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Bhaijaan Elo Re Review

U Action, Comedy 2 hrs 40 mins Jun 15, 2018





Bhaijaan Elo Re Review & Rating

From Bhranti Bilas in the ’60s to Judwaa 2 of last year, comedies of errors are made with different spices. Bhaijaan Elo Re, however, doesn’t do any experiment with the age-old formula involving identical twins. As a result, the film gives a dejavu feel almost in all the scenes. An overdose of melodrama, exotic locations, and pretty heroines couldn't help the film at all. 

Rating 2.5 from  indiatimes

Along with the storyline, the acting department too has little to offer. Paayel as Runa uses an i...

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The story revolves around the cliched plot of mistaken identities. Twins are born and the mother just after that. One of the twins are given in the hands of the hospital authorities for the burial as he is suspected dead. he bounces back to life and the Muslim nurse names him Azaan. Ujaan, the second twin grows up bearing the torture of his tyrant brother-in-law, who wants to kill him for the property. Ujaan's sister helps him to flee to England. Azaan, who is also going to London in the same flight, ended up in the place of Ujaan and Azaan ended up with the friends of Ujaan as the mistook him as Azaan.  

Rating 2.5 from  cinestaan

Bhaijaan Elo Re stands upon some stock black and white characters — villains and benefactor...

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The acting department too has little to offer. Except for a few action sequences, Shakib Khan, in a double role had nothing much to add in the film. Paayel and Srabanti looked beautiful in costumes, but don’t get enough room to act. Shantilal, however, was apt as a true-blue villain. Rajatava Dutta too did an impressive job.

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Bhaijaan Elo Re Preview

What is Bhaijaan Elo Re movie all about?

Bhaijaan Elo Re is a mainstream venture full of action, comedy, and drama. The movie stars Shakib Khan in a double role. It starts when a set of twins get separated by their conspiring relatives. They grew up in different places with different upbringings which lead them to have different personalities. While Bhai is street-smart, Jaan is meek and innocent. As fate will have it, they will end up exchanging their places without knowing their identities. What happens next is the film all about.

What to expect from Bhaijaan Elo Re?

Rofling moments

The trailer confirms that the film is a comedy of error. The film will have some hilarious moments that will make the audience laugh out loud. Actors that include Shakib Khan, Srabanti Chatterjee, Payel, and Kharaj Mukherjee are good at comedy. All of them have an amazing comic sense which confirms the same. 


The movie will see Shakib Khan's action chops one more time. The movie trailer shows one of the two twins are great at fighting. The fans can expect some jaw-dropping action sequences in this upcoming flick.


The film has two beautiful heroines. Srabanti and Payel both are paired opposite Shakib Khan. The Bangladeshi superstar has sizzling chemistry with both Tolly divas. While Shakib-Srabanti is already a popular pair, Shaib and Payel's pair has also shown huge potential. Romance will be one of the strongest aspects of the movie.


The music of Bhaijaan Elo Re is already ruling the charts. The listeners have loved the soundtracks. The video songs have earned views and likes on social medai. People will ead towards the theatres to watch the movie for its lovable msic.

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