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Byomkesh Gowtro Review

U/A Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2 hrs 15 mins Oct 12, 2018





Byomkesh Gowtro Review & Rating

Arindam Sil's Byomkesh Gowtro does not exactly bear the signature style of Sil in it. This time, he hardly does any action. Although he used his brawl when he needed to give his opponent the taste of their medicine, the film majorly focuses on the sleuth as a thinker trying to tear the layers of mystery to find the answer. 

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This is  the first time Byomkesh looked vulnerable while Satyakam's multilayered charact...

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Based on Rakter Daag, Byomkesh Gowtro starts when a spoilt womanizer Satyakam knocks on the door of Byomkesh with a strange request. Satyakam wants to appoint Byomkesh Bakshi to investigate the case of his murder which he believes is impending. He reveals entire Missouri is trying to kill him. Interestingly, he doesn't want Byomkesh to save him. Byomkesh soot got the news of Satyakam's death and he heads towards Missouri to do the investigation. 

Rating 3.5 from  indiatimes

Byomkesh Gowtro is more brain than brawn. In fact, the victim, Satyakam (Arjun), has more action ...

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The film delves into every character's psyche. Satyakam had multiple women in his life and through their words, Byomkesh starts to go deeper in Satyakam's mind. Was he only a brat with questionable character or a lonely, tarnished man deep down. In this film, Byomkesh looked vulnerable, on the other hand, Satyakam with all his colorful life and death dominated the film. In acting also, Arjun Chakraborty as Satyakam stole the show snatching the spotlight from Abir, Sohini, and Rahul with his impeccable performance.

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Byomkesh Gowtro Preview

What is Byomkesh Gowtro all about?

Byomkesh Gowtro, directed by Arindam Sil is the third installment of Arindam Sil's superhit Byomkesh franchise. Based on Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay's Rakter Daag, the movie is a murder mystery starts when Satyakam, a spoilt brat from Missouri coming all the way to Kolkata to ask Byomkesh Bakshi to investigate once he is dead. He is convinced he will die, but, instead of requesting Byomkesh to save him, he appointed Byomkesh to find out the truth. 

What is to expect from Byomkesh Gowtro? 

A breathless thriller

The film has to be a thrilling journey. Rakter Daag is one of the most engaging murder mystery of Bengali literature. Being its film adaptation the movie is expected to be a gripping one. 

The Cast

The movie will see Abir Chatterjee repriving his role as Satyanweshi while Sohini Sarkar will return as Satyabati. Rahul will play Ajit for the first time. This will be an interesting watch to see Rahul as Byomkesh's sidekick. Arjun Chakraborty as Satyakam and Anjan Dutt as Nishanath are also grabbing our attention. 


Arindam Sil has proved his mettle as a filmmaker. Making a thriller is his niche. His last two Byomkesh films were super hit at the box-office. his film will be no exception.

Missouri at the backdrop

In this Puja, who are not going out for a vacation, Byomkesh Gowtro will take them on the hills. Beautiful Missouri at the backdrop of the story is one of the biggest attractions of the movie. After Benaras and Dooars, Byomkesh will do his investigation in the picturesque lanes of Missouri. 


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