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Bhalobashar Bari Review

U Drama 2 hrs 18 mins Feb 9, 2018





Bhalobashar Bari Review & Rating

The film opened with a huge gung-ho and the stars on Twitter and Facebook seemed elated about the release of Tarun Majumdar's Bhalobashar Bari. The star cast includes big names like Rituparna Sengupta, Sreela Majumdar, Late. Dwijen Banerjee, Pratik Sen, to name a few. With interesting interviews, celebrity previews and a lot more happening before the release, it was expected that Bhalobashar Bari would do great at opening weekend. However, the reviews the stating a contrasting picture.

We have Rickdeb from Anandabazaar only shedding light to the brighter side of the cinema and not going deeper into the technicalities of the film. While Shelly from Ebela does a fine work in analyzing all aspects and actually did "review" the film.

According to Rickdeb the film brings out the daily struggles of a middle class Indian family and the little things that make them happy and keep them going, irrespective of the problems that they might have. The film is a family drama that brings back the idea of values and bonding above all. 

According the Shelly, despite the maker having said that the story is the key of the film, she stated that the technicalities have been ignored to a level that even a common man can identify them. For instance, the camera angles that did not capture the cast in the right manner. The film set in a decade old scenario with modern aesthetics created a perfect oxymoron. The romance between Rituparna and Pratik grew in a pace like it would happen in a film made way back in the past. Shelly also points out the soap opera kind acting of Pratik Sen who apparently couldn't come out of his television avatar. With too much of Tagore repetitiveness the film sets the ambience for the audience of the past and is not contemporary enough. However, the plot could have been utilized well. 

We just a little good and lot of flaws Bhalobashar Bari is moving ahead. Looking forward to more reactions to know how the film works. 

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Bhalobashar Bari Preview

Tarun Majumdar's Bhalobashar Bari is a family drama that most middle-class Indians can relate to. The story revolves around the struggles of Buli (Rituparna Sen) in supporting her family. Buli is a middle-aged woman who has been struggling to get a job despite her qualifications. One day, when her father loses his job, Buli is forced to be desperate in her attempts to find a job in order to support her family financially. On one such instance, Buli lands up in a tour operating company and gets a job there. Buli meets Kalyan, a bright and helpful man at her workplace, and they fall for each other. The story of their struggles and the social barriers is what the movie is all about.


Here's what to expect from the Bhalobashar Bari


Tips for better family bonding

Well, Tarun Majumdar movies are known to give you serious family goals. This film is sure to take you on a trip down the memory lane when joint families were trending and even distant relatives were close. Get closer to your family with this film.

Tarun Majumdar, of course.

The legendary director is back again. What else could be a better reason than this to watch the film. Tarun Majumdar's storytelling has always been soul-stirring. You can expect the same from this film as well. 

Amazing Acting

The cast of the film is extremely strong. With actors like Rituparna Sen, Silajit, and Pratik on the list, it is expected that the performance of the actors would certainly take this film to the next level.

A whole lot of Tagore

All songs in the movie are Rabindrasangeet. Your parents or relatives won't be disappointed with the music of the film as it offers too much of Tagore for the soul. The songs have been taken from various genres of Tagore lyrics. Therefore, expect a melodious time. 

With a good storyline, a family foundation and some good music, this movie is expected to do well at the box-office. It is sure to be a family entertainer, something that is pretty rare in the current cinema trends. 



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