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Chalbaaz Review

Action, Comedy, Drama Apr 20, 2018

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Chalbaaz Preview

What is the film all about?

Chalbaaz starring Shakib Khan and Subhasree Ganguly is a full-on entertaining drama that revolves around Raja, a money-minded person, who makes plans and find new ways to earn money where he meets a young girl, who has been ditched by her boyfriend. It's a mainstream movie full of action, comedy, and drama. 

What is to expect from Chalbaaz?

Entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment

Chalbaaz is a quintessential mainstream film filled with fun moments, comedy, romance, action, music, emotions, and more. According to the team, Chalbaaz offers nothing but entertainment. t's a film that everyone can watch with their family.

The chemistry between the leads

Shakib-Subhasree's last film Nabab became a superhit venture and their chemistry was praised by the fans. The viewers will expect the pair to sizzle the screen one more time. 

Impressive performance 

The film has a stellar cast that includes amazing actors like Kharaj Mukherjee, Rajatava Dutta, and Ashish Vidyarthi. Naturally, the performances should be a reason to watch the film. 

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