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Charlie Chaplin 2 Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 7 mins Jan 25, 2019





Charlie Chaplin 2 Review & Rating

Charlie Chaplin 2 Review: This Oldish Comedy Works In Parts

The premise

Prabhu Deva's comic timing is as legendary as his dancing skills. Veteran director Shakthi Chidambaram returns to wield the megaphone after a long gap of more than 8 years with his trusted confusion comedy, and the result is the sequel (in spirit) to the widely successful and remade classic comedy Charlie Chaplin. The difference of 17 years between these two films couldn't tame his decision to cast the two lead men from that film, Prabhu and Prabhu Deva again. This time, joining them are Adah Sharma and Nikki Galrani replacing Abhirami and Gayathri Raghuraman. 

So, what is the story of Charlie Chaplin? How is the story different or similar to the original? Valid questions. Let's dive into Charlie Chaplin 2 review and know the answers. 

Charlie Chaplin 2 story

Charlie Chaplin 2 like its predecessor concerns with a certain Thiru played by Prabhu Deva. Being a separate story from the first film, he has a different profession in this film, that of a marriage bureau employee. He has a track record of matching 99 couples successfully in the marital bliss. That means, he is a professionally successful youngster. 

It is a universal truth that the parents of a professionally successful youngster are in the want of a daughter-in-law - Peta Austen. 

So, Thiru's parents pester him to get married. Some comedy scenes related to it are shown. Boom! Our heroine Sara enters the scene played by Nikki Galrani. prabhu follows her as her father on the screen without delay. It is also a universal truth that when the heroine makes her entrance once our hero is in the need f a bride, he falls in love with her. Thiru obediently falls in love with her. 

But his friend has other ideas to propel the story forward as this time the director decided not to marry the lead actors immediately like in the first film. Raja, the sidekick of Thiru played by the ever-dependable Vivek, thinks of Sara as having a suspicious behavior.

One fine day, influenced by the opinion of his friend on his lover's life, Thiru drinks and sends a text message to Sara which leads to a lot of confusion and trouble for him once he gets sober. How he solves the problem and if he unites with Sara form the rest of the story. There is another heroine played by the glamorous Adah Sharma also named Saara. Shout out for more confusion comedy. 

The direction

Sakthi Chidambaram's idea is solid with all the makings of a modern-day comedy, an updated version of the formula. But unfortunately, he chose to narrate it in the same old template and the making is also in the same format. But the narration is good to some extent and the humor by the lead actors in a few scenes save the day. 

The performances

Coming to the performances, Prabhu Deva is genuinely brilliant wherever the script permitted and delivered a thumping performance. prabhu is good in his role and brings out his experience to make bearable scenes better and better scenes brilliant. Vivek too did a fine job. Leaving aside acting, Nikki Galrani and Adah Sharma are adequate in their roles. Rest of the actors have done as advised by the director. 

The crew

The music of the film is outright bad. The songs come out at inopportune times and make you cringe. They are not a few, to begin with. The film would have been a great weekend watch as it is if the songs are completely cut off and the glamor is inserted in the scenes itself. The background score is straight out of the 1990s. The cinematography is good to a certain extent. The editor could have chopped off all the songs and saved the hapless audience. The production values are okayish. 


If you go to the theatre expecting a rib-tickling comedy like the original, you are right. The comedy is rib-tickling. But not for the current generation audience. It would have worked very well in the early 2000s. But still the few laughs are good and the lead actors make the proceedings bearable with their performances.

But those songs! Okay, if you have lead cylinders to close your ears and a black cloth to cover your eyes when songs are playing (you can't smoke so many cigarettes so many times within 2 hours nor is possible to take nature calls so many times. So, the choice is yours. 


  • Prabhu Deva
  • Glamorous heroines
  • Vivek and Prabhu Ganeshan
  • Few good laughs


  • Old-school narration
  • Irritating songs

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Charlie Chaplin 2 Preview

What is Charlie Chaplin 2 About?

Charlie Chaplin was a trendsetting confusion comedy in the early 2000s which went on to be remade in as many as 6 languages including Hindi and Telugu. The Shakthi Chidambaram directorial was about the romantic misadventures by the protagonists whose one-off stand with a prostitute throws them into a web of lies which lead to comical situations. Now, Prabhu Deva is returning with his famous comic role as Thiru in Charlie Chaplin 2 helmed by the same Shakthi Chidambaram. 

New heroines join him even as the old guard in the form of Prabhu Ganeshan and Abhirami (main leads in the previous film) have substantial roles in this film. Produced by T. Siva on Amma Creations, Charlie Chaplin 2 is one of the hotly anticipated comedies this year. Let's dive ahead to know what are the highlights of this film. 

Charlie Chaplin 2 Promises

Uninhibited comedy

Like its predecessor, Charlie Chaplin 2 is an uninhibited comedy entertainer. The combo of Prabhu Ganeshan and Prabhu Deva owned the roles in such a way that they remained with us all these days. Especially Prabhu Deva's Thiru made him a viable option for a comedic hero and unveiled an unknown angle from him despite his playing a few comedy roles previously. Charlie Chaplin to has ample comedy setpieces with old friends (read: Prabhu and Deva) join hands once again. One of the punchlines of this film is: everybody in life will have an antagonist. 

Prabhu Deva in a comedic hero role

Despite known for going a little bit overboard with his comedy, nobody denies that fact that Prabhu Deva has an eye for comedy and can embrace such roles with both hands. When given a proper push, it is tough to beat him for his comedy timing. He is brilliant in the role (from what is evidenced by the trailer) and is sure to entertain the audience who go to the theatres for a few good laughs. 

Adah Sharma and Nikki Galrani

Adah Sharma who is ruling the social media scene with her glamor uploads is a major attraction in this film. Her role is sure to explore her comic angle but she appeared beautiful on the screen as required. Nikki Galrani joins her as the other female lead in this film. Abhirami is playing an undisclosed role (if she is playing the same role from the previous film or appears in a new role). 

The team assembled by Amma Creations

T. Siva is producing Charlie Chaplin 2 on Amma Creations. The production values appear to be apt for the genre of the film. Amresh Ganesh composes the musical score for this film which has some good mass tunes in regard to the storyline. Soundara Rajan's cinematography is pleasant without being gaudy. 

Keep watching for Charlie Chaplin 2 review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!

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