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U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 10 mins Dec 9, 2016
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Befikre Story

Director: Aditya Chopra

Cast: Ranveer Singh as Dharam Gulati and Vaani Kapoor as Shyra Gill

Befikre is a carefree love story that revolves around the two characters Dharam Gulati and Shyra Gill. Dharam is a quintessential Delhi boy who moves to Paris and works as a stand-up comedian in his friend Mehra's doomed restaurant. Shyra, a French-born, free-spirited Indian girl is a tourist guide in Paris. During a party, Dharam meets Shyra an immediate romance is enticed between the two, however, Shyra convinces him that is just a hookup and she is not looking for anything serious. They start dating after Dharam asks Shyra on a date and but Shyra asks him to complete a dare first. During their relationship, they challenged crazy dares to each other and start living together.

But the couple drifts apart because of misunderstandings and fights. They kept coincidentally meeting each other and decides to remain good friends. Shyra starts dating Aney, an investment banker and Dharam starts dating a French model Christine. Aney proposes to Shyra and she agrees after consulting with Dharam, Dharam feeling insecure also asks Christine to marry him. Things turn ugly after a fight and they become rivals. Will Dharam and Shyra finally meet, and how they cope up with each other's feelings makes rest the story of the movie.

Befikre received mixed to negative reviews. The critics revealed that the movie had nothing new to offer and became predictable at one time. However, the movie was a below average grosser, it was financially successful to become the tenth highest opening Bollywood film of 2016. Befikre was made on a budget of 70 crores and its total box-office collection was 130 crores. The soundtrack of the film was highly appreciated and well received by the music lovers. The song 'Nashe Si' sole has more than 443 million views on YouTube.

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