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Bharat Review & Rating


Bharat Review: The Profound Story of Bharat the Man and Bharat the Nation

The Premise

Bharat is one rare film where the entire growth of the nation is shown in the terms of the growth of a person. It’s a sweeping panorama of the life of Bharat. Both the country and the man himself. Bharat and Bharat. He is named after the country by his father without any surname or any other identity. Biopics are rampant in Indian Cinema right now! Even regional cinemas has been getting in to the party. 

But fictional stories about men interlinked with the growth of the Nation itself starting from the childhood of the protagonist to the ripe age where he/she reflect upon life are very rare. The Korean film Ode To My Father did the same. Such films rings nostalgia among the older generations and gives a bit of primer in the country’s immediate history. The emotion blended with patriotism works wonders for the film, of the proceedings don’t feel forced. 

Salman Khan who is not generally talked about as an actor of substance for the most part has taken the challenge seriously with Bharat it seems. And the much talked about female lead role is essayed by Katrina Kaif will be scrutinised to find if all the fuss about is justified. And then there is Ali Abbas Zafar who has already delivered a couple of blockbusters but epics like this are a different ball game altogether. Let’s dive in and find out what’s in store for us with Bharat review. 

The story of the man and the Nation

The basic story of the film follows the same pattern as the original Korean film, Ode To My Father. It is about a son’s promise to his father during a massive historical event and how he fulfils it. Bharat is a kid who is adored by his father. He is the eldest of the children! They live in what is now Pakistan and when the Partition of India (second film in 2019 to touch this subject) occurs, the family starts to move to India. 

Leaving one’s own land is never easy and permanency of separation is unbearable. But still Bharat and his family led by their father Gautam Kumar boards onto the top of the train. But in the generally expected hullabaloo at that time, Bharat’s sister falls down and goes missing. Father being father, Gautam jumps down to search for her. But as the situation is dire and there is no chance of coming back is always there (train may move any moment and the search for young daughter may not be done in a day or two), he instructs Bharat of a few things. 

One is to take his mother and other siblings to Delhi where their aunt lives. A word on her. She has a ration shop named Hind (patriotism?). Gautam even gives Bharat his watch and make him to promise to head his family no matter what. He promises to comeback. But if that is not the case, it is Bharat who has to be the prime mover of his family. The boy assures his father that he will keep his family united. How he does this and if he ever gets a chance to reunite with his father and sister? Watch Bharat to know how Bharat’s life turns out and what effect the major happenings of India’s history have on Bharat’s life. 

Conjures called Ali Abbas Zafar

Ali Abbas Zafar has come up with the riskiest film of his career yet. Without a unifying action and a fast paced narration, his task is cut out. Making films about the lives of historical figures is one thing. We could at least get reference points. But biopics too need a proper entry and exit points. To make films like Bharat which are based on historical recent past but no guiding points is no easy task. But he passed the test with flying colours. 

He approached the source material with utmost sincerity. He nativised the subject with perfection. Starting from 1947 through to 2010, he has taken major historical events and ties it up with the interesting happenings of Bharat’s life. Nehru’s death. The immediate aftermath and the effects it has on Indian youth (unemployment). And so many including Kapil Devil’s shattering West Indies’s party in the 1983 cricket World Cup (quite a coincidence - both 1983 and 2019 world cups are Prudential Cups). Economic liberalisation done by PV Narasimha Rao. And the current day. 

Bharat first takes up odd jobs in the beginning and later becomes a show stealer in a major circus company. He strikes up a friendship as a kid with Vilayati. He has a flame named Radha played by the sexy Disha Patani. He leaves circus as he felt his stunts are wrongly inspiring kids and the youth to put their lives in risk. He moves to the Gulf to work in oil industry and then again takes risk as the money in oil is not enough. 

From one point in his life to the other, there’s a tonal shift. The only unifying element is Bharat’s love for his family and his promise to his father. But Ali Abbas Zafar made sure that all this happens on the screen organically. Nothing seems forced for the most part. The writing team of Varun V. Sharma and Zafar did a fine job. The dialogues are laced with humour. The emotions are expressed in fewer words. And the narration is first class. 

