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Bheeshma Review

U Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 31 mins Feb 21, 2020





Bheeshma Review & Rating

Bheeshma Review: High On Entertainment and NIL Boring Moments

The premise

It's been more than 6 months that a Telugu film has released that we, the reviewers or the audience, could emphatically say that a film is a good watch. And no conditions apply. We, here at Khelo/Pycker, are big movie buffs (at least the reviewer team) who love to see every film to become a big hit. As such, we even started Pycker India's Best Movie of the Week. Every week, an Indian film is handpicked as the best from about half a dozen language film industries which regularly release films. 

See, that's our commitment to present the readers the best of the best. As film lovers, we love to watch the best films. And we feel the happiest if that best film is from Tollywood. A film with little to no compromises. Why not? Why shouldn't we expect the best films from our own filmmakers that celebrate Cinema? And so, we have Bheeshma today. With Nithiin playing the eponymous role. And the happening actress Rashmika Mandanna joining him at the party. 

Our Telugu hero

Bheeshma is our extraordinarily ordinary Telugu film hero. Means one of the two things. One who drinks like there is no tomorrow and screams his lungs out. Or our regular awara who doesn't have anything to do except search for a girl to fall in love with and be an inspiration for Twitter using youngsters who call themselves #RejectedPieces. And of course, there are mass heroes who love to deliver one punch dialogue after another and bash the villains whom we could arguably never encounter in our real lives. 

So, Bheeshma falls in love with Chaitra and desperately wants to get into a relationship. Meanwhile, a couple of songs roll out. Both are peppy numbers. Mahati Swara Sagar did a good job with the score too. But due to an unavoidable circumstance, a twist arises in the film. What happens to the love story of Bheeshma - Forever Single forms the rest of the story. 

The actual story

By the way, why have I written all that information for this film when all this film offers is this story? Yes. This is not the actual story of the film. It's just a part of the film to lure our younger audience to the theatres as nowadays... Okay! Okay! Leave that aside. Bheeshma is the story of the CEO of Bheeshma Organics, a recognized company which promotes organic products and his struggle to find a successor to take the company in a new direction. 

He has a rival Raghavan played by the excellent Jisshu Sengupta who is once again underutilized. He wants to establish a pharma unit with a chemical kit. That product promises higher crop yield but has dire consequences. To fight Raghavan off and to make things better for the farmers, Bheeshma searches for the right candidate. He stumbles upon our young Bheeshma played with vigor and energy by Nithiin. How Bheeshma & Bheeshma fend off the challenge of Raghavan and his Field Sciences and why Mr. Bheeshma chose our Bheeshma as the interim CEO form the rest of the story. 

Which of these two stories is the actual point of this film? Well, let me answer. 

Writing and direction

All the while, while promoting this film the makers sort of misled us that this is more of a romantic comedy which deals with the first story. But the first story is just a part of the second story which makes this film refreshing and worth considering. Certain surprise elements are strategically concealed from the marketing materials despite giving a few hints here and there. No. This film is not just about Bheeshma - forever single. It's more of a tale about able youngsters who need the right dose of motivation to act as a catalyst in their personal development. 

Venky Kudumula is not a filmmaker who makes films which make us reel with surprises and shocks. But he knows how to tell a story and how to make it tick with the audience. Chalo was not a fluke. Here is a young filmmaker who mastered the art of making classy commercial entertainers. The narration never has a dull moment. 

Of course, it starts on a familiar note with our hero and his lament as a #RejectedPiece and the comedy related to it. But he takes us along the ride with breezy romantic moments which are blended with refreshingly good comedy. Though the main thread is not as effective as expected and doesn't blend with the opening half of the film, he keeps giving us hints about what is coming. And the interval block is a truly good one. The twist, though a guessable one, is executed very well. 

There is a 40 minutes block in the second half of the film, which forms the heart and soul of this film, executed very well. The pre-climax portion (pre-climax is a made-up term by Tollywood guys) is neat and the movie ends on a fun note to make us want to go and watch it again. The dialogues are organic without being too preachy. 


Nithiin is a sort of an actor who can nail energetic roles and this Bheeshma Jr. character is tailormade for him. He had a field day in the combination of Vennela Kishore the marquee comedy actor of this generation. Though there aren't many laugh out loud moments, all the comedy setpieces are memorably good. You can enjoy them with smiles rather than cringing. His chemistry with Rashmika Mandanna is so fresh and lovable. They made a cute pair. 

Coming to Rashmika, though she had a relatively smaller screen-time compared to her previous romantic films, she plays the role of a catalyst. A crucial portion of the film is because of her character Chaitra. She's good. Raghubabu is neat in a routine role. Sampath and Nellore Sudhakar make their presence felt. Naresh as hero's father sparkles despite relatively limited screen time. 

The crew

Welcome the new champion of the Tollywood music arena. Mahathi Swara Sagar is too good when it comes to the background score. The songs are good and the sounds are good on the ears too. The cinematography by Sai Sriram carries the youthful energy and the visuals are vibrant. The editing by Navin Nooli is sharp. The production design by Sahi Suresh is terrific. The production values by Sithara Entertainment are superb. 

Anant Nag and Jisshu

Renowned Kannada actor Anant Nag played the role of the original CEO of Bheeshma Organics. He brought depth to an otherwise regular elder statesman character. He looked authentic in his part. So is Jisshu Sengupta the star hero of Bengali Cinema. Though there is no much depth to his role, he lifted it a notch above. His styling is good and the dubbing is done well. 


Bheeshma is not a film that sets the awards circuits on fire. Of course, Filmfare Awards are an exception ;-). But it is a paisa vasool entertainer which we can recommend without thinking twice. It has several good moments that lend repeat value to the film. Go watch it. No conditions apply. 


  • Entertainment quotient
  • Energetic performances
  • Direction
  • Music
  • Cinematography


  • We have to nitpick ;-)

Khelo Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Reviewed byGitacharYa

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