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U Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance 2 hrs 28 mins Feb 2, 2017
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Bogan Story

Director: Lakshman

Cast: Jayam Ravi as ACP Vikram and his teammates Varun as Sathya, Akshara Gowda as Akshara, Prasad as Nagendra Prasad. Hansika Motwani portrays the character Mahalakshmi, fiancee of ACP Vikram. Arvind Swami as Aditya Maravarman, a con man who robs jewels and money with supernatural power that enables him to switch souls.

The story of Bogan starts with an incident that leads ACP Vikram to arrest Aditya. During the interrogation, Aditya switches his soul of Vikram's teammate Sathya and kills Vikram's best friend. At that point, Vikram gets a high temper and goes to shoot Aadhithya, Aadhithya again switches his spirit and now plays the part of Vikram and veils Vikram's best friend's murder by saying that both Sathya and Prasad had individual retribution.

In the wake of going to Vikram's home, Aadhithya who swapped into Vikram's body goes over Vikram's fiancee Mahalakshmi. When Vikram who is Aditya's body comes to know that he is imprisoned, he discloses to Sathya that he isn't Adithya and escapes from the jail. In the meantime, Aadhithya (in Vikram's body) opens Vikram's police information and takes the video proof of his dad burglarizing the bank and blackmails Vikram who is in Aditya's body, however he does not get terrified and contacts Chezhiyan played by Nasser who is Aditya's head in archaeology and finds out from where Aditya got the mysterious power, and Chezhiyan feels that he is being deceived and goes to Aadhithya (Vikram's body), yet Aadhithya uncovers himself to be in Vikram's body, and makes Chezhiyan his goad to get Vikram.

Bogan revolves around how ACP Vikram manages to get his soul switched to his own body and catch the conman Aditya from deceiving his father and fiancee Mahalakshmi. Bogan taken to theatres by Prabhu Deva Studios had received a good response and the movie buffs got a chance again to watch Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swami sparkling with their combination after the superhit Thani Oruvan.

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