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U/A Action, Thriller 2 hrs 30 mins May 11, 2019
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Ayogya Story

Director: Venkat Mohan

Cast: Vishal as Karnan, Raashi Khanna as Sindhu, R. Parthiban as ECR Kaalirajan, K. S. Ravikumar as Head Constable Abdul Kader, and Pooja Devariya as Santhiya. 

Ayogya tells the story of how a corrupt cop mends his ways when he encounters a crime which had happened in the first place because of his negligence in duty. Karnan decides in his childhood that he will become a police officer as the officers he had seen are supposedly living luxuriously with money they gain by corrupt methods. 

Karnan grows up to fulfill his dream and is currently transferred to Chennai. There he strikes a deal with the don ECR Kaalirajan and helps protect his assets and keep his 4 brothers out of trouble'sway. He is tagged along by Abdul Kader who is a head-constable. Kader develops an aversion towards Karnan due to his methods. One fine morning, Karnan happens to see Sindhu and falls in love. 

Karnan understands that she has a liking for animal pets, especially dogs. After a few carefully orchestrated setpieces like stealing her favorite pups and then saving them from the so-called Korean smugglers, Sindhu falls in love with Karnan. The smooth-flowing life of Karnan gets disturbed when Sindhu is kidnapped by Kaalirajan's men. Karnan saves her and Kaalirajan chastises his men for mistakenly kidnapping Sindhu. 

This leads Sindhu to believe that kaalirajan has a plan to kidnap another girl and forces Karnan to save her. That girl, Santhiya is protected by Karnan which leads to friction with Kaalirajan.  When Karnan gets to know that Santhiya's sister was raped and tortured for 14 days before killing by Kaalirajan's brothers, and it was his negligence which was one of the factors of not saving that girl, Karnan's attitude towards life changes. He decides to bring justice to Santhiya's sister. How he stands against kaalirajan and bring justice form the rest of the story. 

Ayogya received generally positive reviews with Vishal's performance is singled out. Senior director K. S. Ravikumar's act as Abdul Kader who acts as the conscience of Karnan also received acclaim. The shocking climax of the film received high acclaim. Despite this, the movie underperformed at the box office and turned out to be an average venture. 

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