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Beyond The Clouds Review

Drama Apr 20, 2018





Beyond The Clouds Review & Rating


It came as a surprise when the world renowned filmmaker from Iran decided to make his next film in and about India. Beyond The Clouds, also known as Ansooy-e Abrha tells a story that is set in the dark underbelly of Mumbai where a young drug dealer named Amir, played by Ishan Khatter, is going around the city dealing drugs when suddenly, he is busted by the cops. On the run from the police, Amir stumbles upon his sister Tara, played by Malavika Mohanan, and asks her to hide the drugs until the cops leave. Tara works for Akshi, played by Bengali filmmaker and actor Goutam Ghose, who hides Amir at his house until the cops leave.

Akshi then tries to force himself on Tara, believing she owes him for saving her brother. While trying to protect herself, Tara hits Akshi with a stone on the head which leaves him hospitalized and unable to speak. Tara is taken to jail and has to serve life imprisonment unless Akshi confesses to his crime. It is now up to Amir to take care of Akshi, the man he hates, and get him to confess to his crimes and set his sister free. This is a story of redemption, where Amir is also given the responsibility of taking care of Akshi’s old mother and a daughter, while Tara befriends the daughter of a fellow inmate who killed her husband because he used to get drunk and beat her up.

Ishan Katter makes an impressive film debut with this film and seems very comfortable in front of the camera. There are some expositional scenes filmed on him which feel unrealistic, but that cannot be blamed on the actor. Malayalam actress Malavika Mohanana, who is also making her debut, goes overboard in some of the emotional scenes but redeems herself towards the end. Goutam Ghose has no scope for dialogue delivery but performs beautifully well with his eyes. Some of the greatest performances in this film come from the child actors, which is a specialty of the director.

Director Majid Majidi has given us many award winning films and Beyond the Clouds comes very close to his older film Baran. But here, Majidi seems to be lost in the Indian scenery and the film gives a touristy feel, but he knows how to get the best performances from his actors and this is where he excels. A.R Rahman’s music just adds brilliance to the story and deserves an award. The use of just a table during a chase scene is one of the best uses of music in this film.

Cinematographer Anil Mehta is successful in capturing the locales of Mumbai perfectly and his use of silhouettes in certain scenes makes the film an intriguing watch. Writers Majid Majidi and Mehran Kashani have created a story that fits the locations perfectly and generates emotions in the audience.

Verdict: Beyond The Clouds is not a watch for the regular Bollywood-Masala lovers but is a treat for all the cinema buffs.

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Beyond The Clouds Live Updates & Public Talk


Beyond the Clouds, a Majid Majidi movie released on the screens on 20th April is winning hearts of the audience. The movie centres on the relationship of brother-sister relationship and stars Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan in the lead roles. Few days before the theatrical release of the movie, a special screening was held and few of the B-Town celebrities attended it. See what the public and celebs had to say about Beyond The Clouds.

The renowned Iranian film director Majid Majidi never fails to impress his audience with extraordinary movies. Beyond The Clouds is a revised version of Majid Majidi's previously directed movie Children Of Heaven (1997). The movie is still continuing to win hearts and the critics are not getting tired of praising the acting skills of Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan and also the incredible direction of Majidi. Check out more tweets below.

Beyond The clouds casts a light on siblings bond and on human relationships. The critics and the public are still amazed by the performance of Ishaan and Malavika and are praising them for choosing such strong, intense and natural film under the direction of Majid Majidi. 

Beyond The Clouds Preview

What is Beyond The Clouds all about?

Beyond the clouds is a film directed by Internationally acclaimed Iranian director Majid Majidi. It tells the story of a teenager named Amir( played by Ishan Khatter) who is constantly dodging trouble while dealing drugs in the underbelly of Mumbai. After getting in a drug bust, Amir evades the cops and ends up on the doorstep of his estranged sister Tara(Played by Malavika Mohanan). Complications from concealing Amir land Tara in jail, but she still sees her brother as her only hope of living in the outside world again. How Amir tries to get his sister out forms the rest of the story.

What to expect from Beyond The Clouds?

Fresh Faces

Beyond the clouds stars newcomers Ishan Khatter, the half brother of Shahid Kapoor who is also working on the film Dhadak opposite Jhanvi Kapoor, and Malavika Mohanan. The director of the film wanted to work with fresh faces, but had also auditioned Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone for the film but did not feel that they were right for the roles, and went on to cast a fresh face.


Director Majid Majidi is an award winning director from Iran who is known all over the world for making films that connect with the audience on an emotional level. He was also nominated for an Oscar in the year 1998 for his film Children of Heaven and Beyond the clouds is touted as his most ambitioned film, bringing the level of excitement to a whole new level.

Gritty Story

The film tells the story of a brother and sister caught in the underbelly of Mumbai and how they get involved in the life of crime just for their survival. It is going to be a realistic film with a dark and gritty undertone that will make the audience emotional, as well as make them feel bad for the lead characters. The film is a grown-up version of Majidi’s film Children of Heaven, which was an award-winning film.