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U/A Drama, Fantasy, Thriller 2 hrs 12 mins Dec 15, 2017





Aruvi Review & Rating


Aruvi is an intense social drama starring Aditi Balan in the lead role and directed by Arun Prabu. Ever since the first look poster of the film was released, the film created a lot of buzz. The film has finally hit the screens today, let's see whether the movie lives up to the expectations or not. The story begins with Aruvi (Aditi) being arrested by the cops claiming that she is a terrorist. The story moves to a flashback narrating her childhood which seems good until she is thrown out of her house. How she strives hard to find a place in the society and faces all the odds is the film all about.

Rating 3.5 from  behindwoods

Aruvi - as the title's translation in English goes - falls hard and flows heavy. The same goes fo...

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Aditi Balan steals the show as Aruvi, a girl who is strong, weak, crazy, serious and all. Being a debutant and being an advocate in the past it must've been very tough for her to perform a role like this. But she never makes an impression that she is a debutante, and carries the entire film on her shoulders with a convincing performance. She is probably the best find of the year. She is well supported by Muhammad Ali Baig, Kavitha Bharathi, Lakshmi Gopalswamy and others who are also very less experinced as actors. All the actors put up a show which looks brilliant on screen.

Rating 3.75 from  indiaglitz

Arun Prabhu Purushothaman is a welcome find to Tamil cinema who has delved deep to tell a unique&...

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Technically, Aruvi is one more brilliant film from the Dream Warrior Pictures banner. Their production values are superb and investing so much in a film which has many new comers speaks about their passion. Shelley Calist's visuals are superb and he captures the various emotions of Aruvi brilliantly and he is well supported by editor Raymond Derrick Crasta who edited the film beautifully. Music is just brilliant. Coming to Arun Prabhu, he is one of the finest directors of 2017 and has come up with a masterpiece. His story, screenplay, and direction are perfect and he has a long way to go.

Rating 3.25 from  kollybuzz

The characterizations that include the TV show host of reality programme, the interrogation offic...

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Verdict: Brilliantly made film, go for it.

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Aruvi Live Updates & Public Talk

Aruvi starring Aditi Balan in the lead role is slated for a release on December 15th and a special preview was held for the press and the media. The film received a superb response from the preview show and the critics are raving about the film and expressing their opinions through social media. Take a look:

The film is getting positive response from the critics and they are praising the film's story and performances. Arun Prabhu's direction is being lauded by the critics and the audience as well. The basic storyline seems to be impressive, check out the latest Tweets.

Apart from the critics, few celebrities from Tamil cinema are also praising the film and Aditi's performance as Aruvi, a complex yet lovable role. The entire team seems to have done a great job and Aruvi is being called as one of the best films of the year.

Stay tuned for more Public Talk, Live Updates and Twitter Reviews of Aruvi.

Aruvi Preview

What Is It About?

Aruvi produced by Dream Warrior Pictures has debutante Aditi Balan in the lead role and is a rustic and realistic social drama which deals with sensible issues. Arun Prabu Purushothaman has written the story, screenplay and also directed the film. The posters, teaser, trailer and everything related to the film received a superb response from the audience. The film was premiered at a few international film festivals and received superb response everywhere.

What To Expect?

  • Superb Performances

With the little we have seen in the teasers and trailer, we can surely expect superb performances from the lead cast of the film. Especially Aditi Balan looks quite confident and intense in the trailer which was released some time ago. Looks like there are lots of shades to her character which give ample scope for performance.

  • Good Story and Execution

The film's story is written by Arun Prabu Purushothaman who also directed the film. As he has completed command over his script and screenplay, we can expect perfect execution from him. The story seems quite intense and it is about a girl who overcomes all the odds. Dream warrior pictures banner has come up with some well-made films in the recent past and we xcan expect Aruvi to join that list.

  • Technically Strong Film

The music of the film was composed by  Bindhu Malini, Vedanth Bharadwaj and they did a fantastic job with the audio of the film. We can expect superb background score from them as well. The visuals from the trailer look mind-blowing and Shelley Calist has done a fantastic job. Raymond Derrick Crasta's editing looks crisp and with all these technicians together we can expect a film with high technical values.