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Chal Mohan Ranga Review

U Drama, Romance 2 hrs 28 mins Apr 5, 2018





Chal Mohan Ranga Review & Rating

Love stories never go out of fashion. Tollywood summer is made cool and refreshing by the rain of love in the form of Chal Mohan Ranga. In February, it was Varun Tej in Tholi Prema. Now, it's the turn of Nithiin. On the Valentine's Day, romantic comedy buffs were treated with the first teaser of Chal Mohan Ranga starring Megha Akash and Nithiin being released. Nithiin's narration of his love story using the seasons and the voice of the other guy asking if both these lovers are weather reporters is hilarious.

Nithiin has scored success with love stories. When he plays an active character, it's a treat to watch. His chemistry with the new girl on the screen Megha Akash worked out so well in Lie that she was roped in this romantic comedy Chal Mohan Ranga. The failure of his previous film Lie made this move a great chance to bounce back for Nithiin. This movie is produced by his favourite Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram who gave him his biggest hit in the form of A Aa. Let's see if this team for success or not with Chal Mohan Ranga review.

The story of Chal Mohan Ranga is about a carefree guy whose aim in life is to go to America and settle there. But the reason behind this is uncommon. He goes to America guarding a corpse. There he meets Megha one night accidentally. He is drunk and not in consciousness. She helps him to a safe place. After that, they meet a few times. She helps him to get funding for work visa. One day, Megha asks Mohan Ranga to meet her. Due to various reasons, they fail to meet and take it as both are not interested in each other. What happens to Mohan and Megha's love, how they will meet again, and if they unite in the end forms the rest of the story of Chal Mohan Ranga. 

Nithiin is an expert in romantic comedies. Like in his previous entries like Ishq and Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde his excelled in the role. His indifferent expressions and comedy timing took Chal Mohan Ranga a step forward. Megha Akash is terrific in the role. As a girl without clarity, she was just fantastic. Chal Mohan Ranga plot revolves around both of them. Rest of the cast are just part of their life. 

Rao Ramesh as the do-gooder in the US is perfect for the role. We may get a feeling in the end that he reprised his role from A Aa. Naresh excelled as Nithiin's father. Pragathi is just fine. The guys who played hero's friends are very good. Especially, the one who played the friend in America is authentic. Rest of the cast did well within the limitations.

The story of Chal Mohan Ranga is provided by Trivikram. Though it's a love story, it used serendipity elements. Few of the scenes remind us of Pawan Kalyan Khushi. The direction by Krishna Chaitanya surehanded. The screenplay lags few times. But overall he did a fine job. Narration depends on coincidences. The way he used the dog (Jimmy) thread is wonderful. Dialogues remind us of Trivikram. It is obvious as Trivikram involved in writing the story.

Music is just fine. In important scenes, music gives a pleasant feel. For the second time this year, Thaman scored first-rate music for a love story  The cinematography is the biggest highlight of Chal Mohan Ranga. The colours and visuals give us a pleasant experience. The US and Coonoor scenes are well captured. Rain scenes are superb.  Editing is okay. The best thing is there are no jerks. 

Art work deserves special mention. Rajeev Nair did a fantastic job. Locations both in the US and Coonoor are so beautiful. Production values by Pawan Kalyan Creative Works and Shresht Movies are grand. The movie look rich. Budget is well spent. 

On a whole, Chal Mohan Ranga is a pleasant romantic comedy that depends on serendipity elements. Lead pair chemistry worked out very well. That is very important for a love story.  All the technical departments have done a great job.  The only nitpicking is few dragged scenes in the movie both in the first half and the second half. Nithiin's Chal Mohan Ranga is easily a pleasant one time watch.

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Chal Mohan Ranga User Reviews

  • S

    7 Apr 18 @ 3:03 PM

    Nithin was back on track again with another love story Chal Mohan Ranga. Though the plot of the story was old the director had mixed it well the humor and the made the film interesting. Finally, Megha Akash has got a hit and the actress had improved a lot when compared to her previous film LIE. Nithin and Megha Akash pair looked adorable on screen and the scene between them was very engaging. The first half of the film was mostly shot in the US and coming to the second half the film shifts to India and the directed had managed well with the comedy scenes between lead characters.

