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Chanakya (Telugu) Review

U/A 2 hrs 27 mins Oct 5, 2019





Chanakya (Telugu) Review & Rating

Chanakya Review: Not Up To The Mark

The premise

You're a kid and imagine you're watching a movie. When the hero is fighting, and saving the world around him, you feel like him and feel like saving the world yourself. You fantasise about becoming like that hero and protect everyone around you. (One thing we don't think at such a young age, why should there arise a need to protect anyone?).

Filmmakers too may feel like making certain films. Inspired by others or a particular genre. Not necessarily to cash in on a trend. But because... Just like that. Director Thiru who is known for films like Samar (Vetadu Ventadu in Telugu) and Naan Siga6ppu Maanithan (Indrudu) has made 3 out of his 4 films with Vishal. 

His most recent outing Mr. Chandramouli didn't fare well in Tamil. But he has a knack to try his hand at different stories. Chanakya might be a different film for him and hero Gopichand, we have seen it all! But still let's see if it can be enough to warrant our approval with wallets this weekend with Chanakya review. 

The spy

Arjun (very creatively named) is the ace spy (like that is a rank) in RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) and has a track record of nabbing terrorists 100%. (How we wish we have such super spies!). He is assigned with the task of finding the most wanted terrorist Qureshi and his son. And the rest we all know. 

The film is mostly written as a personal mission. When our hero is in operation, his cover is blown. Indian government disowns him as a G8 summit is on cards (really! Nowadays). His friends/colleagues are kidnapped and taken to Pakistan. In between all this, our hero works as a banker. He has all the time to romance the heroine, including a teasing song like in his early mass hits. He has comedy scenes. 

Writing and direction

The director seems to be confused as to what to do with the film. Is it a high quality spy thriller like Goodachari? Or follow Bollywood films like D-Day, John Abraham's Romeo Akbar Walter etc.? Or to truly make a new age commercial spy thriller? He finally decided to make our hero from his old mass movies like Shauryam, Lakshyam, etc. and instead of a regular villain, slapped it with a Pakistani terrorist plot. And there is the villain's son Sohail (an excellent Upen Patel). 

The narration starts with a bang. A well choreographed action sequence is followed by an intriguing few minutes. Once the scene shifts to hero as a banker, things go South and it becomes a bore fest. Whenever the proceedings start to take a turn for good (especially because of some charismatic performances from Gopichand, Upen Patel, and Zarine Khan), a song comes out of nowhere. And then there are the mandatory comedy scenes with Ali and Sunil. 

The crew

The music is neat but the placement of the songs made it look bad. The background score is neat. The cinematography is rich. The visuals are good. The editing is mediocre. The production design is superb. The production values are grand. The money spent (on a huge scale) could be seen on the screen. 


Gopichand has put up a sincere performance and he suited the role with his personality. If only the story has the potential! Mehreen Pirzada has a limited screen time and a couple of songs. Couldn't make an impact. Ali and Sunil are wasted in routine comedy scenes. Upen Patel is a revelation. Zarine Khan makes a confident debut in Telugu. 


Gopichand's quest for box office success continues and he needs to rethink about his strategy. Chanakya is a passable film which doesn't totally irritate you to leave the theatres in the middle. Watch it if you have no other options for timepass. 


  • Gopichand
  • Zarine Khan and Upen Patel


  • Lackadaisical narration
  • Routine story

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

Reviewed by: Unwanted Soul

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