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U/A Crime, Drama 2 hrs 20 mins Oct 26, 2018





Baazaar Review & Rating


Baazaar Review: India's Wall Street is a Slick Entertainer

The premise

There are some people who aim high, so very high that their only emotion remains is achieving the aim. And even human emotions take a backseat. Cold logic and manipulation are the only ways Shakun Kothari believes in. He wants to become the richest of the richest men in India and in turn in the world. Saif Ali Khan played the ultimate player in the Indian stock market in Baazaar and he now wants to put an end to the string of flops he has been delivering for some time. Let's see if Shakun's ambitious undertakings have given him a hit with Baazaar review. 

The world of Baazaar

The film is the product of two debutants. The director Gauravv K. Chawla created the world of all sorts of manipulators, players and the gamblers in the Dalal Street and threw a fellow debutant, Rohan Mehra in the world. Rohan played the role of Rizwan Ahmed, as ambitious as Shakun, from Allahabad (not Prayag Raj as the name change is yet to officialized by the Indian government and Baazar started way before the change) whose dream is not to settle but to live the life he has visualized for himself. He wants to play the game, not just to be the part of it. 

The master and the protege

Like every beginner, he idolizes his master, even going to the extent of calling Shakun his God. His girlfriend, and an experienced stockbroker, Priya (played by Radhika Apte in a refreshingly glamorous role) offers to make things happen for him and when he finds it tough to meet Shakun, she even asks him to help her help him. Rings familiar? 

Now, a bit about both the youngster and the master. Baazaar is the story of Rizwan Ahmed. It starts when his life was a complete mess and goes back in time when he was still green and bristling with energy. As shown in the trailer, when an interviewer asks him to seel the mug of coffee spitting in it, Rizwan drinks it and says that he had sold it to himself. Such was his presence of mind and drive to convince people. 

Shakun Thakur's character has parallels with the Shakuni of the Mahabharat. But here, rather than being behind the scenes, Shakun is a man of action. He declares not to be the unglamorous marathon runner whose name people find tough to recall but the sprint king like Usain Bolt. He wants to earn his money and earn it fast. Dalal Street is not a place of dream to make a fortune for him. It is the playground in his backyard. The dialogues written for him are gems and the way Saif Ali Khan delivered them will remain with you for long. He is delightfully crooked. 

When he finds Rizwan, he welcomes the youngster with both hands and gives him a lift. But remember. He has no emotions. He entered the film in the middle of a hostile takeover of his empire. Everyone who surrounds him calls him a fraud. But his reply to such people is short and simple. Like the appearances of Saif Ali Khan on the screen. He says: If you want to become a big man, you should be ready to cross the line. The suave appearance adds even more magic to his personality. Nikhil Advani, Parveez Shaik, and Aseem Arora's screenplay starts on a slow note and gets into the sprint mode with the arrival of Shakun. 

Ruthless Shakun

When the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), he doesn't panic. He had never kept his the trail of his track. Nothing is in records. He just shows the SEBI official a scapegoat and he escapes with the ease of drinking of water. Now, coming to Rohan Mehra, as the ambitious but emotion youngster from the small city world of Allahabad, did give a sparkling performance. You may even wonder if he really is a debutant. Radhika Apte kept her foothold in the world of men with ease and makes her presence felt. Chitrangada Singh as the unhappy woman in the life of Shakun is decent. rest of the cast did their jobs well. 

Writing and Editing

But the narration is not all rosy. Despite an intriguing setting, Baazaar falters at places by resorting to cinematic liberties. Though the terminology related to the stock exchange is shown in such a way that it won't alienate the common watchers, logics faltered at certain scenes. But the writing comes to the rescue. So is the editing. It doesn't give you time to ponder on the issues at hands. The visuals by Swapnil Sonawane are posh as the glittering world of Shakuns demand. The scenes where Rizwan sits with the family of Shaun, the corporate world are conceived well. 

Maahir Zaveri and Arjun Srivastava's editing deserves special mention. The cuts and the way they paced the narration are exemplary. Pat them on the shoulders. Now, coming to the production design and scale, everything is first rate. The art department has done a fantastic job with the locations are damn good. Though Shakun's theme is excellent, and the background score is rivetting, the same cannot be said for the songs. Nothing to write about.


For those who wonder why Saif Ali Khan is plagued by failures, and when and if he could deliver a hit, here is the answer. Baazaar is the movie he deserves and he delivered. Sometimes, the directors failed him. Sometimes the writers failed him with mediocre characters. But Baazaar has given him everything. A great role. A great rival to compete. Competently good job by the director. And a different film for Bollywood. And as everything works, Saif delivered beyond imaginations. Go and watch it. It may not be for everyone with its all grey. But for those who want popcorn entertainment with intriguing storytelling, Baazaar delivers. 