Stellar performances 

Salman Khan is terrific is an understatement. He needs to show five different variations in his character. And he did extremely well. He has put his heart and soul into the role of Bharat. Salman Khan for all his frailties is a man of family values. His is a cosmopolitan family with an emotional bonding. His respect for his parents is well known and his love for his siblings is legendary. He took all his real life emotions and absorbed them into the role of Bharat. 

Bharat is easily one of the three best roles of his entire career and he will be a proud man looking back into his career down the lane when it comes to this role. Right from the moment he appears on the screen (first as an old man and then as the heroic daredevil in the circus scenes) he charms the audience. 

Katrina Kaif probably has played the finest role of her career. As Kumud Raina, she is a delight to watch. She is brave and honest. She is gutsy enough to ask Bharat for his hand in marriage. The dialogue ‘I love you. Shaadi ki umra ho gayi hai meri. Tumse shaadi karna chahti hoon,’ she says without batting an eye had created a big impact on the proceedings. She always does what she thinks is right. Not one to compost to the societal norms. She is the Yin to his Yang. 

She is an equal, and for that matter she’s even superior to her man. Ali Abbas Zafar has created a delightful character with Kumud Raina. Katrina saying multiple times on social media that she’s so much in love with Kumud is not a publicity stunt. It is a way of stating an obvious fact. 

Next comes Sunil Grover who played Bharat’s best friend who remains with him through thick and thin of life. In fact, his role is not just a side light. It’s as much a protagonist as Bharat’s is. Tabu has an emotional cameo which is sure to wet your eyes. Jackie Shroff as Bharat’s father is impactful. Sonali Kulkarni as Bharat’s mother, Janki is decent. In other roles, Nora Fatehi (Sussan) looks quite hot. But she makes no other impact. Disha Patani gets a few moments to shine and she makes use of it. 

And now we should talk about the children who played impactful childhood portions of the major characters and other kids. Barbiee Sharma (Bharat’s kid sister), Kabir Sajid (young Bharat), Aaryan Prajapati (young Vilayati), and Matin Rey Tangu (young Jimmy) are adorable. 

The crew

The music of the film is a mixed bag when it comes to the songs. Slow Motion is the best song of the lot and Zinda is another beauty. The rest of the songs may look like a speed breaker to the proceedings. The cinematography has a sweeping feel. The frames and angles have an epic feel and the visuals are vibrant no matter what time period it is. One of the best works this year by Marcin Laskawiec. 

The costumes are eye candy. The production design is authentic. The sets and locations have proper period feel pertaining to the time period. The editing is also good. But a few cuts here and there would have given the film a tighter feel. The production values are grand as a film of this class deserves. 


Bharat is no ordinary film we get to watch every other weekend. It has an inherent goodness which should be experienced by one and all. The family bonds, values. Unbridled optimism on life. Salman Khan is an old school romantic deep in his heart. Films like this connect to him like to no others. He injected the same connect into the film’s for us to feel. Don’t miss. At. Any. Cost.


  • The scope of the film
  • Nativisation
  • Salman Khan
  • Katrina Kaif at her finest
  • Ali Abbas Zafar's artistry
  • Emotional connect
  • Pre-climactic reveal


  • Lengthy run time
  • Few comedic scenes seem forced 

Pycker Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

Bharat Critic Reviews

Bharat User Reviews

  • Koushik

    5 Jun 19 @ 3:03 PM

    Oh my god mera dimag kha gaya is film jo marji me aaye dikha diya uff 

  • G

    5 Jun 19 @ 12:56 PM

    A exceptionally made epic period drama with a heartwarming story and some of the best performances 

  • sagar Uddin

    5 Jun 19 @ 12:43 PM

    The movie was great and aswome

Bharat Live Updates & Public Talk

Bharat! Bharat! Bharat! It's Bharat mania all over and for the last couple of days, except for a few and far between topics, it's Salman Khan's unstated dream project Bharat that's the talk of the town. The movie has hit the screens in more than 70 countries including Australia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As of the previews and early shows, the movie received an outstanding talk. Salman Khan receives unanimous live from both the critics and the audience. 

