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Bluff Master Review

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Bluff Master Review & Rating


Bluff Master Review: A Decently Engaging Thriller With Strong Performances

The premise

Actor Satya Dev is rated highly by many of the Tollywood personalities. After appearing several notable supporting roles including that of the male lead in Jyothi Lakshmi, he now tries his hand as a solo lead actor in Bluff Master which is the official Telugu remake of the Tamil heist thriller Sathuranga Vettai. Let's see if he proves himself to be able to carry an entire film on his shoulders with Bluff Master review. 

Story of not-so-Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar is not as uttam (good) as his name suggests. He is a master conman. As is the case with every Telugu movie, the badness of our hero is rooted in childhood. His mother dies (hey, it's a spoiler)  when he was seven or eight and because of his anger on the society and the realization that money is the only thing that has value in this society. 

Next! The movie starts with the con game played by our hero with Dhana Setty played by the dependable comedy actor Prudhvi. The scenes are hilarious. Then there is an extended comedy scene with a snake which is deemed to have supernatural powers. He cons everyone whom he comes across and makes big bucks. He believes that if he believes in what he is doing, he should not fear anything. And it is always right to rob people of money if they are greedy and foolish to be duped. 

One fine day, he is arrested by the police but by using the money he made he buys out the lawyers and the witnesses and comes out of jail unscathed. But he is not free of trouble. During his high, he irked a gangster. That man is now hellbent on getting his revenge on Uttam. Meanwhile, Uttam is smitten by an innocent woman with moral integrity named Avani. How his life turns out after this and if finally mend his ways form the rest of the story. 

Satya Dev impresses

The movie is the one-man show of Satya Dev. As in the original, he received a stellar characterization and he nailed it perfectly. His dialogue delivery also lifted the already excellent dialogues written by the director Gopi Ganesh and Pulagam Chinnarayana. The body language and dialogue modulation resembled real-life conmen. This is a big win for Satya dev. 

Among the others, Chaitanya Krishna as one of the associates of Uttam is good. Prudhvi did a fabulous job as the overtly greedy person. Nandita Swetha looked artificial early on but when it comes to emotional scenes, especially those in the latter half of the movie, she looked part. Vamsi who played the role of the guy who saves the heroine during the climax did well. Rest of the actors did decently as directed. 


The narration of this film differs from that of Sathuranga Vettai but the screenplay followed closely the ups and downs of the original. The first half an hour involves the various con schemes conjured up by the hero and not all worked as well as expected. Once the hero gets arrested, the proceedings took a turn for the better and the movie suddenly turns interesting. The interval block is executed properly. The second half has a generally serious tone but the heist scenes came out well. The pre-climax and the climax came out very well. 

The crew

The music by Sunil Kashyap is engaging. The songs are passable but the background score is excellent. Tough production limitations are evident in certain portions, the music grabbed the attention of the audience and helped make the scenes turn out well. The cinematography is mediocre. Editing by Naveen Nooli is terrific. Production values are average. The art department did a decent job within the limitations. 


Bluff Master is a generally engaging thriller about a master conman. The movie is well adapted to the Telugu screen by the directors despite a feeling that certain sequences could have been better executed. Satya Dev's performance and interesting story and satirical tone about a few recent incidents make it a time pass watch this weekend. Not a bad film at all!


  • Interesting story
  • Engaging narration
  • Satya Dev performance


  • Stale first half an hour
  • Lags here and there

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Tailpiece: The title Bluff Master is not as awe inducing as the title of the original film, Sathuranga Vettai. But the protagonist in Telugu is more interesting than the original. 

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    7 Jan 19 @ 11:10 AM

Bluff Master Live Updates & Public Talk

As talented actor Satya Dev's first solo hero film and with a thrillingly entertaining trailer, Bluff Master created a bit of buzz before its release. The movie is the official Telugu remake of the Tamil hit film Sathuranga Vettai. As is the case with thrillers, Bluff master is looked for by the audience as a slick viewing experience. The movie appears to be fulfilling that wish. The initial few comments about this film are quite positive with the story and Satya Dev's acting receiving praise. 

The first half of the film where the hero's adventures as the eponymous bluff master is very interesting. The snake comedy involving Brahmaji, Dhanaraj and a few others is entertaining. The movie is all about the cons the hero orchestrates and there are a couple of heist scenes. The dialogues are also appearing to be clicking with the audience. Satya Dev's performance and entertainment are said to be the highlights of the movie. 

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Bluff Master Preview

What is Bluff master about?

Bluff Master is the official Telugu remake of the successful Tamil heist film about a conman. Bluff Master stars the highly rated young actor Satya Dev who has made himself a good name with films like Mana Oori Ramayanam, Ghazi, and recently Antariksham. Nandita Swetha joins him as the female lead.

Bluff Master concerns the adventures and misadventures of a master conman named Uttam who bluffs people to make big bucks. He thinks that if people are greedy and foolish enough to try a shortcut for money, it is they are to be blamed. He is just making money playing on the weaknesses of people. Satya Dev has pinned his hopes on this movie.

Bluff Master Promises

Thrilling story

Bluff Master as already known is about the adventurous and intriguing life of a master conman. He cheats people for fun and amasses a lot of money. When the police nab him, he comes out of the case unscathed using the same money. Uttam who values money rather than people learns about the human values from the girl who loves him. How all this unravels make Bluff master an intriguing watch. Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi of Romeo fame directs this movie. 

Satya Dev and Nandita Swetha

Satya Dev is one of the highly rated young actors who is on the fringe of stardom. Now, he gets a chance to prove his mettle as the lead man. As the story of this film is already well proved, Satya Dev has the capability to carry the film on his shoulders. From what is evidenced by the trailer, he really nailed the role of Uttam the con master. 

Nandita Swetha who made an excellent debut in Tollywood with Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada hasn't played many roles deserving of her talent. But in Bluff Master, she plays a comparatively smaller but an influential role. As with her previous proper roles, she is expected to make a mark on the audience. 

Team assembled by Abhishek Films

Ramesh Pillai produces this high-octane thriller on Abhishek Pictures banner and assembled quite a team. Music director Sunil Kashyap seems to have nailed the background score of this movie. If the background score goes hand in hand with the narration, thrillers work like no other films barring love stories.

Dasaradhi Sivendra handles the cinematography. Expectedly, it is atmospheric as thrillers demand. And apart from these talented crew, the usual assortment of supporting cast like Pruthvi, Brahmaji, and Dhanaraj round-off the cast. 

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