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Bangaru Bullodu(2021) Review

Comedy, Drama Jan 23, 2021





Bangaru Bullodu(2021) Review & Rating

Bangaru Bullodu Review: Allari Naresh's Return As Comedy Hero DISAPPOINTS!

Allari Naresh made a mark for himself with Superstar Mahesh Babu's film Maharshi. He has now come up with a comedy entertainer and as a solo hero. The movie took a long time to release because of the ongoing pandemic leading to closure of theatres. But the movie has finally saw a release today and here's our review:-

The story of the film revolves around a temple, and jewelry attached to it. How a bank employee is related to it and lands into trouble due to vested interests of some notorious minds. How our hero resolves these issues forms the rest of the story.

After a long hiatus, Allari Naresh has ventured in a comic role. He is partially good in the film. His comic timing is great as usual but the screenplay did not justify his potential. The dialogues are just average and routine ones. The leading lady Pooja Jhaveri was decent in the film and essayed her part well. Other actors like Ajoy Ghosh and Adhurs Raghu were good with their performances.

Posani is one of the pillars of the movie and his punch dialogues are the highlight of the movie. His style of satirical comedy will make you laugh out loud. Sathyam Rajesh and Prabhas Seenu are just perfect as Naresh's brothers.

Though the story of the movie is captivating, but the narration is below average. It could have been much better.  The first half has some element of situational comedy, and we feel that works to an extent. In the second half, the movie is haywire and is not on point. Thus, leaving the audiences bored. Unfortunately, the comedy track with getup Sreenu looks forced. The climax looks rushed and incomplete.

The music score Swathilo Mutyamantha remix will make you groove. Cinematography, Editing and production values are just apt on point. Overall the movies has colors and is vibrant.

Allari Naresh once again disappoints as a comedy hero. Though tried his best to portray his part well , we feel it's a routine film made in a non-trendy way. While the first half is good, second half goes off the mark.

Rating: 2.5

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