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Ayogya Review

U/A Action, Thriller 2 hrs 30 mins May 11, 2019





Ayogya Review & Rating


Ayogya Review: A Faithful Remake of Temper With An Unexpected Twist

The premise

Ayogya is the second retelling of the story of an unfortunate incident which leads to the change in the life of a corrupt Ayogya cop. And if we consider the film Pataas which was released a few weeks before Temper on which Ayogya is based on, this is the third time we are going to witness the base story. 

While Pataas also deals with the justice meted out to the killers of a young girl who witnesses a crime, Temper and its remakes talk about the presently relevant and even more attention needing problem at hands - Women's safety. As he has been telling all the while, Vishal has put his heart and soul into this project wich resonates with several of the recent crimes which shook the state. 

The story

Karnan is a corrupt cop as he grew up idolizing the power wielded by the men in Khaki. He decided in his childhood that he should earn money by whatever means and it is the job of police which he deemed fit for him to achieve his dream of making money and wielding power over others. Money and power!

He is transferred to Chennai from Thoothukudi. It is for the benefit of a mafia kingpin who wants a police officer who could be friends with him and help run his drug operations without any hindrance. Expectedly the greedy and attention seeking Karnan joins hands with him and does all the dirty jobs required of him. 

Karnan falls in love with a local girl who is a sort of an animal activist. He plays every trick possible and makes her fall in love with him. One day a woman comes to his police station and seeks his help in locating her missing daughter. But he brushes her off. In a few days, he has to fight with the men of the mafia kingpin, Kalirajan, when they mistakenly kidnap Karnan's lover. 

When she comes to know of his corrupted actions, his lover chastises him and asks to help the girl who was supposed to be eliminated by Kalirajan's men. Now, without any choice but to act, Karnan vows to protect that unknown girl and faces off with Kalirajan. Then starts the Karnathandavam. How this will affect the life of Karnan? Is there any connection between this and the kidnap case he brushed off? What will Karnan do to bring justice to the kidnapped girl form the rest of the story. 


Vishal has done a commendable job in the role of Karnan the Ayogya cop. His over the top and loud acting style in this film may irritate some but it is needed for the character. The intention is to irritate the viewers with his antics. The same ploy is employed by Jr. NTR in the original, Temper. That Ranveer Singh gave the role a different spin is another matter as Simmba has just taken a few plot elements and is set in an entirely different world. 

The dialogue delivery of Vishal is unlike any of his recent films and in the action sequences, he excelled. Raashi Khanna received a plot-forwarding role did an okayish job. She appeared beautiful on the screen. Parthieban brought his experience to the fore while portraying the role of the villain. The guys who played his brothers are good.

K. S. Ravikumar played the role which is like the conscience of Karnan (he played a sincere policeman) could have been better utilized. Still, he has a couple of goosebump scenes and he nailed them. Pooja Devariya, Sinoa Agarwal, and Devadarshini are good in their respective roles. Sana Khan sizzled in an item song. 

Writing and direction

Ayogya is a scene-to-scene remake of Temper except for the unexpected and original climax (those who read Temper novel written by Vakkantham Vamsi post the release of the film will get it). Venkat Mohan did an okayish job as the director. The story is universal and is the need of the hour with all the unfortunate crimes against women. That, and the timing of the release will help Ayogya at the box office. Fr those who already watched the original Ayogya remains a passable flick. 

The crew

The music is good and the songs have foot-tapping quality. The background score is terrific. The cinematography is apt for the mood of the film. The editing is sharp and there are not many unnecessary scenes. The production design is decent. Production values are commendable. 


Ayogya is a socially and presently relevant flick which is a faithful remake of the Telugu super hit Temper. The major plus point is Vishal's performance and the unexpected climax which elevates his character to an icon level. On the flip side, the makers could have tried to better the original with their own innovations. A good one time watch it is.


  • Core concept
  • Vishal's sincere efforts
  • Slick narration
  • Climax


  • Too faithful to the original
  • Dialogues are like translation work of the Telugu version than organic

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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Ayogya Live Updates & Public Talk

The third iteration of Vakkantham Vamsi's tale of a corrupt cop and his redemption when a crime which indirectly happened because of him forces him to mend his ways starring Vishal is out in the theatres starting from today. After a sudden and surprising postponing yesterday (the official release date), the movie has finally seen the light of the day. With the morning and early shows coming to an end, the talk for the film is generally positive with a few of them viewers calling Vishal's acting is perfect but some may find it loud and over the top. 

The movie is said to be a well-packaged masala entertainer. Senior director K. S. Ravikumar's performance as a sincere cop is getting great appreciation apart from Vishal. The direction by newcomer Venkat Mohan is good and the screenplay is fast paced which is apt for the genre. The concept of the film about women's safety and punishing the rapists who try to escape the law are dealt with in an intense manner. 

Stay tuned for more Ayogya public talk and live updates.

Ayogya Preview

What is Ayogya About?

There are certain stories that are needed to be told multiple times. Sometimes the story is so good that we would all like to listen/watch it on screen. Or sometimes the story is an essential one and the need of the hour. One such story is created by Tollywood writer-director duo of Vakkantham Vamsi and Puri Jagannadh created. A movie titled Temper. 

Star hero Vishal who has been doing a variety of subjects has now come up with Ayogya which has crimes against women and how a corrupted police officer changes his ways when a person dear to him suffered at the hands of the criminals he supported previously. Ayogya is an out and out commercial film but with a socially relevant subject matter. Ayogya is directed by former A. R. Murugadoss assistant director Venkat Mohan.

Ayogya Promises

An intriguing and currently relevant subject

Ayogya tells the story of how a corrupted police inspector mends his ways for better when he finds that a case which he neglected resulted in the rape and death of an innocent young woman. The movie has some hard-hitting dialogues and questions the way the cases are dealt with by the courts and the police and offers a longshot solution to bring quick justice for the victims/survivors. 

The movie has an interesting structure which is in similar lines to that of Saamy but with a different spin. A corrupt cop who sides with a baddie. He does all the dirty job the baddie needs. The reason for all this is his fascination for quick and easy money and the power he wields as a policeman and the fear it instills in the ordinary people. Then a change that happens over a few game-changing incidents. 

Vishal in a mass avatar

Vishal despite his mass image has played several different characters with different shades. Here, in Ayogya, his character not only has a mass appeal but also has negative shades. His character has a great arc that we could see in any of the films in recent times and based on such an intense and proven subject, he even has scope to display a different angle in his acting repertoire. His role as Sub-Inspector Karnan may well turn out to be a landmark in his career. 

Team assembled by Light House Movie Makers

Ayogya is a different venture for Vishal as most of his recent films were made by his own production house, Vishal film factory with a tight production control under his guidance. For Ayogya, he teams up with Light House Movie Makers. Also, the movie distribution rights are purchased by Screen Scene. The buzz surrounding the film is considerably high. Apart from this, raising music director Sa C. S. composes the musical score which has a quality to enhance the mood of the film. VI Karthik handles the cinematography which has an atmospheric feel necessary for the genre. 

Ayogya also has a couple of big names in crucial roles. Senior star R. Parthiban will be seen most probably as the lead antagonist. Senior filmmaker K. S. Ravikumar plays a pivotal role in the movie which forms part of the character growth of the hero. If anything to go by the original, his character will have a couple of goosebump moments. Raashi Khanna has a plot-forwarding role as the heroine. 

Keep watching for Ayogya review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!