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Captain Review & Rating


Newbie Prajesh Sen's debut directorial Captain is a much-anticipated sports biopic by the ardent fans of football. Starring Jayasurya in the titular role, the movie is a biopic of Indian footballer VP Sathyan who led the Indian football team from 1991 to 1995. Played in center back position, he was an immense talent who was never given his due credit until his tragic death caused by depression. Story Of An Unsung Hero, is what Prajesh Sen's Captain tagline says. Here is how the movie sings on the silver screen the life of the unsung hero.

Captain opens with the news report of Sathyan's tragic death. The rest of the movie is about how and why Sathyan, a true sportsman who loved his game with all his heart, ended his life in front of a speeding train in the most engaging way possible. The many episodes of Sathyan's eventful life which was a high rollercoaster ride spanning across different football grounds and his personal battles with life are so finely portrayed and it is indeed a tribute to the unsung hero of Indian football. 

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Jayasurya as VP Sathyan has delivered a top-notch performance. He pulls off his role with perfection and emotes the pain and the desperation in the parts where it is needed so convincingly. Anu Sithara essays the role of Vp Sathyan's wife who was a constant source of support through the thick and thin to the footballer. She has done an impressive job carrying her role with poise and the necessary finesse. Others including Siddique, Renji Panicker, Deepak Parambol, and Saiju Kurup, looked convincing in their role. Among the lot, Siddique's role as an ardent football lover was an impressive one.

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Prajesh Sen who is making his directorial debut with the movie has done a great job. He has tried to sketch the turbulent personal life of a neglected football player without leaving too many gaps. But at may parts, he defends his title character too much and makes it look less of a biopic and more of a drama that dwells on pain obsessively. The script, while it succeeds to take the shape of a moving film, partially lacks that one unique manner that could have made Captain a beautiful biopic. Gopi Sunder's songs are beautiful and soothing but one doesn't find them really interesting in the movie. Frames by Roby Varghese, on and off the football ground, are just fine. 

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At the end of the watch, Captain leaves one quite stirred and almost feeling empathetic with the great talent who wasn't treated fair in the life's game. That feeling of empathy is a sign that movie has worked out well. At the same time, one cannot quite agree that Captain is an excellent biopic. But it is an excellent tribute, one that is relevant and befitting.

Final Verdict: A movie worth watching!

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Captain directed by newcomer Prajesh Sen is a Malayalam sports biopic based on the life of the noted Malayali football player VP Sathyan who went to become the Indian National Football team captain beating against all odds. Starring Jayasurya in the titular role, Captain is touted to be an intimate sketch of VP Sathyan who is more than just a name to the Indian football lovers; especially, to the Keralites who lug the game close to their heart. Siddique, Renji Panicker, Saiju Kurup, Lakshmi Sharma appear in the other prominent roles of the movie. Mammootty's cameo role as himself is another major attraction of Captain. As the movie is opening in theatres today, let's look at the responses it is fetching from First Day First Show audience who are excited to see Jayasurya's VP Sathyan on screen.


Going by the general reports from the theatres that are pouring in, it looks like this Jayasurya is impressive indeed. The movie seems to have a striking first half which has managed to keep up with the expectations of the audience a great deal. The movie is said to be emotional and engaging till the first half and Jayasurya comes across convincing as VP Sathyan. And if the second half of the movie turns out to keep up the spirit and the airs of its first half, the movie will be another hit for Jayasurya.


Captain movie is fetching very impressive reports from all over. The movie turns out to be a truly amazing tribute to VP Sathyan, the unsung hero of Indian football whose tragic death remains a harrowing blotch among the admirers of the game. It looks like Jayasurya has pulled off his character with absolute perfection. The viewers are highly impressed by his performance and is tagging it as his career's best. Anu Sithara and Siddique are also winning applause at the theatres for their performance. 

 At the end of the first show, Captain is fetching excellent reports from all quarters and is all braced to embrace a good start at the box office. It is apparent that the director Prajesh Sen has made a highly impressive debut with this fine movie which beautifully and quite moving portrayal of VP Sathyan's life without failing to engage the viewers. Those who are now just out of the theatres attest that the movie is a sure blockbuster on cards. And if it is really true, Jayasurya who finely carries the film on his shoulders, will hit a hat-trick with three blockbuster movies (Punyalan Private Limited, Aadu 2, and Captain) in a row. 

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Captain Preview

  • What Is Captain About?

Captain marks the directorial debut of noted journo Prajesh Sen. The movie is touted to be the biopic of VP Sathyan, the noted Malayali football player who went to become the Indian National Football team captain beating against all odds. It is expected to be an intimate sketch of Sathyan's personal as well as professional life, his passion for football and the victories and defeats he had to face before he ended his life on a tragic note as the unsung hero of the Indian football. Jayasurya enacts the role VP Sathyan while Anu Sithara appears as his wife and Renji Panicker as his coach. Siddique, Saiju Kurup, Deepak Parambol, Lakshmi Sharma among others form the supporting cast of Captain

What To Expect From Captain?

  • A Thrilling Bio-Sports Pic

True that VP Sathyan, the ardor of a football generation who is hailed as the unsung hero of Indian football, didn't receive the accolades he deserved. But his life is a zealous account of his passion for the game and love of it. In other words, his life in itself was a pictorial and cinematic tale. And when such a life is adapted on big screen, one cannot expect anything less than a vivid and thrilling movie. The movie is said to have roped in a large number of real-life football players. And if the trailer is anything to go by, the movie would be a real treat to the football lovers and an impressive tribute to Kerala's own football legend. 

  • Some Memorable Performance

The casting of Jayasurya in the titular role looks promising. The actor has proved himself capable of carrying such roles with needed rawness and much perfection. Jayasurya as captain is indeed something to look out for in Captain. Some of the finest actors like Siddique, Renji Panicker, and Anu Sithara lines up in the supporting cast. While the movie is expected to bring in another brilliant performance from Renji Panicker as a sports coach. Siddique in his new get-up looks promising as well. Lately, the actor has been mesmerizing the audience in each of his roles with the finesse of his acting.

  • Technically speaking,

Director Prajesh Sen has roped on board some of the finest technicians on board for his maiden directorial outing. Roby Varghese Raj, who is noted for his brilliant frames in movies like Puthiya Niyamam and The Great Father, has wielded camera for Captain. The movie presumably has a lot of fast-paced scenes set on the football ground, and so, it presents the cinematographer with an endless possibility to showcase his brilliance. Gopi Sunder's music is also expected to bring out the fervor of the gallery. Others in the crew include costume designer Ram Manohar, editor Bijith Bala.

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