Tailpiece: Saif is India's Gekko and Rizwan is Bud Fox. 

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  • Ali

    31 Oct 18 @ 6:15 PM

Baazaar Live Updates & Public Talk

The first authentic Bollywood film on Stock Markets, set in the infamous Dalal Street is finally here and the movie, Baazaar starring Saif Ali Khan started to a very good word of mouth. The concerns for the low early occupancy can be quashed by the positive talk from those who watched it. Even the moderately negative reviews say it's a sick entertainer not to be missed. The enthusiasm for the young actor Rohan Mehra augurs well for his future. Saif Ali Khan's performance, Radhika Apte's role and her acting, and finally the direction by Gauravv K. Chawla all point out to a good box office performance. 

Among the great positives for the film are the work by the debutants. Both the lead actor Rohan Mehra (actually it is his story) and director Chawla are lauded as competent enough by many of the critics and the early watchers. Especially Mehra is hailed as a complete natural. Baazaar is brilliant and unique for Bollywood. It is thrilling, suspenseful, and yet socially relevant. Those who are not au fait about business can easily understand and relate with the movie. Highly recommended watch!

Apart from the debutant, Saif Ali Khan's steadfast performance, the swift pace at which the narration moves along, make Baazaar a perfect popcorn entertainer. The movie is a thrilling entertainer. A film not to be missed this weekend. From the superlative act of Saif Ali Khan to the impressive show by the debutant Rohan Mehra to Radhika Apte's class act, Baazaar is a winner at the box office. 

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Baazaar Preview

What is Baazar about?

Though Mahabharat is the story of Pandavas and Kauravas, none of them are protagonists or the antagonists of the epic. It is the battle of two philosophies, two outlooks about life, that of Srikrishna and Shakuni. Their life arc seems similar. Both lost everything at the beginning. They have to leave their places of birth and have to tread dangerous waters in order to survive and make a mark. While Srikrishna's life philosophy was ruled by love, Shakuni's was ruled by hatred. We know the end result. But their titanic battle of wits construed the biggest war humankind had ever seen and ultimately Dharma prevailed. 

Taking the master of scheming Shakuni's character as the lead, in the form of Shakun Kothari, Baazar tells us a tale of many things. But it is the money which takes the center stage. Shakun Kothari is hell-bent on making money. He wants to be the new benchmark for the richest men. Rizwan Ahmed idolizes Shakun and wants to make a life by being the protege of Shakun. Interesting, no?

The promises of Baazaar

Shakun Kothari's game

Baazaar means market. It is the stock market that forms the backdrop of this crime drama with Shakun the supreme master of all the players. Shakun's philosophy on life is established at the beginning of the trailer itself. He wants not to be the marathon runner whose name is not remembered by many but the sprint king just like Usain Bold who is never forgotten by many. Ambitious? Right! Self-conceited? We know only after watching the film.

All things about money

Like every Naya rich men, Shakun Kothari has a philosophy. His life is governed by two rules. Rule number 1: Don't lose your money. Rule number 2: Don't forget rule number 1. He also says that if you want to make a lot of money, you should earn it. Rizwan who approaches him and tells him that he wants to work with Shakun, the game takes a new turn. 

The story of Rizwan

Rizwan Ahmed is an ambitious youngster who comes from Allahabad University. His dream is to work with Shakun Kothari and making it big. He thinks radically, on the foot and out of the box. His flaw is that, as Shakun states, he is emotional. Rizwan's character was established quite emphatically with the interview scene where the interviewer spits into the coffee cup and asks Rizwan to sell it to anyone in the room. Rizwan chooses himself to be that one and sells the coffee in question. He says: In every team, the younger player looks at one senior player as his God. For him, it is Shakun Kothari.

The battle between Shakun and Rizwan

The cold and calculated Shakun Kothari whose aim is to become the richest of the rich and establish the line of Kothari's like the Tatas, Birlas, and the Ambani's before him. Rizwan's complete motives can only be known once we get into the theatres. But despite Priya's offer that she will make things happen for him, Rizwan's target is to reach Shakun. After the initial intellectual honeymoon, things fall apart. They become mismatched rivals. The one who wins in the end is...

Nikhil's Advani's production

Nikhil Advani gathered a curious team. He pitted the experience of Saif Ali Khan versus the naivety of Rohan Mehra. Radhika Apte, Chitrangada Singh, and Denzil Smith form the rest of the major players or the pawns. A host of music directors composed the soundtrack while Yo Yo Honey Singh's Billionaire features Elli Avram in a special appearance. Top class production values and rich visuals promise Baazar to be an intriguing watch this weekend. Let's see how it will pan out in the end. And don't forget Wall Street the movie, Michael Douglas, and Gordon Gekko. 

Keep watching for Baazaar review, rating, and complete analysis. See ya'll!