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A Action, Drama, Romance 3 hrs 0 mins Aug 25, 2017
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Arjun Reddy Story

Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Cast: Vijay Devarakonda as Arjun Reddy Deshmukh, Shalini Pandey as Preethi Shetty, Rahul Ramakrishna as Shiva, Sanjay Swaroop as Dhanunjay Reddy Deshmukh, and Kanchana as Arjun Reddy grandmother. 

Arjun Reddy Deshmukh, played by Vijay Sai Devarakonda, is a high-functioning alcoholic Orthopedic surgeon. As a medical student, he falls for Preethi Shetty, played by Shalini Pandey who is a junior at his medical college. Though she is a bit hesitant at the beginning slowly she opens up and falls for Arjun. Their bonding becomes very strong as time passes.

Due to anger management issues, when Preethi’s father doesn't agree to their marriage, Arjun breaks-up with her. When Preethi try to sort things out with Arjun she could not meet him as he is knocked out, consuming drugs. Preethi gets married while Arjun is being treated for his drug abuse overdose. After knowing about Preethi’s marriage, how Arjun destroyed his life and career with alcohol and illicit drug abuse and how they patch-up again is what the rest of the film is all about.

Arjun Reddy is a 2017 blockbuster of Telugu film industry, directed by Sundeep Reddy Vanga as his debut, released on 25th of August worldwide. 55 paid premieres were held for this movie, breaking the previous record. The movie feels extremely raw and very real. A very original movie from the director Sandeep Reddy that feels experimental at times, which didn’t happen in a very long time in Telugu film industry. The music is also impressive and memorable with some heavy metal undertones which match the lead characters extremities and mood swings.

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