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Boomerang Review

U Action 2 hrs 9 mins Mar 8, 2019





Boomerang Review & Rating

Boomerang: Unoriginal and Interesting Only in Bits and Parts

The premise

Boomerang is a tool/device/weapon which hits the target when thrown with a proper technique and returns back to the user who throws it. Yea. We have seen it being used in several adventure films. Okay. The makers of this particular film, cheekily titled Boomerang, have thrown a known story beaten to the rut with an already seen twist of a face transplant. Whether they get the result they wanted or the boxes of the film boomerangs back to them? 

Well, Atharvaa's Boomerang is advertised as a sort of vigilante thriller with current issues as the backdrop which is generally a viable genre. There was a subtle hint about a person with a disfigured face (remember the gruesome-looking man in the trailer in a blink and miss moment?). But not many could have expected that it was the hero (OMG! Spoiler)? Let's see if this film has anything to offer this weekend for us to shell out our hard-earned cash with Boomerang review. 

The story

Siva is a youngster who is in despair as his face is disfigured for a reason we should not mention in the review. The doctors find no other option but to face transplant like it is so easy peasy and the government gives subsidies.  Okay! Okay! Siva is the protagonist, so... we'll leave it at that. Post the operation, Siva wants to lead a normal life with his family and settle down with the girl of his (director's) choice. 

But suddenly a couple of time he is attacked by unknown men. He gets confused but fights back. In the second fighting, which is well composed, he finds a clue as to who they think he is and why they are after him. Cue, he starts to find out about the man, obviously names Shakthi. 

The heroine played by Megha Akash and his friends played by Sathish and R. J. Balaji who is fresh off the success of LKGaccompany him. What he finds out about the person the attackers thought of him as the one and what happened to that person and how he solves the issues if at all they are in his hands form the rest of the story. 


Atharvaa is good in the roles of Shiva and Shakthi. But the concept is already used many times and the audience knows damn well what happens when the hero's face is changed. He tried to fit in the narration and did a good job. The action scenes are well constructed and it is where he truly excelled. Megha Akash lacked the charm required of the limited character. But she tried her best to look cute like all good Tamil heroines in commercial films should. 

Upen Patel is sadly wasted in the role and Indhuja did a fine job. Sathish and R. J. Balaji tried to make the audience laugh in the first and second halves respectively. Senior actress Suhasini is wasted in an insignificant role. Rest of the actors did as required. But none registers properly. 

Writing and direction

The direction by R. Kannan is okayish. He tried to come up with an intriguing story but the addition of face change operation made it look like a poor copy of a few known high budget films of the same genre. The narration lacked punch. As long as current issues like NEET, farmer's troubles, and political current affairs are touched upon, the film created a bit of interest in the snoring audience. But overall, it is a forgettable affair. 

The crew

The music is all right. The songs are not up to scratch. The background score failed to lift the proceedings any further. The cinematography is good but shows that the film is under-funded. The editing is decent in parts. Production values are acceptable. The production design is not up to the par. 


Boomerang boomeranged on the makers with its old-school ideas and direction. There isn't much the film can offer and it is evident from the first frame. Unless you have no other time pass and badly want to get into an ac room (summer has already arrived, no?), you can avoid the movie. 


  • Few scenes with contemporary issues are interesting


  • Not so good direction
  • Old and beaten storyline
  • Some good actors are wasted in insipid roles.

Ppycker Rating: 1.75 out of 5

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  • G

    8 Mar 19 @ 4:04 PM

    Why? Why make such vere level boring films?

  • G

    8 Mar 19 @ 4:04 PM

    Why? Why make such vere level boring films?

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