - decent reports and is likely to perform well at the box office.

Stay tuned for more updates and public talk of Why Cheat India.

Why Cheat India Preview

What is Why Cheat India About?

Cheat India or rather Why Cheat India after the change in its title is a crime satire on the corruption in India especially that involves the malpractices in the education system. The Soumik Sen directorial explores various crimes related to cheating in the examinations, fraud in admission into educational institutions and everything related to it are laid to bare in this film. T-Series Films, Ellipsis Entertainment, and Emraan Hashmi Films Production bankrolled this project. 

Emraan Hashmi plays the role of Rakesh Singh who is an expert in rigging the prestigious entrance examinations. He with his team of poor guys but toppers in studies help rich but vain in education youngsters land in the said institutes like IITs, IIMs, and the like. These youngsters deployed by Rajesh Singh write the examinations in the stead of those clients who always need to pay in cash. It is this cash and the resulting riches the main goal of Rakesh Singh. 

Why Cheat India Promises

An intriguing satire on the corrupt practices in the education system

The film is a scorching satire on the corrupt practices in various examinations conducted in India including even the highly rated UPSC tests. Several frauds are detailed over time in the newspapers and many conspiracy theories were proposed as to how they do it and if at all this is possible. Yes. It is possible and the criminal masterminds utilize the loopholes in the law, and the might of power and money to come out unscathed out of the courts. 

Emraan Hashmi as Rakesh Singh

Emraan Hashmi appeared charismatic in a role he has never played in his career. He also altered his looks and plays a middle-aged man with a knack for the seemingly perfect crime. Rakesh Singh can do anything for money and can mouth witty one-liners. The dialogues in the trailer are at once entertaining and hard-hitting. The basic plot revealed in the trailer shows the rise and fall and then again the rise (?) of Hashmi's character. He nailed the body language and is unimaginably good in the role of Rakesh Singh. 

Team assembled by T - Series

T-Series is one of the most respected media conglomerates in Indian Cinema. They have assembled a highly talented team for this film including Soumik Sen who had previously directed the charged feministic film Gulaab Gang. Apart from this, he is a well-respected screenwriter and worked for movies like Meerabai Not Out etc. Shreya Dhanwanthary is the female lead in this movie. 

Several music directors composed the songs for this film including Soumik Sen himself and Neel Adhikari has provided the background score which is elevating the narration of the film. The cinematography by Y. Alphonse Roy looked good in the trailer. We know how much care T-Series take in producing their films with Emraan Hashmi himself acting as one of the producers the production standards of Why Cheat India are certain to be top-notch. 

Keep watching for Why Cheat India review, rating, and complete analysis. Stay tuned.