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Avengers: Endgame Review

U/A Action, Superhero 3 hrs 1 mins Apr 26, 2019





Avengers: Endgame Review & Rating

Avengers: Endgame Review - A Journey Marvel Fans Never Want To End

The end of an era

And finally, we are here.

The end!

Of an era that we have all grown up with (either coming of age or in our respective careers). 11 years of the awesomeness of fun, thrill, emotions, and camaraderie (between the characters themselves, and ours with both the actors and the characters) has been coming to a closure. The last time we have met any of these superheroes, there were dozens of them. Just like the entire crew of a small sized film. More than a couple of rooms full.

Now, what we are left with after that catastrophic snap by Thanos, are the original Avengers. Let's start with each of them along the way of this almost spoiler-free Avengers: Endgame review. Btw, to sum up, it all in the following paragraphs, like Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes asked a decade ago, shall we proceed chronologically? Or alphabetically? Let's go the first way.

Where it all started!

It all started as a medium-scale realistic and gritty superhero film unlike any other we have seen up to that point. Robert Downey Jr.'s character-driven action drama Iron Man had set the tone for what's to come in the future in 2008. Before there was Avatar. And a few weeks before Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight reshaped the public's perception of superhero films.

Avengers: Endgame may be about the undoing of Thanos' snap from Infinity War and giving a conclusion to all threads that lead up to this moment including the trio of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Thor - the only superhero without an alter-ego. It's more of a personal journey of each of these three and the other trio from the original Avengers - Dr. Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton.

If the names like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, and Dr. Bruce Banner are removed and replaced with any other heroes or even superheroes not played by Robert Downey Jr. et al, Avengers: Endgame would be the most self-indulgent film ever made in modern cinematic history. And a piece of sausage.

But aided by the star power supplied by these six excellent actors and the rising fame of another trio - Carol Danvers, Scott Lang, and Thanos himself, Josh Brolin, the filmmaker duo of Russo Brothers weaved a coherently extravagant narration into a highly watchable series finale.  

The answered questions

We're all left with reeling questions about how and if the dead superheroes come back alive after Infinity War's gut-wrenching climax. And there are other pressing questions. Tony Stark, one of the two major leaders and the financial might of the Avengers is left stranded on a foreign planet (a moon to be exact), Thor has suffered the biggest loss of them all. The whereabouts of the entire populace of Asgard is left in the air. A void! An unknown mystery.

Steve Rogers has lost the only link from his good-old days from his past, Bucky Barnes. Wakanda is ruined and lost its King. Only its general, the special forces chief Okoye (Dora Milaje), seems to have survived the snap. The brains of the nation, Shuri is nowhere to be seen.  Scott Lang, the pint-sized superhero, has been stuck up in the Quantum Realm (yes, it plays not an insignificant part in Endgame, OMG! Spoilers) while his companions bit the dust literally.

Dr. Banner is inconsolable though he doesn't show it up on his face. Hulk had deceived him at the most opportune moment. And his fellow Science brother, Tony Stark is a few light years away (unknown to him though). Natasha has lost connection with her friend, Clint Barton. But what happened to Clint Barton - the Legolas of the Avengers team as called by Tony Stark/Iron Man in the first Avengers film - where is he all this time?

Answering all these pressing questions, Avengers: Endgame doesn't waste too much time and immediately sets off in the action. Within the first half an hour, we have our surviving (another spoiler), assembled or at least in contact with each other. Rest assured that despite all this trauma, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark hasn't lost his trademark wit and sarcasm, and he patches up to an extent with Steve Rogers in the face of the biggest danger.

The heroes device a plan and the action shifts to it for the major part of the next two hours before proceeding to the extremely moving climax. Yes. There are several battle sequences and the VFX enhanced finale. But it is the prologue which is where the most moving plot elements happen. After 11 years and two and a half hours of Avengers: Endgame, we truly enter the endgame. That of the fates of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

While Tony Stark is the brains and brawn of the Avengers, Steve Rogers the moral compass for a long time. It is a long and poignant few minutes to bid them farewell. All the self-indulgent exercise in any other universe, this film ended up as an epic and will wet your eyes thanks to all the 6 original heroes, especially Tony and Steve. The left sleeve of this writer's favorite shirt became a dampy mess when it all ended.

