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Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Review

U/A Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 17 mins Mar 19, 2021





Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Review & Rating

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Review: Women Empowerment Thanks To Men

The surface level changes

Love stories are of various kinds and this is another flavour. As Tollywood is adapting the ways of its southern neighbours in terms of realistically telling stories, the results are mixed bag. The problem is that while Tollywood filmmakers changes the settings or the characterisations, they are generally on the surface level. No deep thinking has gone into the making of a film with a different subject. The changes are done for the form’s sake. 

Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is one more love story where a boy meets a girl and fall for her. At first sight. Then tags along with her everywhere she goes begging for her consent. As this boy is the hero, he won’t be doing any harm to her and she would be safe with him around. After sometime, comes a twist and if it’s resolved, the girl reciprocates his feelings. Or some sort of trouble comes their way, and they fight odds to stay united in the end. 

Basthi Balaraju Vs Mallika 

But the difference here is... the boy is not your typical urban youth and the girl is not one to go college like in many other films. She’s a widow and he’s a driver of mortuary van. The boys lives in slum. His behaviour is just like that of a slum dweller. The girl is a widow. Then how did they first meet? In the funeral of the girl’s husband. During her mourning moment. The moment her life was virtually shattered. She’s young. And she’s a widow. 

But Basthi Balaraju, our hero, expresses his feelings and asks for her hand. You know what happens in such situations. The director Kaushik Pegallapati handled all this with humour but making sure the line is not crossed for the most part. Balaraju lives with his mother. Her story runs as a parallel to the thread of Balaraju and Mallika - the widow girl he loves. Mallika lives with her in-laws and her father in-law is duly played by Murali Sharma (as this genre demands his services in Telugu movies). 

Balaraju encounters his mother in a different manner by the time he’s deeply in love with Mallika who keeps on rejecting him citing the primary reason: that they both are from different backgrounds and their perspectives on life are different. Balaraju’s mother is in love with another man. She has seen her share of tragedy in the past. Meanwhile, despite multiple rejections and trials of reasoning with him, he still haunts Mallika who finally takes help of the police. 

The police arrest him which leads to a terrific interval bang where the dialogues are well written. He’s left around by taking a statement saying that he won’t trouble Mallika. But like a good Tollywood hero, he foes to her house directly. When Balaraju understands his mother’s situation, asks her to marry the person he wants. His way of handling this makes Mallika to show her appreciation for Balaraju. But an unfortunate event leads to their breakup. What happens next forms one of the best climaxes in this genre in recent times. 


Kartikeya is a good enough actor apart from having the surface level qualities like dances, fights, well toned body. He proved himself to be a capable actor but he has a few flaws. Here too, he was given a role which is unlike anything a majority of Telugu heroes wouldn’t love to take. He has done a good job. But the character’s background and psyche isn’t fully explored. This is the classic case of making cosmetic changes to the background and narrating the same story. But the young actor has shown marked improvement over his previous films. A commendable job. 

His dialogue delivery is neat. His screen presence is assuring. And his body language partially fit the role. And he has made sure that the audience understand that he did give his best for the role and he’s a work in progress. Acceptable. And appreciable. Lavanya Tripathi played a role very unlike of her and she pulled it with ease. But one doubt that comes across our mind is are still young women of her age following all the signs of being a widow in a traditional way? All right this may be for cinematic convenience of making the audience know of her status. 

Lavanya in emotional scenes gave a matured performance. In some portions, she even dominated the proceedings with her understated but forceful personality. Senior actress Amani who played Balaraju’s mother is another asset. She brought her experience to the fore in all scenes she appeared. Already a multiple Nandi Award winner during her heroine days, Aamani has lent a different vigour to the film. 

Murli Sharma played a role written with him in the mind (read: stereotypical) and did well. Such is his acting prowess that despite playing similar roles multiple times, he is showing enough of subtlety and not boring the audience with monotony. Rest of the actors played their roles as per the demands of the script. 

Writing and direction

The narration of the first half is entertaining with some blackish humour. One need to understand what’s what to appreciate such humour. So, be careful when visiting the theatres this film is playing. The director should be appreciated for not crossing the line. But the graph goes down in the second half due to the routineness of the subject. 

The plot is utterly predictable despite different background and a relatively realistic setting. The same can be said of the screenplay. He followed the regular template by just changing the background and characterisations. But the climax turned out surprisingly good. 

The crew

The music is okayish. The background score is so so. The cinematography is good and created the world of Basthi Balaraju in a realistic manner. Other than that there are no particular sparks. The editing is neat. The art department has done a good job. The production values are decent. 


Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is not a film for everyone. And it’s not as bad as some of the recent films that tried to be different but not different enough. Though the changes to the setting and characters are on the surface level, the director passively roughed the right chord to give the narration some shallow depth in certain scenes. 

Those flashes of brilliance are enough to categorise this film to watchable. And the good to great performances of the major actors make it a good film (if you have no expectations). If you had already bought into the hype created by the makers, better wait a few days before visiting the theatre to watch this film with an open mind. 

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 

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  • Jayashankar

    20 Mar 21 @ 9:04 AM

    Average screenplay very slow running..

  • Brahmambasha

    19 Mar 21 @ 8:59 PM

  • Pottangi

    19 Mar 21 @ 1:52 PM

    Movie really super...

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