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Kabir Singh Review

A Drama 2 hrs 54 mins Jun 21, 2019





Kabir Singh Review & Rating


Kabir Singh Review: Experience The Passion... Once Again

The premise

And then there is Kabir Singh...!

College topper. Sports champ. Attitude king. And master of self destruction. I mean to say MS. Meet this man, the Bollywood version of Arjun Reddy. He’s a bit more demure and a little bit more world weary. That Shahid Kapoor played Kabir Singh is enough to know the personality change. This is not a character that should be repeated by the same actor. 

A once in a life time role. Both for good and bad. Some might have a serious issue with the alpha male projection of the protagonist. But THAT itself is the point of this film. What happens to the man who has his way all through but faces a single but near fatal failure because of his love for a girl. 

Whether she really reciprocated his feelings is still a question mark. Stockholm Syndrome cannot be ruled out. But what makes Kabir Singh or films like Arjun Reddy tick is the intensity. The intensity of the protagonists love. Or shall we call Tamas the passion? And the intensity of storytelling. 

If we observe closely, Sandeep Reddy Vanga just didn’t tell the story of Kabir Singh. Nor did he just shoe it. He made us feel it. The intensity of raw emotions. Such emotions are usually hidden in the inner chambers of our minds. In the deep alleys of our hearts. Such emotions lay hidden in each one of us. He has given the orifice to unleash them. 

The world of Kabir Singh

Now, coming to Kabir Singh. He’s obviously the topper of the college. The best sportsman. The poster boy of the best and the worst of his college. A prestigious one at that in Delhi, the National Capital Region. His confidence comes from the inherent ability of his to make things happen. And his attitude is the result of it. Oh, forgot to say. He has anger management issues. 

The movie starts with Kabir Singh is a doctor now and a drug addict. Or rather the drugs are addicted to him. Because he’s overflowing with love. Love for his girl. Or the love for his feeling of missing his girl. And he drinks just like that. A snap. Then the scene shifts to the time he’s playing a match for his college. A row in the match. Because of the oneupmanship of his rivals. 

He is suspended from the college and he wants to move out of it. Just then he comes across Preeti. With a beautiful song in the background. In a white dress. All male fantasy. She’s a personification of innocence that attracts every alpha male. And then there is her seemingly submissive nature. 

He leaves his ego or keeps it aside for time being and stays at college. He announces to his mates that he has marked her as his soulmate and not to nurture feelings for her. Quite healthy. Then she slowly reciprocated his feelings or get guided by his personality to make him believe she is into him. An explosive love story starts. 

Her father as usuals comes in the way. When his ego is hurt with piercing acts of her father who already had his ego hurt. Remember! He suddenly stumbles upon his daughter and some Kabir Singh kissing each other in his own house. Or rather his daughter is kissed by a damn youngster who doesn’t wear the turban and grows a beard. Like a good...

Then starts the downfall of Kabir Singh when she is married off to some X. And he willfully tortures himself. How and if (we already know the answer) comes out if that rut is what the second half of the film about. 

Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh

Shahid Kapoor is as enticing as sin when it comes to his non-beard looks. But this reviewer found the beardy look a bit off-putting. You need not compare him to the Tollywood guy who started all this phenomenon called Arjun Reddy. 

There is no need. Both of them have their own ways of representing the protagonist in the world created by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. Just rest assured that Shahid has given his all in what is probably his pest performance to date. We only wish his career comes back on track again. He himself has revealed that he has no offers on hand post-Kabir Singh. 

This Preeti is not the Preeti

But the biggest disappointment lies with Kiara Advani’s portrayal of Preeti. She’s nowhere nearer to the impact Shalini Pandey creates on us. She lacked the true innocence that worked wonders for the Tollywood Preeti. No need to compare when Kiara’s truly good. But here, the case is different. As for her performance, she looked demure as the role requires. But failed to capture the real essence of her role. About that in a minute. 

Performances of others

Kamini Kaushal in whose point of view Kabir Singh starts (his grandma) is terrific but lacked the grace of Kanchana (yesteryear South Indian Star heroine who ruled the roost during the 1960s and 1970s). But she makes her presence felt. Suresh Oberoi and Arnab Bajwa as Kabir’s father and brother are good. So is Soham Majumdar as Shiva, Kabir’s best friend (BFF). Rest of the actors did well to make the drama on the screen move smoothly. 

Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Sandeep Reddy Vanga broke his promise of creating Kabir Singh from scratch. He might not have said it as it was just circulated as a news in several web portals and newspapers. But still he could have done this. Oh by the way, did Preeti really love Kabir? Or is it Stockholm Syndrome? Or is it her way of manipulating Kabir so that she could have a bodyguard in the college (this is not at all wrong in present situations, after all, Kabir makes others wet their pants)? But still her love too is too intense that we can feel it. 

