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U/A Action, Romance 2 hrs 20 mins Apr 29, 2016
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Baaghi Story

Director: Sabbir Khan

Cast: Tiger Shroff as Ronny Singh, Shraddha Kapoor as Sia Khurana, Sudheer Babu as Raghav Shetty

Raghav. Raghav, a martial arts champion kidnaps Sia from her film's set and takes her to Bangkok. Sia's father P.P. Khurana seeks help from the police but no one comes forward to help him. He then seeks the help of Sia's ex-boyfriend Ronny Singh. The film then goes to a flashback where Ronny first meets Sia. Later, Ronny and Sia fall in love and Sia gives Ronny a ring and asks him to keep it safe. Ronny asks Khurana for her daughter's hand in marriage. But blinded by the greed of money offering by Raghav. When Khurana tells about Ronny to Raghav, Raghav decides to kill Ronny. Khurana then creates misunderstandings between Sia and Ronny, thus separating them apart. 

Ronny then sets out on a mission to rescue Sia. Ronny goes to Bangkok to challenge Raghav. He threatens Biju, Raghav's right hand to reveal Sia's location. Ronny finds out that Sia is in a hospital. Ronny rescues Sia from there. Later, the misunderstanding between them gets over when Sia sees the same ring on Ronny's hand. Raghav's men attack them and Biju shoots Ronny, and he falls off the cliff. What happens next, will Ronny and Sia reunite?

Baaghi was made on a budget of 37 crores and collected 126.96 crores at the box office. Baaghi was commercially successful. 

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