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Brother's Day Review

U/A Comedy, Family 2 hrs 45 mins Sep 6, 2019





Brother's Day Review & Rating


Brother’s Day: An Unexpected Thriller

The Premise
You’re invited for a traditional Malayali feast and served half of the delicacies so and then there is a Chinese or African special. How do you feel? That’s how one can describe Brothers Day. Who’s the brother? The hero Ronnie played by Prithviraj who’s still in search of a solo hit as a hero for sometime? Or Tamil actor Prasanna who makes a confident entry into Mollywood? Well! Let’s find out with Brother’s Day review.

The story
The film starts with the murder of a drunkard father by a young lad who also kills his friend who preys on his younger sister. A pedophile. Goa! What a way to begin a film touted as a family entertainer initially? Then the scene shifts to Ronnie and his friend Munna who works in a catering company. Ronnie has a depressed persona and friend even taunts him to smile at least once. He has a sister who has a traumatic childhood.

And then there is a young man who preys in women. A psycho killer it is as later revealed and played by Tamil star Prasanna. How these two threads connect form the basis of this film. Ronnie encounters three more women and one among them romantically involved with him. As any film of this genre ends, it ends with a bloody finale and good triumphs over the evil.

Prithviraj tried a mix of genres and tried his hand at comedy with mixed results. His personality and screen presence are a mixed bag. He looked dull and lifeless in the initial portions. Whether it’s part of his characterisation or he himself looked like that is unknown. Dharma jab who played the buddy of the protagonist is neat in his role. Madonna Sebastian brings a fun twist to the film but it is Aishwarya Lekahnin and Prayaga Martin who adds to the thickening if the plot.

Prasanna is terrific as the psycho. Whether he’s a killer or not is anyone’s guess. But his role has striking similarities to his role in Thiruttu Payale 2. And Aishwarya’s role though written brilliantly and she enacted well is straight lift from Varathan in terms of mood. Ah! Kalabhavan Shajohn could have come up with something original in texture.

Writing and direction
The narration of the film is an upward curve. After the shocking beginning to the story (not the film remember) the movie started on a lighthearted manner but as the plot thickens it organically converts into a thriller. The screenplay has several beats we have seen in recent past. The direction is slick but could have been better considering the scope of the film.

The crew
The music is one of the highlights and the Tamil song written and sung by Dhanush adds value. The background score goes hand in hand with the narration. The editing is clean. The production design is moody by design. The production values are first class deserving of a star of Prithviraj caliber.

The film is not what it’s touted to be in the lead up to the release despite a few mutterings that it may be a thriller. The psycho element comes as a surprise. Despite its slick narration and organic change from being a funny film to being a thriller, it may not satisfy the festival audience. Thriller lovers could give it a chance.

• Interesting narration
• Aishwarya Lekshmi and Prasanna
• Music

Genre beats are not properly mixed

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Brother's Day Live Updates & Public Talk

Brother's Day was considered as a stress-buster sort of film for the lead actor Prithviraj as he had been busy doing some serious stuff like acting in intense roles and directing a biggie.The film was marketed as a complete family entertainer with romance, songs, humor, dance, action and what not. With a long list of prominent ladies, a new director and a mass hero, let us see what the audience felt about this one.

Brother's Day turned out to an average entertainer with a predictable script. With no note-worthy performances, the film lovers called it a forgettable film. Having competition from three other releases, we need to wait for the report card of the film.

Brother's Day Preview


Prithviraj Sukumaran has been going through a lean patch for the last couple of years. Despite producing and playing the lead role in what was hailed by all major critics as the movie India should be proud of, 9, he failed to taste outright success till his directorial debut Lucifer hit the screens. Now, it’s again time to return and play the lead man proper. 

In between he had a moderate success in the form of Pathinettam Padi. Brother’s Day is the movie all his fans have been waiting for and the star hero promises that this Kalabhavan Shajon directorial debut is a perfect blend of romance, comedy, action and emotions. A perfect star vehicle. 

He leads an ensemble cast that includes four lead actresses Aishwarya Lekshmi, Prayaga Martin, Madonna Sebastian and Miya George. And Dharmajan Bolgatty has a decent role. 

Brother’s Day Promises and Surprises 

A perfect mix of genres 

Festival crowd are in a lighter mood and want to enjoy themselves with good and upbeat films. A little bit of action attracts the youngsters. So is the case with romance. And then a bit of comedy makes it a darling of families. But it is an emotional thread that binds all these elements make for an intriguing watch. From the promos of the film, we can gather that Brother’s Day will offer the same. With a host of talented heroines and the presence of Prithviraj Sukumaran ticks all the right boxes. 

Surprises galore 
Apart from the star cast and an interesting mix of genres that promise perfect entertainment, Brother’s Day sees the Mollywood debut of noted Tamil actor Prasanna. And you want more? Tamil star hero Dhanush wrote a Tamil song for this film.  And he also makes his singing debut in Malayalam Cinema. The song, Nenjodu Vinna, will be one of the major highlights of the film. 

Kalabhavan Shajon and his team 

Noted actor Kalabhavan Shajon makes his directorial debut with this film. He is backed by Listin Stephen of Magic Frames banner. 4 Musics composes the musical score of the film. Jithu Damodar handles the cinematography. With all these highlights, Brother’s Day is shaping up to be a film to be in your watchlist this Onam. 
Keep watching for Brother’s Day review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!