    As usual, Nithin again impressed with his settled performance and Rao Ramesh had once again got a good character and he made justice for the role. Director Trivikram Srinivas had provided the story for the film and we can see Trivikram's mark in many scenes and dialogues. Director Krishna Chaitanya had written the dialogues very well and the production values are also good. Thaman had given a fantastic music and Nataraja Subramanian's cinematography was top notch. 

    Final Verdict: A good film to watch with family this summer.

  • Satya

    11 Apr 18 @ 10:39 AM

    Chal Mohan Ranga - For All Those Who Are Looking For Fun

    Watching Chal Mohan Ranga surely reminds of watching Trivikram's classic films as the storyline seems similar with the heroine getting engaged to some other person, hero coming back to her and the happy ending. But what makes it different is the intent with which the film is made. The visuals look brilliant, the comedy is okay, and the pair of Nithiin and Megha looks good onscreen. The major positive factor about the film is the songs and background score of Thaman. He did a wonderful job and without his songs, this film would've ended up as an average fare. But the comedy looks forced at times as the character of Nithiin looks inconsistent at times. Megha Akash is brilliant and so was Rao Ramesh who played an important role. Finally, if you ignore the minor flaws, Chal Mohan Ranga makes a decent watch.

  • Sai

    16 Jan 19 @ 10:32 AM

    The movie is so nice it's an comedy and action film nithin action and comedy direction ,screenplay are very nice blockbustermovie😘😍😍

Chal Mohan Ranga Preview

What is Chal Mohan Ranga about?

After treading action movies with LIE Nithiin is back to basics and is coming up with a romantic entertainer Chal Mohan Ranga. Directed by lyricist Krishna Chaitanya, this movie stars Nithiin as a hero in his 25th film. The movie has Megha Akash as the heroine in her second film in Telugu. This is her second pairing with Nithiin after her debut movie. One of the highlight points of Chal Mohan Ranga that created a lot of buzz among the audience is the producer team. Power Star Pawan Kalyan is producing Chal Mohan Ranga in combination with Trivikram Srinivas on Pawan Kalyan Creative Works banner. 

Chal Mohan Ranga is the story of a youngster Mohan Ranga who falls in love with Megha. They first meet on a bus journey. As told by Mohan Ranga in the teaser of this movie, they both meet in the rainy season. Their love blossoms in the winter season, and they get separated in the summer season. It is the story of love between Mohan Ranga and Megha. 

What to expect from Chal Mohan Ranga?

Romantic entertainer

Despite so many trials with action movies, Nithiin scored success primarily with love stories. Chal Mohan Ranga is another love story Nithiin is coming up with.Trivikram Srinivas involved in writing the story for this movie. Trivikram is a master of writing romance and comedy. This promises to be a minimum guarantee entertainer. The director Krishna Chaitanya himself wrote the dialogues which are both witty in comedy scenes and have depth in serious scenes. The dialogue he is wonder than wonderful sums up the character of Nithiin

Wholesome fun 

If we observe the trailer and even the teaser of Chal Mohan Ranga, we can be sure that it is going to be a wholesome entertainer. When Mohan Ranga tells his love story referring to different seasons, he receives a counter from the other guy: are you two weather reporters? There are witty dialogues and funny sequences in the trailer that guarantee Chal Mohan Ranga is going to be a joy ride. Add to this, the presence of usual suspects of comedy like Madhu Nandan, Satya Akkala, Srinivasa Reddy promises a lot of entertainment. 


Chal Mohan Ranga audio is getting a positive response from both the audience and critics alike. Especially the song Ga Gha Megha is an instant hit with the younger audience. Music director in form, S. S. Thaman composed the musical score of this film. The song Pedda Puli is electrifying with Rahul Sipligunj who rendered it with usual high energy. The song Ardham Leni Navvu is very soothing to listen. Rest of the album scored well with the listeners. 

Production values

Chal Mohan Ranga is produced on Shresht Movies and Pawan Kalyan Creative Works banners. Shreshth Movies has already produced movies which are visually rich. Adding to that Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram joined hands to produce this movie, Chal Mohan Ranga is going to be a visual feast. 

Watch this space for Chal Mohan Ranga review and rating it gets, be right back.

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