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Bhairava Geetha Review

A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 9 mins Dec 14, 2018





Bhairava Geetha Review & Rating

Bhairava Geetha Review: A Good Attempt by a First Timer

The premise

Bhairava Geetha!

The name has a haunting feel alongside a raw power. And it has the backing of the maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. Young director Siddharth Thatholu has come up with an age-old story based on real-life incidents. Following the footsteps of Rx 100, the movie has liberal doses of boldness and ample violence to warrant an A rating by the censors. Let's check if the young director Siddharth T succeeded in making a movie of high quality like Ram Gopal Varma repeatedly said. 

Bhairava Geetha story

The story of Bhairava Geetha revolves around Bhairava and Geetha a couple of star-crossed lovers whose backgrounds are poles apart. Bhairava like his ancestors works as the slave (literally) for Subba Reddy who has several henchmen. Bhairava is passionate about his feelings and when he falls in love with Geetha, the daughter of Subba Reddy, all hell breaks loose. 

Subba Reddy actually has plans for his daughter's marriage. He loves power. For his political gain, he wants to marry off his daughter to another power center Kesava Reddy's son Katta Reddy. When he comes to know about the love of his daughter, the lovers elope. Subba Reddy vows to bring her back or kill her and searches for them alongside Kesava Reddy and his men. 

Commendable job by Siddharth T

The direction by the young director Siddharth Thatholu is slick. He followed the template of Ram Gopal Varma when it comes to the taking. The narration is raw and intense with lots of gore and the so-called bold scenes. The screenplay may appear a bit dragged at places as most of the second half is about the fight between Bhairava Geetha and Subbareddy plus Kesava Reddy. 


Dhananjaya who played the role of Bhairava suited the role to the T. His anger, passion, and the raw energy are properly exploited by the director to create the effect. He has scope for improvement when it comes to dialogue delivery. His screen presence is good. Irra Mor is okayish in the role. She put up a competent performance. But it is in the romantic scenes she excelled. When it comes to the other actors, special mention should be given to Vijay Ram who played Katta Reddy. He is perfect as the cruel baddie. Rest of the actors did well. 

RGV touch

Ram Gopal Varma must be commended for creating a proper market and curiosity in the audience for this film. Otherwise, it would not have been this popular before its release. That he trusted a young director and helped him make his vision come true on the big screen is reminiscent of his heydays. He also provided the screenplay for the movie. 

The crew

The music by Ravi Shankar is appealing. The songs are good with nice tunes while the background score complements the narration. The cinematography by Jagadish Cheekati is commendable. Right from the lighting to the shades, the movie reminds us of numerous Ram Gopal Varma films. The editing is impeccable. Production values are decent. The movie mentions that the story happened in Rayala Seema and the villains have the suffix of Reddy. This may irk certain section of the audience. 


Bhairava Geetha delivers what it promised. A love story with gory violence and hot scenes. One of the biggest negatives of this movie is the non-establishment of the love story proper. It may as well pass for a lust story. Unfortunately. But it is a good attempt by a first time director. He stuck to his guns and delivered a good enough film. You can give it a try if you like to watch movies with rawness. 


  • Good performances
  • Excellent music
  • Narration


  • Gore and violence
  • Age-old story

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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