Writing and Direction

The direction of the film is deft. The shot-making is an exercise beyond the comprehension of ordinary filmmakers. After all, it is no easy task to handle dozens of superheroes with their own set of fans. Just like in Infinity War, this time too, the Russo Brothers and their screenwriters wisely dispatch our heroes in batches. The action shifts between these teams which helped almost all of the stars have their shining moments apart from having near-identical screentime.

The narration is earnest for the most part. Despite a good number of chuckles the action elicits out of the audience, the majority of the movie is serious. But it's not as painful to watch as Infinity War's moments where our heroes are brutalized by Thanos and his children. The run time of three hours moves at a brisk pace and the film is a breezy watch. Credit goes to the screenwriting team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

The making

The music scored by Alan Silvestri is one epic symphony with all the intrigue and grandeur such films with stakes as bigger as the known universe. The respective thematic tropes of each of the major heroes play out at the right moments and the Avengers main composition has a sweeping feel. The choir-like sounds are used to a profound effect. The cinematography is top-notch. Despite the deja vu feeling, the visual effects are first-class.

Adios Amigos and welcome news kids on the block

Each of the actors is given his chance to make an impact on their respective fans. It is this fan-service that endears the film to the audience. The easter eggs from the previous films where our heroes revisit in some mysterious ways ;-) keep the fans busy. Among the first of the equals, it is Robert Downey Jr. who received the ultimate honor and a moving tribute in the end. He delivered his best performance in the entire MCU career since the first Iron Man film. And Scarlett Johanson who is rewarded with her solo film at long last went toe to toe with Downey.

The missing stars from the previous outing, Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton and Paul Rudd's Scott Lang are given certain hefty moments and they did their best to make the scenes tick. Chris Evans is apt as the man with one final mission (interestingly, he had to extend his contract for one final film to act in Endgame). Mark Ruffalo's Hulk Mini Trilogy that started with Thor Ragnarok and continues with Infinity War ends with a thumping climax. Don Cheadle has a few good moments with RDJ and let's leave about others so as not to reveal even minute spoilers.

Endgame like in the endgame of a chess match has a relatively lesser number of pieces (read: heroes in this film) and like the endgame in chess, it is as intriguing. The long-awaited final reunion of all the heroes? Go and watch the film. Also, remember to wait till all the titles play out during the end credits. there are more than a few surprises.

The newest star on the block and the girl who lent the name Avengers to this team assembled by Nick Fury, Captain Marvel is a livewire in the film. And she is sure to carry the mantle left by the beloved heroes who take a leave of absence most probably for good.

It is a great disservice to the man who has given us all these stories in the first place, Stan Lee if we don't mention his final cameo. Keep several tissues at ready. As a major tribute to him, and to all the original comic book fans (not those who became fans post the release of these films), the movie is constructed in the most comic book style.

Thank you, Marvel, for entertaining us for more than a decade and gave us more than a few good friends. And many hugs to the most lovable asshole, Robert Downey Jr. for the one last act of chutzpah! Adios Amigos! 


  • Marvel Brand value
  • Robert Downey Jr. at his absolute best in his final act
  • The old-timers of the ensemble cast
  • Breezy narration
  • Plenty of fan service
  • That poignant Stan Lee cameo
  • Expert direction by the Russo Brothers
  • That moment when Captain America handles Thor's hammer


  • Not a time to talk. Just go and enjoy one final chapter of an era. 

Pycker Rating: 4 out of 5

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  • Arjun

    29 Apr 19 @ 4:37 PM

    Such a great movie connecting all the previous marvel movies and stars. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • Siddhu

    9 May 19 @ 1:19 PM

  • J

    1 May 19 @ 4:05 PM

    Is tha likeit

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