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Bagh Bandi Khela Review

Action, Drama, Thriller Nov 16, 2018





Bagh Bandi Khela Review & Rating

Bagh Bandi Khela is an anthology film that promises three different films of different tastes in one movie. With the biggest superstars of the industry, the experiment could be a milestone of Bengali cinema, but with a cliched plot and poor script, it became an average film that anyone can give a miss. 

The first film "Bagh" is an action flick featuring Jeet and Sayantika Banerjee. Jeet has a magnificent screen presence. His stunts are worth watching. But, the story is nothing to add to the script. A number of the meaningless storylines, misleading tracks, and illogical plot. Also, the connection of the first and second film seems lame. 

The second film revolves around two wedding planners Soham and Srabanti, who become the witness of a murder by mistake. What happens next is the story all about. Again, a potential plot has been ruined in order to add unnecessary drama. 

The last story showed some promise. Here Prosenjit Chatterjee plays a criminal lawyer who defends and saves three rapists in the court. Three of them again indulge in sexual crime against women. This time, the best friend of Prosenjit's daughter (Rittika Sen) become their victim. How, one incident leads to another and how it changes the game of life is "Khela" all about. Prosenjit has done full justice to his role and the film shows some potential.

Bagh Bandi Khela had all the potential of becoming a successful experiment but it failed due to the application of the age-old formula. In the age when the audience are loving more relatable films with simple emotions and down-to-earth execution, the over-dramatic film fails to  impress.

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  • Arijit

    17 Nov 18 @ 11:29 PM

    Just wow movie.jeet nd prasenjit acting was awsm in #bbk. .happy to watch this movie

  • Kabil

    23 Nov 18 @ 9:15 AM

  • Aslam

    18 Nov 18 @ 6:26 PM

Bagh Bandi Khela Preview

What is Bagh Bandi Khela all about?

Bagh Bandi Khela starring Prosenjit, Jeet, Soham Chakraborty, Srabanti, Sayantika, and Rittika Sen is an anthology movie that punches three different stories in one film. Directed by Raja Chanda, Sujit Mondol, and Haranath Chakraborty, the films are respectively Bagh, Bandi and Khela, an action thriller, a comedy thriller and a drama with thrilling element. 

What to expect from Bagh Bandi Khela?

A star-studded magnum-opus 

A film with all three superstars Prosenjit, Jeet, and Soham Chakraborty in it. No wonder that the audience will expect nothing less than a magnum opus full of granger. Although three stars won't come in the single frame in this anthology film, the presence of these superstars make it a most-awaited multistarrer film.

Breath-taking thriller 

Three thriller films weaved in one, what can be better than it for any fan of thriller movies. The best part is, three movies though belong to the same genre that is thriller, three stories have three different flavors in it. The audience will expect an engaging thriller that will make them bite their nails.

Smart direction 

The film is directed by three prominent filmmakers of commercial cinema. Raja Chanda, Sujit Mondol, and Haranath Chakraborty should add their own personal style in the respective films and make it a unique one.

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