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U/A Drama, Fantasy, Thriller 2 hrs 12 mins Dec 15, 2017
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Aruvi Story

Director: Arun Prabu Purushothaman.

Cast: Aditi Balan as Aruvi, Anjali Avaradhan as Emily, Lakshmi Gopalswami as Shobha Parthasarathy (TV show host), Pradeep Antony as Peter, and Mohammad Ali Baing as DGP Mohammad Shakeel Waqaab.

The film begins with Aruvi and Emily being interrogated by Shakeel who suspects Aruvi to be part of a terrorist organization. Aruvi's parents and friends are called for interrogation who talk about Aruvi's childhood and adolescent days. She is a pampered, innocent girl from a middle-class family. Things then take a turn as her family turns against her for some unknown reason and her father kicks her out as they think she's having diseases due to having sexual intercourse with another boy.

She stays with her college friend Jessy for a while and then moves to a hostel. There she lives with Emily who is a transgender woman. They work under Arulmani as tailors in an NGO. One day, she goes to Arulmani crying, asking for a loan of 1 lakh rupees, as her father has suffered a minor cardiac arrest. She then takes off and doesn't return. Occasionally, she undergoes touch therapy with a Swamiji who uses hypnosis to heal stress.

Emily is seen in the sets of Solvathellam Sathyam, a reality show that showcases people's problems on TV. She complains about three men who raped her friend Aruvi. The Assistant Director Peter agrees to telecast their problem and calls the three men for interrogation. Then starts the cat and mouse game between the men and Aruvu. What happens after that and if Aruvi gets justice and fulfills her wish of seeing her family members with her form the rest of the story. 

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