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Biday Byomkesh Review

Thriller Jul 20, 2018





Biday Byomkesh Review & Rating

Biday Byomkesh directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya is an original film about an octogenarian Byomkesh, who is done crime-fighting. His son has gone missing for two years and when he returns, he surrenders for committing a murder. Now, Byomkesh needs to return to his "Satyanweshan" to find out the truth. Byomkesh's grandson Satyaki will be his companion in his crime fighting. 

Rating 3.25 from  anandabazar

Biday Byomkesh explores the mystery that is unfolding inside the house of Byomkesh Bakshi himself...

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Whenever a film is made on Satyanweshi Byomkesh Bakshi, it focused on Byomkesh's brilliant mind and unparalleled intuition in crime investigation. This time, the film also explores Byomkesh Bakshi as an individual. The director has taken the opportunity to concentrate on complex relationships in Byomkesh’s household rather making it just another thriller involving the iconic sleuth. Debaloy didn't try to surpass the master story-teller Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay which worked for the film. 

The director's biggest card was Satyaki, the grandson of Byomkesh. The character beautifully justified the legacy of Byomkesh without taking the focus away from him. Satyaki, initially as an arrogant young man and gradually transforms into the right hand of his grandfather, who would carry on Byomkesh's work in the field. Byomkesh's love for his son and grandson weakens him while the detective in him tires hard to stay truthful to the fact.  

Rating 3.75 from  cinestaan

Debaloy Bhattacharya’s Bidaay Byomkesh (2018), an original story on the detective, is not m...

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In acting, Abir looked more convincing as a young Satyaki than an old Byomkesh Bakshi. Sohini did justice to her roles. Joy Sengupta stood out in his layered characters while Rupankar Bagchi came up as a pleasant surprise. 

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  • Satya

    20 Jul 18 @ 10:29 AM

Biday Byomkesh Preview

What is Biday Byomkesh film all about? 

Biday Byomkesh directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya is a spin-off of Byomkesh Bakshi series. It is an original story that brings an octogenarian Byomkesh back in action. The story revolves around an old Byomkesh (Abir Chatterjee), who has been tired of crime fighting and now he has to solve a mystery to save his son, who is the prime suspect of a murder mystery. Byomkesh's grandson Satyaki (Abir) helps him to solve the case.

What to expect from Biday Byomkesh film?

A gripping storyline

Biday Byokesh is one of a kind movie that explores the iconic Byomkesh Bakshi in a different way. It can be an interesting experimental project which revolves around an old Byomkesh Bakshi, who has to return in crime investigation for the sake of his son. The premise the trailer has promised is already intriguing. The audience can expect a gripping storyline to unfold in the theatre.

An experiment to root for

Putting Bengal's iconic fictional figure Byomkesh Bakshi in the center and building up a new story around him setting it in the current time sounds challenging. The fans are already eager to know what happened to their favorite sleuth and his companions. The film may serve a lot of answers to the queries that Bengali have in their mind for decades. 

An interesting casting

The casting of the film is as interesting as its unusual plot. Abir Chatterjee, who is already widely accepted as Byomkesh will be playing an 80-year-old Byomkesh Bakshi with a prosthetic makeup! He will also essay the young Satyaki, the grandson of Satyanweshi. In the film, Satyabati has died. But, Sohini will be seen in a double role! Joy Sengupta will return to mainstream films with it. He plays the son of Byomkesh Bakshi.

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