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Baccha Shoshur Review

Comedy Feb 8, 2019





Baccha Shoshur Review & Rating

Baccha Shoshur Review: Only for the fans of Jeet

The Premise

Baccha Shoshur can be touted as a horror comedy starring Jeet in the lead. Spandan (Jeet) gets married to Jonaki (Koushani Mukherjee) against her father's wish. Just when he started living a happy life with his wife and son, he starts to get haunted by his father-in-law's spirit. Spandan starts to hear his father-in-law's voice. Spandan, a stand-up comedian ends up at the mental hospital as his doctor diagnosed him as a case of hallucination.


Baccha Shoshur hs several loopholes but the comedy venture stands out just because of the performances. Jeet is a delight to watch in his comic avatar. Except for his hideous wigs, everything about him was on point. Veteran actor Chiranjeet too did an excellent job. Be it in the dramatic scenes or comedy par, he was at his best. Ambarish Bhattacharya did a tremendous job as the villain. Child actor Aman simply excelled with his cuteness. However, Koushani just fell flat.


Baccha Shoshur is a quintessential hotchpotch of melodrama and comedy with sexual innuendoes. The film has nothing new to offer, however, it still manages to entertain the audience. The film is a one-time watch but strictly for the diehard fans of Jeet.



  • Jeet
  • Supporting cast
  • Humorous at parts


  • Koushani Mukherjee
  • Excessive melodrama

Pycker Rating: 3/5

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Baccha Shoshur Preview

What is Baccha Shoshur all about?

Jeet starrer Baccha Shoshur is a comedy film with a social message. In the film, Jeet plays a stand-up comedian who lives a happy life with her wife until one day he starts to hear his father-in-law's voice from his little son. The film also features Chiranjeet and Koushani Mukherjee in the key roles. 

What to expect from Baccha Shoshur? 

Hilarious plot

The film promises a fun-filled story that will make the audience laugh out love. Pavel has penned the story and the trailer confirms this is going to be a laugh riot. No wonder the viewers are expecting a fresh comedy powered by a hilarious plot.

Jeet in a comic role 

Superstar Jeet has proved that he has a great sense of humor and his comic timing is just perfect. One more time, he will play a hilarious role on the screen. The expectation will be high. 

Pavel's story

Pavel has already proved his mettle in last year's hit periodic film Rosogolla. This time, Pavel has penned the story, script and the dialogues of the film. No wonder, the viewers would expect something amazing from this young talent. This is the first time Pavel will write a comedy.

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