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U/A Comedy 2 hrs 19 mins Apr 6, 2018
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Blackmail Story

Director: Abhinay Deo

Cast: Irrfan Khan as Dev Kaushal, Kirti Kulhari as Reena Kaushal, Arunoday Singh as Ranjit Arora, Divya Dutta as Dolly Verma, Pradhuman Singh Mall as Anand Tripathi, Omi Vaidya as Boss DK, and Anuja Sathe as Prabha Ghatpandey.

Dev Kaushal is a sales executive who lives a monotonous life both professionally and personally and is married to Reena. One day Dev comes home early to surprise his wife, to his shock, he finds Reena cheating on him with a man named Ranjit a.k.a Tommy Arora who was the ex-boyfriend of Reena. Feeling betrayed, he imagines different scenarios like, killing the lover, then killing the wife, but then decides to blackmail them both. Ranjit, the lover of Reena is married to Dolly Verma who has a rich and influential father, whom Ranjit is scared of. 

Dev blackmails Reena and Ranjit and asks a sum of 1 Lakh in return. Terrified Ranjit, asks Dolly for the amount in the name of the business and keeps it in a dustbin for the blackmailer to collect. On the other hand, Dolly's father asks Ranjit to return his money, then Ranjit blackmails Reena for 1,20,000. Reena asks money from Dev to which Dev gives her. The money starts going round and rounds between them. However, things get more complicated when Dev's colleague Prabha gets to know the plan of Dev. Prabha then starts blackmailing Dev. In all these chaos what happens is a series if laugh riot.

Blackmail received positive reviews from the critics saying it is a 'unique brand of humour'. Critics gave a thumbs up to this black comedy and appreciated the engaging hilarious and engaging performances of Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta especially. Blackmail grossed 28.81 crores at the box office with Irrfan Khan being at his best as always. 

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