The movie is like a full on (Eid) feast. It has drama, humor, emotions, daredevilry, coming of age, and everything the audience want from a big-budget big-star films. The first half kf the film is said to be terrific. Salman Khan has given one of his best performances and Ali Abbas Zafar's direction is magical. Not since Bajrangi Bhaijan, we have sewn such a much-loved film. If we have to believe the initial response, Bharat is going to be a bonafide mega blockbuster this year.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif did a fantastic job. Various phases of life portrayed by the head pair is captured very well. It is tough to take the eyes off the screen when any one kf them are on the screen. Bharat is a well-directed, well-written,  and well-acted film of high quality. 

Keep watching for more Bharat public talk and live updates. 

Bharat Preview

What is Bharat About?

Bharat is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year is an understatement. The film is a remake of the highly regarded Korean period drama An Ode to My Father in principle but it’s as much a tribute to the modern history of India. It tells the story of a man who remained witness to the major events of Indian history since the partition days. Salman Khan, the quintessential superstar of Bollywood plays an epic role and it’s gonna be the best in his career without any doubt. 

Bharat Promises

A Primer on Modern Indian history 

Bharat is a kid when his father asked him to look after his family. It is at the time of the Partition of India. Bharat's father stays back in what is the present-day Pakistan and makes his eight-year-old son promise to lead the household and keep the family together, no matter what. Bharat is named so as a tribute to the Nation of Bharat that is India. He doesn’t have a surname. Bharat is all he is. 

Right from that moment, Bharat becomes many things. He joins The Great Russian Circus and makes himself synonymous with daredevilry. He gets a name as a playboy too. Later when Oil was found in the gulf region, he shifts his base to that region where he comes across his love of life, Kumud Raina. From then on it’s a journey of ups, downs, and the triumph of human spirit telling how family plays an integral part of a man’s life just like the society and in turn the Country plays a role in a citizen’s life. 

Bharat has parallels not just with the Korean film on whose plot structure it is based on but also with the well-loved American film Forrest Gump. But here in Bharat the focus is more on the individual growth in relation to the growth of the nation with a strong emphasis on family and its importance. From the early days of independence to the growth of industry to the economic liberalisation, Bharat touches upon most import events in modern Indian history. 

Salman Khan in his most epic role

Salman Khan May be one of the biggest stars in Indian Cinema right now but he is not know for his superior acting skills. And except for his signature commercial roles, he has very few roles to show when it comes to his acting mastery. Not since Tere Naam, he has received a role which requires all his acting prowess to the fore but Bharat is going to change that. 

It is not just change in the appearance pertaining to the stages of life but also he need to change his general body language to portray the role of a Bharat whose story is more colourful than his greying hair. It need to affirmation that he has put his soul and spirit to make the character come out well. From what little we have seen in the promos, he’s already delivered his best work yet. 

Ali Abbas Zafar and his team

First things first. Katrina Kaif might have landed in the role of Kumud in controversial situations but she has perfectly looked part. She, who has for the first time received high praise for her performance in Zero, has been waiting for such a role and as the companion of Bharat, it is going to be her best too. 

Bharat is an ambitious project. Abbas Ali Zafar has his task cut out when people compare Bharat to the Korean classic on which this film is based on. But the indianization is done in a proper way and with a star cast that looked part, Bharat promises a lot. Vishal-Shekhar’s songs have already caught up well and Marcin Laskawiec’s cinematography captured the epicness of the film. 

Jackie Shroff plays the role of Bharat’s father, a very crucial role which sets in motion entire story of the film. Disha Patani plays Bharat’s sister. Tabu received another crucial role and if the news is correct, Varun Dhawan will be seen as a young Dhirubhai Ambani. With all these highlights, Bharat is going to be a big feast for the Indian Cinema connoisseurs this Eid. Mubarak!

Keep watching for Bharat review, rating, and complete analysis. We have so much to cover. Make sure to bookmark this page.