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BalaKrishnudu Full Movie

U/A Action, Romance 2 hrs 8 mins Nov 24, 2017
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Balakrishnudu Story

Director: Pavan Mallela

Cast: Nara Rohith as Balakrishna aka Balu, Regina cassandra as Aadhya, Ramya Krishnan as Bhanumati Devi, Ajay as Pratap Reddy, and Kota Srinivasa Rao as Bapu. 

The story of Balakrishnudu is about a money minded Balakrishna aka Balu who takes up the job of protecting a girl from a factionist who vowed to kill her. The film starts when Ravinder Reddy, a factionist with a kind heart is killed by his enemy Pratap Reddy. Ravinder’s legacy is then carried forward by his sister Bhanumati Devi. Pratap Reddy goes to jail for murder and vows to come back to his hometown and kill both Bhanumati Devi and her niece Aadhya.

Aadhya grows up in the city, far away from the violence. On the eve of Pratap Reddy’s release from jail, in order to protect her, a bodyguard Balakrishna aka Balu is hired. Balu is an orphan brought up by Bapu. He grows up money-minded. And at the same time, a cash reward of Rs 10 crore is announced by Bhanumati Devi for anyone who can capture or kill Pratap Reddy. 

In the line of duty, Balakrishna accidentally runs into Pratap Reddy on the highway. Then unfolds a game of one-upmanship between Pratap Reddy and Balu, a fight for survival. How Balu protects Aadhya, and if he gets the reward for capturing Pratap reddy form the rest of the story. 

Balakrishnudu didn't perform well at the box office. Though the performances by the lead pair received considerable praise from both the critics and the audience, the same couldn't be said of the story and direction. 

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