That’s the magic of Sandeep’s direction. He could have taken care of the run time. But that’s also part of the scheme of this film. A slow burning and world building storytelling. Of course, there is enough firepower on the screen to make you sit through till the end. The director scores brownie points for this. 

The crew

The music and background score are good as the original score of the original is already iconic. The cinematography is classy and is of a high standard. The production design is on par with other high-quality films. So are the production values. Arjun Reddy was made to high standards, to begin with. As it’s the labor of love for Sandeep. And this story is his Preeti. The editing is smooth. 

And then...

Kabir Singh is a non-formulaic and sprawling narrative, unlike anything we have seen in recent times. All it boils down to the intensity of feminist in you whether to like this film or not ;-) Leaving that aside, it’s a near clone to Arjun Reddy and still it has enough pull to make you flick the theatres to watch it with a different cast. And different certainly is Shahid Kapoor. You can watch it. 


  • The power of Sandeep Reddy's storytelling
  • Shahid Kapoor comes up with his best performance yet
  • Music
  • The sprawling narration


  • Length (just nitpicking)
  • The heroine could have been cast in a better way

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Kabir Singh Live Updates & Public Talk

It seems the mania started. Kabir Singh has a few premiere shows and the censor show in UAE is also out and the movie started to get rave reviews from the initial watchers. The first remake of Sandeep Reddy Vanga's sensational romantic tale of Arjun Reddy, directed by himself hits the screens tomorrow. With the reviews started to come out and the reports of a record number of advanced bookings considering the screen count, Kabir Singh already started to make a mark. The first half worked out very well as expected. 

Shahid Kapoor steals the show in the eponymous role. Kiara Advani personified innocence and strong will. With amazing music and brilliant performances, Kabir Singh is going to be one of the best films of the year. Kabir Singh is not a normal love story where a boy & a girl meets & they fall in love & eventually everything goes smooth. This story is something which Bollywood never witnessed. Stunning 2nd half which reveals heroin's part. But there are very few negative comments which say the protagonist is unsympathetic. 

Keep watching for more Kabir Singh public talk and live updates. 

Kabir Singh Preview

What is Kabir Singh About?

The story of Arjun Reddy and his love for Preeti have become legendary in Telugu Cinema and obviously, the remake of the film has become a talk of the town. Now, with the director who created the world of the self-destructive lover - Arjun Reddy - himself is dealing with the Bollywood remake of the iconic hit, the expectations are so high for this film. Shahid Kapoor pinned his hopes on this passionate love story. 

Kabir Singh is a brilliant doctor who is abusing drugs and is on a drinking spree to forget his lover Preeti. Or to be precise, he would never forget her and the urge to forget her make him turn self-destructive. Before that, he was the topper of the college both in education and sports. But has anger management issues which caused friction with the authorities. We all know how Kabir Singh's life started and how he had fallen down and in what way he reformed his life and again become the man he was expected to be. 

Kabir Singh Promises

Experience the passion of love... Once again!

With the sensation it created, those who haven't watched Arjun Reddy are a minority what with the advent of online streaming services. In fact, it is said that Amazon Prime subscriptions shot up exponentially when Arjun Reddy was released in the service. With Kabir Singh, filmmaker SandeepReddy Vanga updated the formula and made a few changes which are sure to impact the overall texture of the film without losing the essence. 

Take, for example, the caste element in the original is replaced with the conflict about beliefs. Kabir is a drinker, smoker and doesn't wear the turban and the kirpan. And of course, he mouths the famous of the cuss words. The setting oscillates between Mumbai and Delhi. A strong North Indian flavor is added through the atmosphere and even language. Sandeep Vanga revealed that the usage of English in dialogues is further reduced compared to the original. 

Kabir Singh is more about experiencing the passion of love, the pain of love, and much more intense feelings about love. Those who have watched Arjun Reddy and loved it have the chance to experience the passion of love once again. Kabir Singh is as much the alpha male as Arjun Reddy is. Maybe the character got updated a bit more. 

Shahid Kapoor 

Shahid Kapoor himself revealed that he was hesitant of playing the role of Kabir as he thought at his present, he may look awkward as a student. But all the doubts are dispelled once the promos hit the internet. Having played a lower-wrung character with a mouthful of C. words in Kameeney, Shaihd is all the more suitable to play the alpha male of Kabir Singh. 

Sandeep Vanga and his team

Arjun Reddy is the labor of love for the filmmaker Sandeep Vanga. Despite the dark texture of the narration and the atmosphere, for the most part, Kabir Singh is not an outright tragedy. He has created the characters and ensured a bright ending for his babies. He damn well knows Kabir Singh inside out and has roped in the actors and technicians he wanted. 

Harshavardhan Rameshwar comes up with the iconic score and a host f music directors composed the songs as is the trend of these days. Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran handles the cinematography which has a classy feel and he seems to have realised the vision of the director. Cine1 Studios and T-Series bankroll this highly anticipated film. 

Keep watching for Kabir Singh review, rating, and complete analysis.