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Buro Sadhu Review

U/A Drama 1 hrs 36 mins Nov 1, 2019

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Buro Sadhu Review & Rating

The Premise

Buro Sadhu directed by Vik is a collage of one person’s various phase of life. The film starts when the protagonist Abir (Ritwick) has been taken away from his father. The boy is taught his father was a monster and forgetting him is the right way to have a second chance in the life. His mother (Dolon  Roy)gets the second change with her second husband (Debesh Roy). Abir too gets a family, however, things never became easy in Abir’s head.

Deep down, his mental demography turns into a labyrinth of unspoken emotions. Growing up, depression makes permanent refuge in his mind. He starts to seek peace in alcohol. Things got worse when his first love Nilanjana (Mismi) leaves him. The script paints her negative. She blames Abir of something he has never done. The specific part of the story may sound little sketchy. However, all these push Abir to a place from where there is no comeback or it seems so.

Abir starts to hallucinate things and a broken heart starts to ruin the reality for him. In this situation when Abir is losing his grip on himself gradually, his friend Bancha (Amit Saha) emerges as a savior! He turns the life of a depressed and suicidal Abir. He starts his career in the world of Bengali daily soap. He somehow manages to survive in the unreal world of TV serials. By then, Sweta (Isha Saha) comes in his life. But, one more time he starts to suffer from depression. He almost creates a wall around him. When he has almost lost all his hope, a nameless character (played by Chiranjeet) appears on the screen! The twist he brings in the story, changes everything!


Vik has done a marvelous job as a filmmaker. Considering it is his first work, the director has taken a bold subject, dealing with depression, alcohol and an intricate human psyche and carried it out excellently.

Cast and The crew

In acting, one more time, Ritwick Chakraborty proved his mettle. He carries the entire film on his shoulder without making a single mistake. Amit Saha has done a good job in the limited scope he has got. Ishaa Saha and all the other actors did their part well.

Sanjib Das’s camera and Arghakamal Mitra’s editing demand special mention. Pranjal Das’s music and lyrics leave a mark.


  • The plot
  • Writing
  • Direction
  • Performance
  • Camera and editing


  • Some unnecessary plot points

Finally, The movie is a soulful and meaningful narration of a person with a mental crisis and a complicated psyche. Watch it if you are looking for content over entertainment.

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