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Brochevarevarura Review

U Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 21 mins Jun 28, 2019





Brochevarevarura Review & Rating


Brochevarevarura Review: Vivek Athreya Enthralls The Audience With His Spell

The premise

Brochevarevarura is one of the movies which created buzz lately despite not having a star-studded cast. But the main USP of the film is the camaraderie between the lead trio and a unique and innovative narration. Young director Vivek Athreya who gained positive reviews for his debut film Mental Madhilo has flipped the coin this time and came up with a multi-thread crime comedy. Let' see how this film works out with the audience with Brochevarevarura review. 

Brochevarevarura story

The movie starts with a director narrating the story t to a heroine with who he wanted to make a film. Parallelly, we meet three youngsters who are aimless just like the genre and youthful films require. They are the R-Gang, named after the first letter of each one's names. A clear alluding to the epic RRR? These guys are Rahul, Rambo, and Rocky.

The trio encounters a young girl named Mitra played by the terrific Nivetha Thomas in another scene-stealing role. This encounter has its own repercussions. How these two threads are related and what happened to Mitra and how the gang helps her form the rest of the story. 

Top-notch performances

What can we say about actors like Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna? They entered the collective consciousness of the youth with a bang through the films that gave them a breakthrough. And both of them proved themselves to be versatile actors. But it is their comic timing that had made these guys favorites to the Telugu movie buffs. 

Priyadarshi is fantastic in the role of Rocky and Rahul Ramakrishna is fun to watch as Rambo. Their names are another clear allusion to Sylvester Stallone's iconic roles. Director Vivek Athreya clearly followed a pattern even while naming his characters. Their combination with Sree Vishnu is fun to watch on the screen. And what chemistry!!!

Sree Vishnu who made himself a name with his unique subject selection has made the most out of the character he received. Though he is part of the lead trio, he dominated the proceedings as and when required as the protagonist-in-name for the film. His dialogue delivery is ripping and the comedy timing is first rate. But he needs to avoid repetitive expressions for a select few scenes. 

Nivetha Thomas is one of the well-loved actresses in Tollywood right from her debut but she hadn't received a blockbuster film since Ninnu Kori. And she appears to be selective for the most part which led her to be virtually absent for considerable periods in Telugu Cinema. But whenever a role that is worthy of her talent is offered to her, she did form the backbone of the success of the film like she did with her previous outing 118. And she did the same in Brochevarevarura on a notch higher level. 

Neat direction

Vivek Athreya must be commended for trying something new rather than playing it safe with his second film. The writing of this film is its strong suit. Despite unsuitable-for-family-audience dialogues which are peppered with expletives. The screenplay is good for the most part with a few downs after several ups. But it is done in a smoother way. 

The comedy setpieces and the way he has showcased his actors in a natural way is praiseworthy. It is a good sign that younger directors are trying something new with each than offering more of the same as their first films. Though the story starts sedately, it takes off at the point when we enter college episodes. By the time of interval, the narrator has a firm grip over the audience. The interval block is done in a great way. 

The second half is equally well executed and the final 20 minutes adds to the impact despite the climax is dealt with in a simplistic way. The scenes between Nivetha Pethuraj (heroine Shalini) and Satya Dev (director Vishal) lacked the spark of the other thread despite the actors receiving meaty roles and did well within the limitations. The director reserved a beautiful melody for this pair though. 

The crew

The music of the film is good with the songs are used in the background. The background score is superb by Vivek Sagar. The cinematography isn't as impressive as the other departments and the lack of budget is clearly visible in a few scenes. But it has a vibrant quality pertaining to youthful films. The editing is done well. The production design is nice and the production values are decent. 


Brochevarevarura is a clearly different film in the genre and has the potential to drive youngsters to the theatres in scores. The buddy scenes certainly stand out among the rest and the great chemistry shared by the lead trio is an added advantage. It may be difficult for the family audience to stomach the rawness of the dialogues in some areas which may keep them away. Sans that it is a pretty good entertainer. 


  • Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna
  • Nivetha Thomas' scene-stealing work
  • Sree Vishnu in a tailor-made role
  • Strong writing


  • A few off-putting dialogues are used for comedic effect
  • Over-simplified climax

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Brochevarevarura User Reviews

  • Kushal

    28 Jun 19 @ 2:38 PM

  • K. Husan

    3 Jul 19 @ 9:04 AM

  • Balaji

    29 Jun 19 @ 10:45 PM

    super feel good movie

Brochevarevarura Live Updates & Public Talk

With a successful young hero like Sree Vishnu in the lead role joined by a couple of highly rated young versatile comedic actors like Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna thrown into the mix, Brochevarevarura has piqued the interest of movie buffs. And add to that it being a crime comedy and another talented actor like Sathya Dev playing a crucial role, it has gained a lot of positive buzz before its release. Now, the general consensus for the film is mostly positive from the early watchers. 

The movie is said to be original in its presentation and with the lead trio having a field day with their roles, people already started recommending this film saying it's absolutely unmissable. Nivetha Thomas and Nivetha Pethuraj also said to have done a good job and Satya Dev has delivered one more competent performance. Vivek Athreya's presentation of this film is hilarious and a treat for the movie lovers. Vivek Sagar's music also receives great words of praise. 

The movie is well written and has a refined quality in the making. With the lead actors doing a fantastic job and the other departments playing their role to perfection, Brochevarevarura is the movie to watch out this week. You'll come out of the theatres with a smile on your face, says one of the early watchers. The film is full of fun and is a must watch. Nivetha Pethuraj has a meaty role and has owned it very well. Harshavardhan, Shivaji Raja, and Bittirisatti are hilarious.

Stay tuned for more Brochevarevarura public talk and live updates.

Brochevarevarura Preview

What Is Brochevarevarura About?

After scoring a middling commercial success and good critical acclaim with Mental Madhilo, young filmmaker Vivek Athreya comes back with a hilarious role in the form of Brochevarevarura. Starring Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, and Rahul Ramakrishna as a trio of aimless youth (as described by makers) who want to gain money by hook or crook (read: through crime). Sree Vishnu is the leader of the pack and the trailer has shown Satya Dev in a crucial role. Talented actresses Nivetha Thomas and Nivetha Pethuraj play the female leads in it.

Brochevarevarura Promises 

Youthful entertainer with thrilling elements 

Aimless or wayward youth is the pet concept of filmmakers who want to make youthful entertainers for a long time and the same is the case with Brochevarevarura. Three friends. Their adventures and misadventures. A couple of cute heroines. A love story in the brewing (between Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Thomas in a student role!?). And loads of humor mixed in the recipe, we have a winner. 

All the director has to take care of is having an engaging screenplay. Based on his track record, Vivek Athreya is sure to make this film another memorable outing. 

The trio of heroes 

Priyadarshi Pulikonda who is fresh off the critical success of Mallesham comes back to his usual self with this film as one of the three friends. Another highly rated young actor Rahul Ramakrishna joins the party. He has recently carried another youthful entertainer Hushaaru on his shoulders. And who can forget Sree Vishnu is such a great role as Sagar in the classic Needi Naadi Oke Katha last year? With a natural style of making and three of the talented young heroes leading from the frontz Brochevarevarura is an unmissable film.

Nivetha Thomas has an acclaimed outing with his limited in screen presence but high on impact role in Kalyan Ram's 118. She plays the role of a Bharatanatyam dancer a d what appears to be a school girl role in this film. Nivetha Pethuraj joins her as another female lead in this movie. Caste wise, Brochevarevarura is a winner for the makers.

Vivek Athreya and his team 

Mental Madhilo is a small film with a big heart. Vivek Athreya who announced himself with the film helms this Vijay Kumar Manyam production. Vivek Athreya composes the musical score. Sai Sriram's cinematography has a retro feel. From what little is evidenced by the teaser and trailers, Brochevarevarura is going to be a movie to watch out for this weekend.