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A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 21 mins Aug 15, 2014
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Borbaad Story

Director: Raj Chakraborty

Cast: Bonny Sengupta as Joy, Rittika Sen as Nandini, Mainak Banerjee as Imran, Sudip Mukherjee as Akram

Joy (Bonny) is a carefree chap whom his father considers as a worthless one. The father-son often gets into minor fights due to the misunderstandings. Joy's only recreation is playing carrom with his friends. Joy sees Nandini (Rittika) at a bus stop and falls for her at the first sight. He buys a byke to impress Nandini and lands up on a job.

Since he gets the byke things started to fall on the right places until the bike went missing!. Joy realized that his byke has been stolen by a petty thief who works for Imran (Mainak), the younger brother of notorious local don Akram. Akram is quite respectful towards the elders and doesn't harm anyone but his targets. However, this is not the same as his rather hot-headed brother Imran.

Joy lodged a formal complaint in the local police station and Joy informs his family about the stolen bike. Next day, Imran and his gang showed up to threat Joy and his family to withdraw the complaint. Joy refused and a fight broke between the two. Joy beat Imran in front of the public. When Akram comes to know about it he orders to kill Joy without knowing the entire story. However, Akram soon finds out about the bike theft and apologized to him but it was too late.

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