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Blackmail Review

U/A Comedy 2 hrs 19 mins Apr 6, 2018





Blackmail Review & Rating

Blackmail is the latest directorial venture by Delhi Belly director Abhinay Deo and is a black comedy starring Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari, Arunoday Singh, and Divya Dutta in the lead roles. The film tells the story of Dev (Irrfan Khan) who is in a loveless marriage with Reena (Kirti Kulhari) and works at My Handy, a toilet paper company where Boss DK (Omi Vaidya) is his boss. Dev likes to stay late at the office and play video games rather than spending time with his wife. One day, Dev’s friend and colleague Anand Tripathi (Pradhuman Singh Mall) asks Dev to go home early with some roses to spice up his love life.

Agreeing to do so, Dev reaches home to find Reena in bed with her ex-boyfriend Ranjit (Arunoda Singh) who is currently married to Dolly (Divya Dutta). Dev then decides to blackmail Ranjit for 1 lakh rupees and Ranjit gets the money from his wife and pays Dev off. Now, Ranjit pretends to be the blackmailer and blackmails Reena, who asks Dev for the blackmail money. The same money keeps going from one person to another. Then one day, Anand tells Prabha (Anuja Anil Sathe) about Dev’s plan. Prabha is new at the office and Anand has a crush on her and now, Prabha decides to blackmail Dev as well. The rest of the film tells the story of the hilarity that ensues.

Despite not having many dialogues, Irrfan Khan gives one of his best performances and emotes amazingly well with his eyes. One of the best performance from the film comes from Arunoday Singh, who has a very crucial role in this movie. The comic timing between his and Divya Dutta’s character is perfect and the scenes shot on them are the highlight of this movie. Pradhuman Singh Mall and Omi Vaidya, who is known for his performance in 3 Idiots, act as the comic relief and do a tremendous job. Kirti Kulhari has acted well but the chemistry between her and Irrfan Khan seemed a bit off. A special mention to Urmila Matondkar who has looked very beautiful in her song.

Parveez Sheikh has written the story and screenplay and has done a commendable job. The story sticks with you, and the screenplay is written in such a way that the audience is never confused as to what is happening. Abhinay Deo is back in his comfort zone of black comedies and his direction is near perfection. The film grips you right from the opening credits to the last scene and there is a lot of toilet humor in this film, just like Delhi Belly. Jay Oza’s cinematography is beautiful and it captures the mood of the characters as well as the locations of Mumbai perfectly. Editor Huzefa Lokhandwala has kept the film tight and well strung.

Mikey McCleary and Parth Parekh’s background music is funky and goes well with the tone of the film. The songs too fit perfectly and do not disturb the film's narrative. The film also has a little bit of gore which might not be suitable for children to watch and the director was aware of this, hence, this film does not pander to children or younger audiences in any way.

Verdict: One of the best comedies Bollywood has to offer. Definitely worth a watch!

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  • Sandeep

    13 Apr 18 @ 9:11 AM

    Passable movie. Why everyone accept paying blackmail money without asking for proof? Film lacks deeper insight to problem. 

Blackmail Preview

What is Blackmail all about?

Blackmail is a black comedy film directed by Abhinay Deo, who previously directed the superhit film Delhi Belly which was also a dark comedy. This film stars Irrfan Khan, Kirti Kulhari and Arunoday Singh in the lead roles. Irrfan’s character Dev is married to Kirti Kulhari’s character and believes he has a happy marriage. But then he finds out that his wife is sleeping with Arunoday’s character, who is also married. Instead of confronting them, Dev decides to blackmail them and get money from them.

Things go wrong when Dev has to give money to his wife to pay to the blackmailer, who is Dev himself. He gets in more trouble when a colleague and a local gangster find out about his plan and blackmail Dev into giving them money. The confusion that follows forms the rest of the film. Abhinay Deo has also produced the film along with Bhushan Kumar of T-Series.

What to expect from Blackmail?

Unique Story

The film offers a unique story that moves away from the regular Bollywood clichés and drama. There have been movies about infidelity, but never about a husband taking advantage of his wife cheating on him by blackmailing her. This will definitely grab attention of the audience and move them in huge numbers to the theaters to watch the movie. The writers have done a good job of coming up with something fresh and unique.


Abhinay Deo is directing and co-producing this movie. He is proven his talents many times before, including another black comedy, Delhi Belly. This marks the first time that the director is teaming up with Irrfan Khan and there are a lot of expectations from this duo.


The cast includes talented actors like Irrfan Khan, who has not only made a name for himself in Bollywood but has also built a successful career in Hollywood. The film also stars Divya Dutta and Omi Vaidya in supporting roles, who have excelled in their previous performances and have also stolen the scene from the lead actors sometimes. All of this talent coming together will definitely work in favour of the film.


The music of the film has been composed by Mickey McCleary and Parth Parekh and the soundtrack is already a massive hit. The film also includes a remake of Guru Randhawa’s Patola song and an original song by rapper Badshah which is called Happy Happy. These two songs have received a hugely positive response from the listeners.

Urmila Matondkar’s Comeback

Actress Urmila Matondkar is making a comeback in Bollywood with this film. Even though she just appears in an item number titled Bewafa Beauty, her fans are excited to see her again on the big screen. This has definitely helped in building up the hype for the film.

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